Nayak the real hero 2001 online dating

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nayak the real hero 2001 online dating

Nayak: The Real Hero (), drama released in Hindi language in theatre near you in Delhi. Know about Film reviews, lead cast & crew. Nayak: The Real Hero Hindi Movie Watch Online Full Movie: Director: S. Shankar Release Date: 7 September Starring: Anil. Nayak: The Real Hero () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more.

Taking Shivaji's success as an insult, Chauhan sends hitmen to get him killed and destroys his house on false grounds. Meanwhile, Shivaji falls in love with Manjari Rani Mukerjia naive and carefree villager.

nayak the real hero 2001 online dating

When Rao asks her father Shivaji Satam her hand in marriage, he refuses on grounds that Rao is not employed by the government. However, Bansal shows up and tells him that Shivaji's popularity has rocketed sky-high and people want him to become the next CM of the state. He is reluctant at first, but when Chauhan's henchmen vandalise Q TV premises to intimidate him, and the people show their support by thronging to his place in huge numbers, he agrees to take part in the elections.

In the ensuing state elections, he wins by a vast majority.

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However his growing popularity is threatened continuously by Chauhan who uses his henchmen to kill him or at least tarnish his image as a public hero. But Shivaji promptly answers by digging out all accusations against Chauhan and his allies. This, however, causes a reunion of Chauhan and his allies.

After a failed attempt on Shivaji's life by hiring an assassin, a bomb is detonated at his home killing his parents Neena Kulkarni and Kitty. In the final attempt, Chauhan orders Pandurung Saurabh Shukla to destroy law and order and cause bomb explosions in various parts of the city.

But a priest is able to overhear a few men planning to detonate bombs.

nayak the real hero 2001 online dating

He immediately notifies Shivaji's office via the "Complaint Box" department. Pandurung is arrested and under tactical inquiry by Shivaji and his secretary, he discloses the location of the 4 bombs.

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A Bomb Squad is able to defuse 3 bombs, but the 4th one explodes before they could reach to it. Chauhan, however, uses this success against Shivaji by blaming the young CM for the bomb. A well written script and a fast pace screenplay, successfully grab's the audiences attention.

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Rehman's music is not much hot this time but the song picturizations do have an artistic visual appeal. Lacks of bucks spent on those huge sunflowerstall bhuttas, fat pumpkins and a thousand matkas though do not make much sense, but are surely different than those usual running around trees or dancing in foreign locations. Some scenes have been very well presented, like the conflict between the bus driver and the students, the interview with the CM and the assassination of the CM at the end.

In terms of performance, Anil Kapoor is extremely convincing and adds life to the portrayal of his character. Amrish returns to a sensible negative role. Paresh Rawal lends excellent support.

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Finally if you think hundreds of movies have been made on corrupt system theme, then this one is no new but a good example of old wine in the latest bottle. Bright and brash rl 2 February A very silly, bright and brash comic book of a film that highlights Indias significant corruption problems but still entertains. Despite starring the old and hairy Anil Kapoor and the awful Johnny Lever in an irritating first ten minutes this film is bursting with vibrant colour, grand song sequences and energy.

nayak the real hero 2001 online dating

Rani is as stunning as ever in her occasional appearances as the love interest and sports a rare but very welcome! Old Anil does surprisingly well as the journalist who turns Ramboesque Chief Minister for a day.