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giuseppe zannone yahoo dating

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In addition, each local DBMS has complete control over all transactions global and local executing at its site, including the ability to abort at any point any of the transactions executing at its site. Furthermore, the local DBMSs may not be aware of each other and, as a consequence, cannot coordinate their actions. Thus, traditional techniques for ensuring transaction atomicity and consistency in homogeneous distributed database systems may not be appropriate for an MDBS environment.

giuseppe zannone yahoo dating

The objective of this article is to provide a brief review of the most current work in the area of multidatabase transaction management.

We first define the problem and argue that the multidatabase research will become increasingly important in the coming years. We then outline basic research issues in multidatabase transaction management and review recent results in the area. We conclude with a discussion of open problems and practical implications of this research.

The A la carte Framework addresses this complexity by providing a reusable and extensible architecture in which a set of heterogeneous database management systems can be integrated.

The goal is to support incremental integration of existing database facilities into heterogeneous, interoperative, distributed systems. The Framework addresses the three main issues in heterogeneous systems integration. First, it identifies the problems in integrating heterogeneous systems.

Second, it identifies the key interfaces and parameters required for autonomous systems to interoperate correctly. Third, it demonstrates an approach to integrating these interfaces in an extensible and incremental way. The A la carte Framework provides a set of reusable, integrating components which integrate the major functional domains, such as transaction management, that could or should be integrated in heterogeneous systems.

It also provides a mechanism for capturing key characteristics of the components and constraints which describe how the components can be mixed and interchanged, thereby helping to reduce the complexity of the integration process. Using this framework, we have implemented an experimental, heterogeneous configuration as part of the object management work in the software engineering research consortium, Arcadia.

Part I presented the data-sharing issues in federated databases and systems Hsiao, The present article explores resource-consolidation issues. Yu and Douglas W. The conventional approach examines each query in isolation to determine the optimal access plan and the corresponding locality set.

giuseppe zannone yahoo dating

This can lead to performance that is far from optimal. As each query can have different access plans with dissimilar locality sets and sensitivities to memory requirement, we employ the concepts of memory consumption and return on consumption ROC as the basis for memory allocations.

Memory consumption of a query is its space-time product, while ROC is a measure of the effectiveness of response-time reduction through additional memory consumption. A global optimization strategy using simulated annealing is developed, which minimizes the average response over all queries under the constraint that the total memory consumption rate has to be less than the buffer size.

Sergio Mattarella

It selects the optimal join method and memory allocation for all query types simultaneously. By analyzing the way the optimal strategy makes memory allocations, a heuristic threshold strategy is then proposed.

The threshold strategy is based on the concept of ROC. As the memory consumption rate by all queries is limited by the buffer size, the strategy tries to allocate the memory so as to make sure that a certain level of ROC is achieved.

A simulation model is developed to demonstrate that the heuristic strategy yields performance that is very close to the optimal strategy and is far superior to the conventional allocation strategy. However, to exploit its full potential, suitable granules of concurrency control as well as access modes for shared data are necessary.

giuseppe zannone yahoo dating

In this article, we investigate various issues of concurrency control for nested transactions. First, the mechanisms for cooperation and communication within nested transactions should not impede parallel execution of transactions among parent and children or among siblings. Therefore, a model for nested transactions is proposed allowing for effective exploitation of intra-transaction parallelism. In order to adjust this scheme for practical applications, a set of concurrency control rules is derived for generalized lock modes described by a compatibility matrix.

Also, these rules are combined with a hierarchical locking scheme to improve selective access to data granules of varying sizes. Finally, problems of deadlock detection and resolution in nested transactions are considered. The architecture integrates standard query optimization and computation techniques with new differential computation techniques.

Differential computation computes a query incrementally or decrementally from the cached and indexed results of previous computations.

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The use of differential computation techniques is essential in order to provide efficient processing of queries that access very large temporal relations. Alternative query plans are integrated into a state transition network, where the state space includes backlogs of base relations, cached results from previous computations, a cache index, and intermediate results; the transitions include standard relational algebra operators, operators for constructing differential files, operators for differential computation, and combined operators.

