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bleach fanfiction the dating game

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any Bleach affiliates. to do this survey—if you could even call it a survey, more like a torturous mind game for single women . It was just a simple questionnaire on a simple dating website. Title: The Dating Game Summary: The captains are out to bet on people's love lives. Money is on the line, and they'll do just about anything to. Sequel to First Date. It was Grimmjow and Ichigo's second date and Ichigo had agreed to let "So, what game are we going to play?" Ichigo.

Her loathing for those little letters seemed insurmountable at this moment. Her fingers were tight on the edges of her seat and her mouth was set in a hard, imperceptible line. Her gaze was filled with steel and she could feel her teeth grinding lugubriously against each other.

She would not do this. She would call Momo and tell her that it was impossible, she did not want to do this and she most certainly did not need to do this—as Momo had previously stated. She was Rukia Kuchiki; her life did not require measures as desperate as these.

She honestly couldn't believe she had been roped into this. Throughout her entire life she had never let anyone tell her what to do. She was a lawyer for gods sake, she ordered people around for a living but she sure as hell didn't let them reciprocate the favor.

Her teeth were grinding harder against each other and she grumpily looked to the side. She was trying so hard not to look at the illuminated screen. Alright, she told herself angrily, I can start this out slowly, no need to rush. I've got all the time in the world. One at a time, that's the trick; I just have to go at this one at a fucking time. She moved her large, violet, irises in the direction of the computer and read the first line.

What is your profession? Okay, she thought bitterly, this is easy enough. Her fingers moved swiftly over the keyboard and she tapped lightly. She removed her wrists from the pads on her desk and commanded her mind to take a break. She had decided… this was humiliating. She did not need to do this survey—if you could even call it a survey, more like a torturous mind game for single women.

A trap, that's what this was, to make her—or any woman for that matter—feel like she was incomplete without a man in her life. Rukia squared her shoulders and moved onto the next question. What do you like to do when you're not working? Alright, that was maybe half true. She didn't work all the time, just enough to make people think she did. She wasn't a complete workaholic.

bleach fanfiction the dating game

She always made sure never to work more than sixty five hours a week, Sundays were always her designated days off, and she did go to the movies on the occasional Friday night. There were always office parties and benefits and elegant balls where she would always find the time to schmooze the next poor bastard who would be conquered by her ever-expanding company.

So yes, she did have something of a social life, not a very big one, granted, but it was still there. How many friends do you have? She berated herself angrily for moving onto the next question with out a small break but she only grumbled and continued.

bleach fanfiction the dating game

Yes, she did have a friend, Momo Hinamori, her pal since they graduated together from college and went to work for the same company. They went running together every Sunday morning at eight—granted, Rukia would have invited Momo to all of her morning runs but the woman flatly refused. Apparently, five in the morning was too early for Momo to even think of getting up.

So yes, she did have a friend, not to mention she also had several acquaintances, she knew many people from work and from around the city.

The man who did her dry cleaning, for example, his name was Peter, and she saw him every week. He knew her name and her face and had never shrunken any of her suits. But actual, honest-to-god friends… yes, only one of those. Rukia reached to the side of her computer and grasped her glass of wine. The glass was at least three quarters full but she down the damned thing in three gulps.

bleach fanfiction the dating game

The next question made her scowl angrily. On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you on a daily basis? She growled and shoved her chair back as she stood. The sudden rush of blood to her head made her a bit woozy but she made her way to the kitchen anyway.

She reached for the bottle of wine she had left out on her counter and poured herself another glass. A bit of wine tipped over the edge and she wiped away the drops immediately.

Honestly, filling this thing out was depressing her more than it should. It was just a stinking profile, it didn't have claws or fangs or any type of disease-causing microbe attached to it. It was just a simple questionnaire on a simple dating website. She raised the glass to her lips and took a few sips, reminding herself that she needed to slow it down when it came to alcohol. She ran her tongue over her lips to gather any droplets left and smacked them playfully.

