Dating the page of pentacles reversed

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Pentacles represents the passion you feel for what really interests you. This can be a goal, a talent, a creative pursuit, or a career. Page of Pentacles reversed tarot card can be a sign of trouble. You're getting in your own way & it's time to refocus. Learn more about what this card reveals!. The Page of Pentacles tarot is the card of manifestation and inspiration. In the reversed position, the Page of Pentacles tarot can represent.

Remember, Pentacles are associated with the element of Earth so getting back to Nature should be helpful in achieving your goals, for instance, taking up hiking or mountain climbing or swapping processed foods for more natural foods. It can also be an indicator of good news in terms of health, a birth or a pregnancy.

You may be developing your powers of divination or studying the Tarot. Or you may find yourself experimenting with earth magic or nature religions such as Paganism or Wicca. Now is a great time to educate yourself in spiritual paths that will stand to you in the future. Reversed Meaning Guide In a general context, the Page of Pentacles reversed can be the bearer of bad news in earthly matters.

However, often it is an indicator that your present challenges are not due to some outside or unseen force, but rather a consequence of your own behaviour or inaction. It can indicate that lack of goals or lack of follow through may be holding you back and preventing you from reaching your potential.

dating the page of pentacles reversed

Laziness, foolishness, frustration and impatience are also represented by this card. The message with this Minor Arcana card reversed is to stop procrastinating and go after what you want. The world will not just deliver your destiny to you.

You have to ride out to meet it. If you want to achieve your dreams you have to seize every opportunity that comes your way. If representing a person, the Page of Pentacles reversed represents a young person, child or person who is young at heart, who is lazy, immature, disloyal, irresponsible, sullen or rebellious, who has little common sense and poor prospects.

They may be an Earth sign such as Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. If you deceive or mistreat your partner you will lose them and may live to regret it. There is also a sense of boredom or frustration indicated with this card so you may need to put some work in to making the relationship fun again. Have fun and enjoy yourself. It indicates that you are not putting in the groundwork to achieve success or that you are lacking goals or follow through. Have fun meeting new people. Remember that you must learn how to be happy single before you can be happy with someone else.

Nurture your relationships with your friends and family for now. The right one will come along. Page of Pentacles and Money With regard to money and finances, the Page of Pentacles tarot indicates getting your rewards for all your hard work and determination. Avoid spending too much and try to invest again.

If you must spend your money, make it for the future and long-term benefits. Things may be really tough at the momentbut if you keep the faith and soldier on, the rewards that wait for you at the finish line will be even sweeter. The Page of Pentacles tarot also signifies help when you most need it. When you feel like giving up, remember that there are people who will come to your aid. Hope is always alive. The Page of Pentacles and its Meaning for Health The Page of Pentacles, when drawn in connection with your health, is going to be a major positive for you.

This is due to it being seen in a more favourable light than other cards when you are dealing with this part of your life. The card is symbolised by the Page hoisting a golden sphere high above his head and pointing it towards a wonderful and bright sky.

It is the last card of this particular suit, but that does not mean that its power has been diluted in any way. Perhaps the most important aspect is that it points to you recovering and getting better if you have recently been ill in some way. You can look forward to those difficult times being behind you and there will be a brighter future ahead in connection with your overall health. His wife laughed and teased him, asking him to remember that he was a Stonemason and not a farmer.

The Page of Pentacles

However, old habits run deep and he still had a deep interest in the land and how the quality of it made all the difference. He wanted to build his house on good solid earth of the best quality that he could afford.

It had to be special, with nice views and a pleasant aspect. He wanted his house to be a haven of natural beauty,peace and tranquillity.

A house that could become a home for the family they were eager to have. Well they did find their little piece of heaven and bought it for a good price. Now the land had to be cleared and a house built.

While all this was going on, they moved back into the farmhouse and his wife helped with the work and chores. The women made sure they were all fed and nourished, and listened to their endless talk of levels and wood length.

dating the page of pentacles reversed

Two days before their first child was born my grandmother helped paint the doors in the new house while her husband did some finishing off here and there. At last the house was complete and it was a fine, sturdy and handsome building. Every brick had been laid with love and total commitment. It was a big house, and made to last. Only the finest of materials had gone into it, and everything had been put together with tight precision and attention to detail.

Tile by tile had been laid meticulously and evenly. On one occasion a whole floor of tiles were taken up because my Grandfather felt it was not right. He was a very determined man who wanted nothing but the best.

