Blind dating movie kiss of the dragon

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blind dating movie kiss of the dragon

Two strangers walk into a bar. That's not the beginning of a joke, that's the premise behind First Dates. The series, which invites viewers to. Kiss of the Dragon is a English-language French action thriller film directed by Chris Nahon, written and produced by French filmmaker Luc Besson, and. I said, “Romaine, let us start dating. Two friends talking: “John, on your date last night did you kiss her silly?” Reply, “Not While the nails were long they were not as long as the Chinese Dragon Lady that I saw in an old black and white Charlie Chan movie. Bill wanted to meet his blind date at the convention center .

By the time she'd finished sorting her work for the evening, Draco had already gone and Harry was waiting for her by the lifts. Apologising to Harry for keeping him waiting, Hermione headed down to the atrium with his best friend, all the time wondering how quick she could leave him and head off to see Draco.

Not wanting to Hermione to get suspicious about being set up, Ginny had suggested the next date should take place in a more relaxed setting, making it look more casual. The only thing was, Harry had no idea who his wife would have with her. As with Neville she'd made all the arrangements, and she was keeping quiet about the identity of Hermione's next suitor. Entering the wine bar, Harry looked around for his wife.

When he spotted her, he was momentarily confused as she was sitting in a corner booth, with not one but two wizards. From a distance he couldn't see who the wizards were, but as he and Hermione got closer, he could see it was Dean Thomas and his best friend Seamus Finnegan.

Dean and Seamus ran a pub in the countryside, and last time Harry had talked to the pair they were thinking about setting up a new bar in the centre of wizarding London.

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This was just getting better and better and she was now thinking she would be able to leave after just a few drinks as she certainly wouldn't be leaving Harry in lurch with so many other people around.

Leaving Hermione with the two former Gryffindors, the husband and wife pair headed to the bar. As they waited to be served, Harry turned to Ginny and asked what was going on.

He hadn't been at all sure about setting Hermione up in the first place, but he definitely wasn't sure about setting her up with two wizards at the same time.

Somehow he doubted Hermione would be willing to be shared between the two best friends. So I decided to invite them both out together, and we could see which one Hermione has more chemistry with. I'm sure one of them will hit it off with Hermione. That wasn't to say that she didn't talk to them and have a good time, but Harry could see by the way she spoke to them that she thought of them as friends.

There was definitely no spark of attraction, at least not on Hermione's end. She was disappointed that neither Dean nor Seamus had been overly flirty with Hermione, but the night was still young and she was hoping a few more drinks would loosen people up.

Heading home she had a nice relaxing bath, before slipping into her new lingerie set. Pulling on a long black coat, she then headed over to Draco's, ready to pay him a very sexy visit.

As Hermione was busy with Draco, she had no idea that Ginny was bemoaning her failure yet again. She also didn't know that the redheaded witch wasn't ready to give up just yet.

There were still a few more eligible bachelors on Ginny's radar and she was determined that one of them would be the perfect wizard for Hermione. The restaurant wasn't somewhere Hermione would normally choose to have lunch, but she was meeting Ginny and it was the redhead's choice of venue. Hermione was just hoping that it would be a quick lunch as she had work to get back to.

To be honest she'd only agreed to the lunch because Ginny had mentioned planning Harry's birthday and Hermione was worried in case the party loving redhead decided to go overboard. Hermione knew Harry preferred not to be made a fuss of, and she felt it was her duty as his best friend to keep Ginny under control. To be fair to Ginny, she just liked to show Harry how much he meant to her, but sometimes she could go overboard and she often forgot that Harry was a lot more low-key than she was.

blind dating movie kiss of the dragon

When the waiter led her to their table, Hermione was disappointed to find Ginny wasn't already waiting for her. As she sat down to wait for Ginny, Hermione poured herself a glass of water from the jug on the table and wished she'd stayed in the office for a bit longer. Hermione was so busy thinking about the work she had to get back to that she didn't notice anyone approaching her table, until the chair opposite her was pulled out and someone sat down.

Expecting it to be Ginny, she looked up and got the shock of her life when she was confronted with a handsome wizard with brown hair. She still saw Oliver Wood at parties and such thanks to Ginny's quidditch career, but she didn't know why he was sitting down opposite her in the middle of a restaurant while she was waiting for Ginny.

blind dating movie kiss of the dragon

Is Ginny running late? Hermione opened the parchment and frowned at the quickly scrawled note from Ginny. It was an apology for not being able to make lunch, but she'd told them to order what they liked and have a good time as she was paying for the meal.

As they parted, Oliver urged Hermione to go for it with her mystery man as life was too short. With Oliver's words running around in her head, Hermione didn't go straight back to the office, instead she went to Harry and Ginny's house, where a very shocked Ginny opened the door. Oliver made a great lunch companion," Hermione said. I think you were trying to set me up with Neville, and then when that failed you turned to Dean and Seamus.

Now it was Oliver's turn. I am perfectly capable of sorting my own love life.

blind dating movie kiss of the dragon

Even though things were going well, so well in fact that they'd even spent an evening a few nights ago talking to the early hours instead of having sex, Hermione didn't want to jinx things. She and Draco had barely been seeing each other for six weeks, and she just wasn't sure if their relationship was ready to take the next step and go public. Hopefully in a few weeks, Hermione would feel ready to tell her friends about her new romance, but for now she just wanted to keep it to herself.

