The show nashville actors dating

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the show nashville actors dating

The date is fast approaching to say so long to CMT's “Nashville,” but in true country music fashion, the show's six-season song won't end. the lives and tragedies of rising and fading country music stars in Nashville, episode is except for the date of the last episode. it lists the shows end when we. Nashville's fourth season is currently under way and like the three previous seasons, Though the series has gone through several cast changes over the years.

He runs for mayor with help from his father-in-law and wins election, later divorcing Rayna; Charles Esten as Deacon Claybourne, songwriter, lead guitar player, Rayna's former lover and biological father of her oldest child. He and Scarlett are in a relationship when the series begins, but soon separate; Sam Palladio as Gunnar Scott, a kind-hearted aspiring musician who dates Scarlett in season one, and dates Zoey in season two; Robert Wisdom as Coleman Carlisle, a one-time mayoral candidate, and later Deputy Mayor, close friend of Rayna, and serves as Deacon's sobriety sponsor ; and Powers Boothe as Lamar Wyatt, Rayna's father and a wealthy, powerful and controlling patriarch and local politician who disapproves of his daughter's career as a country singer.

Powers Boothe and Robert Wisdom were reduced to recurring status, in the second season for creative reasons. Chris Carmack as Will Lexington, a rising country star struggling with the realization that he might be gay, as well as Scarlett and Gunnar's new neighbor; [13] Lennon Stella as Maddie Conrad, Rayna's older daughter, legal daughter to Teddy, and biological daughter to Deacon; and Maisy Stella as Daphne Conrad, Rayna and Teddy's younger daughter.

‘Nashville’ Sets Series Finale Date on CMT

For the third season, two actors were upped to regulars: Will Chase as Luke Wheeler, the biggest male country artist and a love interest for Rayna; and Oliver Hudson as Jeff Fordham, a record company executive who clashes with Rayna and Juliette. For season four, Hudson was downgraded to recurring status and then his character was killed off while Aubrey Peeplesintroduced in season two as reality competition second-place winner and later Will's wife Layla Grant, was promoted to regular.

Nashville; "Season 6 Episode 16" Beyond the Sunset

However, Chase made a guest appearance. Bilson plays Alyssa Greene, a Silicon Valley marketing expert brought in to take Highway 65 to the next level, who hates country music.

Scoggins exited in season six. Kaitlin Doubledaywho portrays Jessie Caine—a musician who returns to town to focus on her career and take back the son who was taken from her—was upped from recurring to series regular near the end of season five, and she returned as a regular for the sixth season.

Another season five recurring player, Jeff Nordling, was also upped to series regular for season six. Nordling plays Brad Maitland, the charming and narcissistic owner of the most successful record label in Nashville, and Jessie's ex-husband who is up to no good.

‘Nashville’ Sets Series Finale Date on CMT – Variety

The series' main cast for the sixth season Recurring[ edit ] In addition to main cast, several actors appearing in Nashville in a supporting roles. She gets dropped from the label, after her single tanks, though she strikes up a romance with Will, and they eventually get engaged.

They begin dating after Teddy and Rayna separate and marry after she lies to Teddy that she is pregnant. Also appearing in many episodes are several background characters, including Ed Amatrudo as Glenn Goodman seasons 1—6Juliette Barnes's protective manager and father-figure, often tasked with cleaning up the messes that Juliette leaves behind; David Alford as Bucky Dawes seasons 1—6Rayna's long-time seasoned and caring manager; Todd Truly as Marshall Evans season 1; 11 episodesformer president and CEO of Edgehill Republic Records.

the show nashville actors dating

Karen Thomas as Audrey Carlisle season 1Coleman's wife; and Derek Krantz as Brent McKinney season 2an openly gay marketing and public relations employee who works for Jeff's record company who once dated Will; Kyle Dean Massey as Kevin Bicks season 3—5an openly gay country music singer-songwriter and later Will's major boyfriend.

Giddens held a major recurring role.

the show nashville actors dating

Joseph David-Jones as Clay, Maddie's boyfriend and musician, Christian Coulson as a music video director, and the possible father of Scarlett's baby, all joined the cast in major recurring roles. Cameron Scoggins, a wealthy tech-entrepreneur who helps Rayna out with struggling Highway 65, was originally cast in a recurring role, but was upgraded to a series regular.

‘Nashville’ Stars Clare Bowen, Charles Esten Talk Series End – Variety

Five major recurring characters were announced for season six; part one, in addition to the returning recurring characters from the series' fifth season. Josh Stamberg played Darius, an extremely charismatic founder of a self-actualization movement that has transformed many lives that Juliette joins upon suffering from depression.

Jake Etheridge played Sean, a recent military veteran suffering from severe PTSD who has yet to embrace his talent and passion for music. Rainee Blake played Alannah, who is a newcomer to the Nashville music scene, and a beautiful singer-songwriter who starts out as a backup singer but will soon be discovered for the star that she actually is meant to be when she joins the boys' band.

the show nashville actors dating

Nic Luken played Jonah Ford, a famous male pop star who's very handsome, extremely confident, and charming and who catches Maddie's attention. Finally, Dylan Arnold played Twig, a childhood friend to Jonah. He navigates this lifestyle by guarding his anxiety and pain with a caustic, brilliant sense of humor. Cox played Gideon, a crusty, frustrated, would-be musician and recently reformed lifelong alcoholic who resented his son Deacon's success.

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Khouri lived in Nashville from to But it also is an incredibly beautiful, cosmopolitan city, and I wanted to show that to the world. I want to represent it in a way that everybody who lives here would find completely realistic.

‘Nashville’ Stars Clare Bowen, Charles Esten Talk Series End

Cutler also joined the project as executive producer alongside Khouri. Will Chris Carmack has had a few intense relationships throughout his time on the show but his first real love Kevin Bicks Kyle Dean Massey was probably the greatest.

They bonded over songwriting and even though they struggled to navigate being public about their romance, they really understood one another. When they had their daughter and were supporting each other's careers they were our favorite couple on the series. Now, they've gone through a lot of bumps and lows, but they are still a strong unit we always root for. They almost got married and were so cute together, but in the end Rayna's true love won out.

the show nashville actors dating

That doesn't mean however that we we're fans of this country music power couple at the time. At first they were the worst, but in the end they were perfect together and despite all their heartaches and scheming they found love and that's all we really wanted for Layla. Throughout the series, Maddie has had her fair share of romances, like the adorable Colt Wheeler Keean Johnsonbut her current bae Twig is a really good match for her. We're not sure what will happen to them when the series wraps, but we like how close they've grown this season.

Lastly, fans might've been quick to judge Deacon moving on from Rayna with Jessie Cain Kaitlin Doubledaybut it wasn't fair for him not to find some happiness once Rayna was gone.

the show nashville actors dating

Sure, this duo will never be on the level of Deacon and Rayna, but they have come a long way since first meeting in season five and we just want Deacon to be OK.