He would not tolerate anything less. His workmanship was first class and he had incredibly high standards. The house could have been built much faster, but my grandfather had been determined to use traditional methods and would not allow anyone to make him hurry or take short cuts.

He also was his own worst critic. He drew up plans, checked them, then re-checked them, sometimes tearing them up and starting all over again. It was painstaking and often mind-numbingly tedious. My Father was carried as a baby into the brand new house where he had his own nursery.

Over time, the house grew into a home and four more children arrived. It was just like history repeating itself over and over again. The family were growing and spreading, and family occasions and gatherings were large and noisy, but very enjoyable.

As the family grew, they became closer and closer, all looking out for each other and ready to lend a hand or support where and when it was needed. He liked the idea of passing on knowledge from father to son.

He had become withdrawn and uncommunicative when my Father told him of his own plans for his future. Times were changing and the world was opening up for young ambitious people.

My Father chose accountancy, while his brother became a banker, another went to work with his uncle on the farm as he was drawn to the land. He had two sisters. Both married, but his eldest sister was the first to open a specially built riding school which she successfully ran. She also had three children who were reared around the horses, before eventually helping out once they were old enough. His younger sister had stayed home with their mother to help her with, the now thriving home-made cake business, that had started up as a result of one of their long conversations over dinner one night.

The Grandfather in time rallied round and accepted that life was so, and that he himself had been instrumental in opening their minds to so many other opportunities by making such a fuss about their education. My Grandfather died before I was born, so I never got the opportunity to meet him but I have had the privilege of viewing a lot of his stone work and it is amazing. I never cease to be overwhelmed by the intricate detail and design. I have all the stories about him too which have been passed down from generation to generation.

My older brother, the Knight of Pentacles still remembers him. My Father after marrying moved abroad upon been offered a senior position in an accountancy firm. He travelled home as often as his job could spare him, and when his wife, a solicitor, was free to travel with him. I have just one sister who is away at college right now studying to be a vet.

We are all very proud of her and I miss her not being around. However, it is now my turn to take a step forward and venture into life.

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I must now carry the torch for all who have gone before me. I have a responsibility to my ancestors to do my very best in life and to rise to any challenges that come my way. I too wish to leave a grand legacy behind me, and to add positively to all the history that has gone before me.

I will have to rise to the high standards which these great people have bequeathed me. I cannot be the one to fail, let them down or taint the family honour as has been done by some in the past.

I must ensure that never happens again. I come from strong, healthy, determined, ambitious and hard working stock. This is no hardship for me. Yes, it may be the greatest challenge of my life, but that is what I am here for.

Page of Pentacles Tarot and its Meaning for Love and Happiness

I will prove my worth and make a name for myself. I will commit myself to my goals and work tirelessly towards them. We respond to this gutsy speech by all joining in a round of applause.

We can see by the look on the face of this young Page, that he means business, and is very determined to succeed in his quest, but what exactly is his quest? I am not the only one who has realised this, for a few others in the crowd are calling to him to reveal it.

The Page of Pentacles looks pleased, and it is obvious he had planned things this way. He was keeping his mission secret and secure until the last minute. He was saving the best till last and had us all dying with curiosity. With bated breath, we stood staring at The Page who was now pulling something from the wide belt he wore around his waist, before promptly concealing it behind his back. Slowly, The Page brought his two arms around and held them high in the air.

Resting securely in his open palms sat a beautiful and absolutely perfect Pentacle. He held The Pentacle aloft for all of us to see. Silence fell among the gathered crowd as we focused our attention on the shimmering gold Pentacle which vibrated with mystery, magic and deep wisdom.

The Page appeared mesmerised as he stared deep into its well of knowledge. Without taking his eyes off his Pentacle he addressed the crowd once more. This Pentacle gives me my reason to be, it is what will steer and guide me along the pathways of my Journey. My Pentacle offers me protection from negativity, and the evil doings of others. If I use it well and do not abuse it, it will infuse my body with good health, strength and fitness. It will seep determination and dogged persistence through my very veins.

It will nourish, feed and sustain me. It will teach me the ways of the land and the laws of nature. It will befriend me to all of the animal kingdom so that we may all live in peace, side by side.

dating the page of pentacles reversed

With my Pentacle I can create a better world. With my Pentacle, I can build a future for myself and all those who come after me. With my Pentacle strong and solid in my hands I can make anything I touch grow such as money, wealth, success, buildings, gardens, animals. With this single Pentacle driving me onwards and upwards, I can build an empire and leave the most wonderful legacy behind, so that I will be known and remembered by all.