Simuladores 2 temporada online dating

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simuladores 2 temporada online dating

browsergame screenshot 2 Servidor de juego en línea. Estado del servidor. Online. Manager Online. 1 . Temporada LANG_REPORT [Temporada 94]. Los simuladores is a Mexican television series produced by Sony Pictures Television season, Title, Directed by, Original air date "Segunda temporada de Los simuladores de Televisa y Sony con buen desempeño en la región". The bottom line Eight ways murders in us by dating app make online dating sites work for you. She is 2 base in dating playfon daughter of Lesley R. Tags Simuladores mexico segunda temporada online dating, online dating profile parody.

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simuladores 2 temporada online dating

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simuladores 2 temporada online dating

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Fancy a date in your lunch hour. Plot[ edit ] The premise of the series centers on a team of four associates who ran a "simulation" business, solving the problems and needs of their clients by staging simulacros "simulations", or confidence tricks aimed at confusing whoever is giving their clients a problem bosses, criminals, spouses, unscrupulous businessmen, etc.

The price the team charges for its services was exactly twice the cost of the simulation, as well as the client's promise to participate in future simulations this led to characters who appeared in previous episodes re-appearing in later episodes as secondary actors and helpers for the team, giving the show a degree of continuity. The underlying philosophy used by the team was that sometimes what's legal is not fair, and sometimes what's fair is not legal.

In the second season of the show, a second Simuladores team was introduced. This group, known as the "B-Team" and composed of former clients of the original team who had appeared on Season 1had been created to take over "smaller" cases and free the original team for larger and more demanding assignments. The head of the team, responsible for planning, logistics and contacting the clients. He is the most refined member.

Los simuladores

He is fond of drinking earl grey tealistening to classical music, reading classic French literature, and eating fine, cosmopolitan cuisine. After each successful operation he appears smoking a cigar except in episode 2. He is the only member of the team to be a widower, since his wife died roughly 5 years before the start of the series.

Pablo Lamponne Alejandro Fiore Technology and transportation: The member in charge of finding the materials and elements needed for the simulations: He is the most reserved member of the team, being very uncomfortable talking about his feelings or his private life. During his childhood he was recurrently bullied for his last name which rhymes with the Spanish term "se la come", meaning "sucks it".

This, combined with his traumatic military service, during the Falklands War may be the cause of his reserved nature. Emilio Ravenna Diego Peretti Characterization: The team's leading "actor", who does most of the characterizations required for the simulation even though the other members also play acting roles. He's a charismatic playboy, shown to be dating multiple women during season 1. By season 2, he's moved in with three younger women a med student, a lawyer, and a history teacherwith whom he has a polyamorous relationship.

He's very insecure about his age, since he claims to be 30 in a couple episodes throughout the series season 1, episode 8; and season 2, episode 10when in reality he's The team's investigatorin charge of obtaining information about the team's clients, the intended targets of the simulation and the elements of the problem the team must solve.

He is the most sensitive member of the team, appearing to be very tough and stoic in public, but in truth being very openly emotional and kindhearted with his friends and family. He became divorced shortly before the time when the show takes place; something that he copes with throughout the first season. Diego Peretti is a psychiatrist in real life. Santos is played by the same actor in the Argentine and Spanish versions.

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On the remakes of the show in other countries sometimes the names of the main characters are conserved. Episode guide[ edit ] Season 1 [ edit ] Tarjeta de navidad "Christmas Card": The team helps a struggling artist to get back together with his estranged wife. The team helps a man to get rid of a loan shark and his thugs.

Seguro de desempleo "Unemployment Insurance": The team helps an old man to get his job back after being unceremoniously fired by his boss for being too old. The team helps a woman to get rid of a nosy, Spanish former lover who is trying to pressure her into restarting their affair.