2 cigarettes a day yahoo dating

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2 cigarettes a day yahoo dating

Sylvia Hui, “m smuggled cigarettes seized,” The Standard, June 8, , p. B2 . Ibid. Today Daily News, June 2, Albert Wong, “Red card See http://hk. denicaragua.info, access date: June 26, Sing Tao. Surely just one or two cigarettes a day can't do us much harm – can they? Jeremy Laurance stubs out some medical myths. I could never finish a whole pack of cigarettes in a day. I can't imagine 1/2 pack, but if i had to smoke Parliament Lights I'd probably quit cause they sure sux.

I picked January 2nd because I didn't want it to be perceived as just another New Year's resolution doomed to failure. Before I knew it, a month had gone by and I had broken my physical dependence without even realizing it! And the funny thing is, it wasn't really that hard.

How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke a day?

I didn't get the severe withdrawals and cravings everyone always talks about. I didn't gain any appreciable weight. I just kept telling myself that if I didn't have the strength of character to control the poisons I was putting into my own body, how could I ever hope to achieve anything of any value in my life?

I never looked back. At that time I was a high-school dropout who had spent the last 10 years working in a sweatshop. I am happy to report that I went back to school nights, earned an Associate's Degree in Computer Programming and here I am twenty years later, smoke-free, with a professional career in a good field with good pay. That daughter of mine is about to graduate from college in a few weeks.

Neither she nor my son shows the slightest interest in smoking. If there is nothing else you take away from my story let it be that quitting cold turkey will not only benefit you, but give you the opportunity to break the cycle and pass on a healthier tradition to you children.

I thought I'd have some sort of lengthy story of wisdom to share when it happened, but the reflection has been in every second and every day that I have not had a cigarette. The cravings turned into whims which turned into moments of silent reverie and absolute, unabashed joy for April 27,the day I quit smoking and claimed my freedom.

I never would have thought that would happen to me.

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One year ago, no one could have convinced me that those painful, aching, miserable, body and soul crushing moments of withdrawl would ever manifest into daily prayers for lack of a better term of thanks for my lungs, my moments, my ability to realize that I've actually had mild allergies all these years that were covered up by a nasty smoker's cough and that general feeling of malaise I didn't forget my quit date; in fact my brain would not let me.

In the days leading up to it, I had some of the worst smoking dreams I've ever experienced. They were real, vivid, and left me feeling depressed because, inevitably, in every one I was smoking again. I celebrated on the date, though. Boy, did I ever celebrate. I did exactly what I said I would do in my early quit diary. I took the money I saved from smoking and bought myself a horse. Every second that I am out on the trails enjoying this divine Spring weather and the newfound allergies, for which I am surprisingly gratefulI celebrate my quit.

Every single scrap and speck of withdrawl, depression, psychological upheaval and stress I had to undergo in the quit is worth just one second of sitting on the back of my own horse.

Tips from former smokers who quit smoking cold turkey

Heck, it was worth it to feel like I am once again back in control of my self, and more importantly, that I am, once again, simply myself. In reflection, just for kicks and giggles, my life is so much more rich than it ever was when I was a smoker.

I still go outside at regular intervals to enjoy sunsets, or beautiful, private moments with nature, but when I do, I can breathe deeply and fully. I exercise; I can run two miles now without hardly breaking a sweat, and gasping for air is a thing of the past.

2 cigarettes a day yahoo dating

I have longer focus and stamina of mind, even if I do not think as quickly as I used to, I make fewer mistakes. I have more time to develop my interests. I took my ambitions and applied and was accepted to graduate school. I no longer feel ashamed or guilty about being a smoker. For the first time ever, I took a group of students on an extended field trip three nights to Boston without feeling insane, and without having to leave them to satisfy some stupid addiction.

I am infinitely more patient. By far, I am happier. So congratulations to me! But more so, congratulations to every "Newbie" out there who is going through the rough times of an early quit. I promise the ends justify the means, and the means are more than worth it. I'm not even at the end, yet, just at one more milestone like a tattoo, but the beginning strife seems like small potatoes now, even though I remember how I felt like David, or even Sisophys at the beginning of this quit.

This feeling will soon pass as this has been quite a miserable day.

2 cigarettes a day yahoo dating

We've just within the last week moved from Florida to Tennessee to be close to our daughter, who by the way is expecting our first grandchild in July hence the move. I've had a bad cold has anyone ever had a good cold?

I spent part of my birthday at the dentist's office being informed I must have a root canal.

2 cigarettes a day yahoo dating

Through the pain and misery I'm trying to get unpacked and listen to the wife who I married 32 I think years ago today complain about the brand new washing machine that doesn't work. And did I mention it sleeted just after we got here last week.

2 cigarettes a day yahoo dating

Now I tell you all this not to digress or to burden the board with personal issues or any of that forbidden stuff. I tell you all this as usual to give you hope. Hope for the new quitter who at three days or three weeks just doesn't think he can make it.

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At six years, I can tell you that this most miserable day is infinitely better than my absolute best day while I was smoking. I didn't realize it then, but there was no such thing as a good day while I was smoking. There were just different degrees of bad. At three days or three weeks, I know you're hurting. But I promise you, life does go on after smoking. It's not all a bed of roses, because life just isn't like that. Inhaled through a cigarette, nicotine is addictive.

Not so with the nicotine replacement products, which deliver nicotine safely. When smokers stop smoking, they typically feel the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal: The patch, gum or lozenges contain smaller amounts of nicotine than cigarettes. They take the edge off withdrawal symptoms and make it easier to deal with cravings.

The traditional way to quit is to choose a quit date and stick to it. Your quit date can be the start of your efforts to quit, the day you stop smoking cigarettes completely or start tapering off cigarettes.

Nicotine replacement is typically used for two to three months, with the nicotine dose gradually decreasing over that time. More and more research shows that the patch, gum and lozenges can be used safely while you are still smoking but are cutting back.

However, going this route should be done with the help of your doctor or health care provider. Nicotine replacement, plus counseling or a support group, together give you your best chances of quitting.