She close as she was to Ginny, she'd never been the sort of girl to discuss her sex life with her friends. I love you Ginny, but you have to stay out of things. I don't need you fixing me up a date, is that clear? After making Ginny swear she wouldn't try and fix her up again, Hermione headed back to work.

blind dating movie kiss of the dragon

However, her words had fallen on deaf ears and Ginny was as determined as ever to find Hermione a man.

She just now knew that she would have to be more creative in her setting up plans. But she could get creative, just as she could find the perfect man for her best friend. The pair were currently in the back yard of the Burrow and Ginny had just confided in Harry that she planned on setting Hermione up with her older brother.

Ginny had told Harry all about Hermione catching onto her plan, but she refused to be stopped. She was convinced that all she needed was to go about things in a way where Hermione couldn't work out she'd been set up. Harry wasn't too sure about Ginny's first two responses, but he did know he couldn't argue with her third point.

Charlie was indeed moving back home, and that was actually the reason they were at The Burrow. The entire family had gathered to welcome Charlie home. Even Hermione was here, as despite her break-up with Ron she was still considered part of the family.

In fact as Harry looked across the garden he could see Hermione standing talking to Ron and his girlfriend, Susan. I'm going to bring her and Charlie together without either of them having a clue I'm behind their romance. Ten minutes later, Harry was catching up with Ron, while Hermione and Ginny were gossiping with Bill's wife, Fleur, when there was a commotion from inside the house. Turning around, he and Ron were just in time to see Molly come flying out of the house, squealing excitedly that Charlie was home.

As the family gathered around waiting for Charlie to emerge from the house, Harry walked over to Ginny and slipped an arm around her waist. However, seconds later Ginny's excitement faded as Charlie sauntered out of the house with a stunning raven haired witch on his arm.

Ginny also managed a quick congratulations and a brief hello with the beautiful witch that would one day become her sister-in-law, before she slunk over to a nearby bench and sat down in shock. You're not going to fix Hermione up with anyone. I was so sure one of my set-ups would work.

He's also not at all intimidated by her, or by the fact she's a war heroine. When they're not bickering, they're get along just great. In fact, they're by far the best pairing in the entire department.

After Ginny's efforts, he wasn't sure how receptive Hermione would be to an invite for dinner, but he could always play the apology card, and say the dinner was their way of apologising. He would think of something, and some way or another he would find a way to set Hermione up on a date with Draco. Over the years he and Harry had become friends, and while they'd had meals together, he'd never received an invite to his colleague's house before.

However, when Harry had asked him for dinner at his place, Draco had graciously accepted the offer. Once he was ready, Draco grabbed the bottle of expensive wine he'd bought for the evening, and apparated to the apparition point nearest to the Potters home.

Having already memorised the address of the house, Draco easily found the Potters house in the middle of the wizarding village, Godric's Hollow. Harry and Ginny lived in a beautiful white house, with a gorgeous garden full of roses.

Draco admired the beauty of the garden as he headed to the front door and knocked. Despite classing Draco as a friend, they'd never quite gotten out of the habit of using each other's surnames, but it worked for them and it didn't stop them from being friends.

blind dating movie kiss of the dragon

The house was smaller than his own family home, but then again most places were smaller than Malfoy Manor, but it was still lovely and Draco could see what a great family home it would make when Harry and Ginny had children. The house was his and Ginny's dream house, and unless they had half a dozen children and the house got too cramped, they fully expected to spend the rest of their lives in the house.

In the kitchen, Draco politely said hello to Ginny as Harry grabbed them each a drink. Leaving Ginny in the kitchen to finish the dinner, Harry took Draco through the front room where the pair settled down and began to chat. When Harry heard the doorbell ring a few minutes later, he knew it was Hermione so he let his wife answer the door.

Harry had gotten Hermione over for dinner by claiming that Ginny wanted to apologise, and now he was just hoping that it didn't all blow up in his face. Richard tricks Liu into believing he is simply providing reconnaissance of a meet involving Mr.

The plans are changed when Mr. Big is introduced to two prostitutes, one being Jessica Kamen Bridget Fondaan American woman, who takes him to his room to service him. While Liu and the rest are watching through the surveillance camera, Mr.

Big kicks everyone out except for the two prostitutes. After pretending to seduce him, one of the prostitutes then stabs Mr. Overseeing the events from a surveillance room, Liu rushes to stop the killing, but Richard enters shortly later to shoot Mr. Big and the prostitute with Liu's police-issued handgunframing Liu for the murders.

First Dates lets viewers in on blind dates in Vancouver’s dating scene

Realizing he has been set up, Liu manages to escape from the hotel with a surveillance tape showing Richard shooting Mr. Chinese liaisons are sent to France after the events to investigate the matter, as Richard makes Liu the primary suspect. However, the liaisons do not believe the story Richard provides. Liu manages to contact one of the liaisons, and passes on to him the tape that reveals the truth.

Due to French police surveillance, the meet between the liaison and Liu is spotted, and the liaison is assassinated. Liu is then forced to flee from a horde of cops and even GIGN commandos. After Liu escapes, he is forced to maintain a low profile.