Then she sent a sour glare to her computer and took the opportunity to slosh more wine into the crystal vessel. She still couldn't believe that Momo had talked her into something like this.

Of all the things she had gotten Rukia roped in with this was by far one of the worst. Rukia snorted audibly and wrinkled her nose, "Come on Rukia," she mimicked in a high-pitched squeal. You don't even have to go out with any of them. It won't kill you! She really shouldn't be that mad at Momo; the woman was just trying to help, after all. But seriously, Rukia wasn't that much of a hopeless case.

She had gotten dates in the past and she could still get them any time she wanted. She most certainly did not have to employ the services of an online dating website in order to get a date… or get laid.

She had told Momo this countless times over the past two weeks—which was when the infamous plan first popped into her head—but Momo had not believed a word Rukia had said. It wasn't as though Momo didn't have reason to worry though; if Momo's calendars were correct then Rukia hadn't gone on an actual date since she was about twenty four. The talk was nothing sexual, Rukia was fairly well-versed in that area of study—even if it had been a while—so no… instead, this was the cat talk.

Rukia slowed down a bit so Momo could catch her breath. Her feet felt so nice in the squishy comfort of her sneakers.

Sweat was running down her lower back and across her temples but she didn't wipe it away. Her hair was pulled up into a tight pony tail and her body was snugly fit into her tight running shorts and her billowing shirt.

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She reveled in the way her body felt after sprinting for a while. Her legs were tingling and her head was light with euphoria.

Hell, running was one of the few things that made her feel completely happy, she knew it had to do with endorphins or something but she didn't pay much attention to that. She loved how light and fast she felt when she ran. Momo, of course, was lagging behind a bit. She had been up late the previous night and wasn't moving as quickly as Rukia. A jogging couple passed the two of them—Rukia was looking up at the clear blue sky and Momo was bent and wheezing softly beside her.

The joggers were a man and a woman wearing matching attire. Blue shorts and black shirts—very chic considering it was only nine in the morning.

Bleach Dating Game

Momo must have looked up as they passed because not a moment later she grasped Rukia's wrist and tugged hard. Rukia sent Momo an irritated glance and shook her head. Momo snorted and looked with Rukia. The orange haired boy gave a shriek of terror when he saw that Ulquiorra was the one sitting on the couch waiting for Ichigo to wake up. Haven't we already stopped you from taking over the world once? But what I really want from you is a girlfriend.

Dude, that's kind of sad. Look are you going to listen to my emo sob story or not? If it weren't for Love Hina I wouldn't even know what the term 'girlfriend' means, but one thing that still baffles even me is how do you find one? Well I mean love Look; I don't know anything about it.

I mean look at me. You'd think if I were even the slightest bit romantic then out there somewhere there should be someone who has a crush on me. But I've got a pretty good eye for when a girl likes me and so far no one does. In unison the four girls ducked into a bush and began to whisper amongst each other. At that moment Ichigo peeked out the window and saw the three girls huddled together in a corner.

I was just telling Ulquiorra about how no one loves me.

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Maybe you girls can tell him about your boyfriends. Ichigo, none of us have a boyfriend What does a kid's plushie know about girls that I don't? I saw it on TV once. It will never work!

The girls instantly huddled into a group and for the second time today went into a heated whispered debate. Finally Rukia stepped out from the circle. She gave a reluctant sigh and then answered. The following day, Kon stood on top of a stage beside Ulquiorra. In front of the two were four curtained rooms similar to voting booths. Although the curtained rooms didn't fully conceal every contestant they did a good job at hiding their identity.

Kon turned to face off stage and gave a thumbs up to the empty theater audience. This was meant to be Ichigo's cue. It would have been so easy for Ulquiorra to know who's who just by recognizing a voice. Contestant number one, please say something.

She already admitted to that. Not really, but close enough. You still live with your dad! I mean aren't you like a thousand years older than me in human years? I look like I'm eighteen, but really I'm like What, a couple thousand years old? How could that not be confusing? Yeah, sorry I forgot about you