A rule set is presented to prune away parts of state transition networks that are not promising, and dynamic programming techniques are used to identify the optimal plans from the remaining state transition networks. Haritsa and Michael J.

giuseppe zannone yahoo dating

Most research on real-time database systems has focused on systems where all transactions are assigned the same value, the performance goal being to minimize the number of missed deadlines. When transactions are assigned different values, the goal of the system shifts to maximizing the sum of the values of those transactions that commit by their deadlines.

Minimizing the number of missed deadlines becomes a secondary concern. In this article, we address the problem of establishing a priority ordering among transactions characterized by both values and deadlines that results in maximizing the realized value.

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Of particular interest is the tradeoff established between these values and deadlines in constructing the priority ordering. Using a detailed simulation model, we evaluate the performance of several priority mappings that make this tradeoff in different, but fixed, ways. The notion of associating a penalty with transactions whose deadlines are not met is also briefly considered. A multidatabase system provides such a capability through a multidatabase manipulation language, such as MSQL.

We propose a theoretical foundation for such languages by presenting a multirelational algebra and calculus based on the relational algebra and calculus. The proposal is illustrated by various queries on an example multidatabase. It is shown that properties of the multirelational algebra may be used for optimization and that every multirelational algebra query can be expressed as a multirelational calculus query.

First the interdependencies between consistency constraints are explored and a generator formula is derived on their basis. During its creation, the user may exert control. In essence, the generator formula contains information to restrict the search for consistent test databases. In the second step, the test database is generated.

Here, two different approaches are proposed. The first adapts an already published approach to generating finite models by enhancing it with requirements imposed by test data generation. The second, a new approach, operationalizes the generator formula by translating it into a sequence of operators, and then executes it to construct the test database. For this purpose, we introduce two powerful operators: This approach also allows for enhancing the generation operators with heuristics for generating facts in a goal-directed fashion.

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It avoids the generation of test data that may contradict the consistency constraints, and limits the search space for the test data. This article concludes with a careful evaluation and comparison of the performance of the two approaches and their variants by describing a number of benchmarks and their results.

Elmagarmid and Won Kim and Omran A. Concurrency control, however, is more difficult in replicated MDBSs than in ordinary distributed database systems. This is the case not only because local concurrency controllers may schedule global transactions inconsistently, but also because local transactions at different sites may access the same replicated data.

In this article, we propose a decentralized concurrency control protocol for a replicated MDBS. The proposed strategy supports prompt and consistent updates of replicated data by both local and global applications without a central coordinator. This article compares the performance impact on query processing of various physical organizations for inverted lists.

We present a new probabilistic model of the database and queries. Simulation experiments determine those variables that most strongly influence response time and throughput. This leads to a set of design trade-offs over a wide range of hardware configurations and new parallel query processing strategies. DBS3 is a shared-memory parallel database system, while the EDS system has a distributed-memory architecture. Because DBS3 implements a parallel dataflow execution model, this approach applies to both architectures.

Using randomized search strategies enables the exploration of a search space large enough to include zigzag trees, which are intermediate between left-deep and right-deep trees. He left the post two years later to become director of Il Popolo, the official newspaper of the party. Following the Italian referendum of he drafted the new electoral law nicknamed Mattarellum. After the electoral victory of the centre-left, Mattarella served as President of the PPI's parliamentary group.

Mattarella was re-elected to the Italian Parliament in the and general elections, standing as a candidate for The Daisy in two successive centre-left coalitions — The Olive Tree and The Union L'Unione. He was sworn in on 11 October He served until he was sworn in as President of the Republic of Italy.

Mattarella's first statement as new President was: Mattarella stated that "Europe and the world must be united to defeat whoever wants to drag us into a new age of terror ". Candidates run for election in multi-member constituencies with open listsexcept for a single candidate chosen by each party who is the first to be elected. The bill, put forward by then- Prime Minister of ItalyMatteo Renziand his centre-left Democratic Partywas first introduced by the government in the Senate on 8 April After several amendments were made to the proposed law by both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, the bill received its first approval on 13 October Senate and 11 January Chamberand, eventually, its second and final approval on 20 January Senate and 12 April Chamber.