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In both the anime and manga, Tsuzuki is tall and handsome Date of death 麻斗Tsuzuki Asato") is one of the main protagonists of the Yami no Matsuei series . . It could also be that since the Imaginary world is now buried in the Internet. Name: Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness, 闇の末裔). Abbreviation(s): YnM. Creator: Yoko Matsushita. Date(s): – (manga, on hiatus). no matsuei · Tsuzuki Asato cosplay from Yami no Matsuei . "Log Date 7 15 2! Yami no Matsuei Manga - Read Yami no Matsuei Online at

While exploring NagasakiTsuzuki hears a scream and has a literal run-in with a strange white-haired woman with red eyes, who leaves blood on his collar. Coming to the conclusion that this is a sign that the woman might be the vampire, Tsuzuki tries to follow her, coming into a church called Oura Cathedral.

Yami no Matsuei

The church scene is the first encounter between Tsuzuki and the antagonist of the story, Muraki. Doctor Kazutaka Muraki is painted as a pure figure in his first scene, with much religious and color symbolism.

He meets Tsuzuki with tears in his eyes, and Tsuzuki, a bit thrown off by this, manages only to ask if Muraki has seen a woman go by. Tsuzuki leaves when Muraki says no body has been in the church. Tsuzuki later learns that the woman that he encountered is Maria Won, a famous singer from China.

Most of the serialized chapters were collected in eleven tankoubonthough the last several chapters remain uncollected and only officially available in back issues of Hana to Yume. A thirteen-episode anime series based on four of the manga's story arcs was released in late Shortly thereafter, both the manga and the anime began to be released in an English-language format.

Currently, all eleven tankoubon are available in English translation, and the anime is available in an official subbed -and- dubbed format. The premise of Yami no Matsuei is that certain humans with spiritual ability are offered the chance to become Shinigami, or "death gods," after they die.

It's strongly implied, however, that the main protagonist, Tsuzuki Asato, is not entirely human and did not become Shinigami of his own choice, but rather as punishment for some unspecified crime.

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The main function of Shinigami is to collect the souls of people who have not died at their appointed time, and Tsuzuki views this duty as akin to murder. Though immensely powerful, Tsuzuki is very kind-hearted and reluctant to use his powers. He died by suicide, which he attempts again a few times during the course of the series, hoping to escape his existence as a Shinigami.

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With - no surprise- Vincent Valentine as his favorite character. Touda seems to pull a lot of inspiration from the gunslinger himself. That and he professes his love for the Final Fantasy Series in the side column notes a couple times. Ofuda Magic Edit Tsuzuki is highly skilled in ofuda magic. He usually carries several ofuda papers with him at all times.

He can put up barriers very quickly, ones that can withstand a great amount of damage. He also has the ability to purposely weaken his barriers if he wants to.

He can also craft illusions as he does against Asuka in the first chapter. Flight Like all Shinigami's, he has the ability to fly in his spirit form. Regeneration Edit Like all Shinigami's ,Tsuzuki has the ability to regenerate and heal incredibly fast.

However, unlike the other Shinigami, when he was still alive he was also able to regenerate at an astonishing rate and, in the final eight years of his life, he didn't eat, drink or sleep and was seen constantly in a catatonic state. Relationship Hisoka Kurosaki While partners, he and Hisoka originally didn't get along at first, to the point where Tsuzuki didn't know if they'd be able to work together for long.

Tsuzuki thought of him as bratty and way short tempered.

Yami no Matsuei Vol 1 Chapter 4

After Tsuzuki helped Hisoka in Nagasaki, their relationship began to gradually change. They're now close partners who stick out for each other, although they still have their moments where they fight. The two had met while Tsuzuki was searching for a "vampire" in Nagasaki. Hisoka, who was doing the same thing, mistook Tsuzuki for the vampire and aimed his gun at the other's back.

Before he could shoot though, Gushoshin luckily intervened and informed the two they were now partners. Neither were pleased to find out that they would be working together. Once Hisoka is kidnapped by Muraki, Tsuzuki is heavily concerned, and wastes no time to start searching for him. Eventually through talking with Muraki, he finds out how Hisoka died and what Muraki did to him. After a fight with Muraki, Tsuzuki is able to save Hisoka, they begin to come to understanding.

Edit Tsuzuki sometimes is scared of him, because every time they meet he gets a sinister feeling from him. That fear becomes pure anger when Muraki reveals he was the one who killed Hisoka, and that he raped him before he placed the curse on him that eventually lead to his death.

Muraki also seems to hold an obsession toward Tsuzuki as well, that often comes across as purely physical and sexual.

manga yami no matsuei online dating

He revealed to Tsuzuki that he was his grandfather's patient in the hospital before he died and told him he has demon blood. He caused Tsuzuki to go into a deep depression to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

Luckily he was saved by Hisoka, while he wanted Muraki to die, he refused to prove everyone he is a monster and would rather die than commit murder.

Descendants of Darkness, Volume 5

Edit He once was Tsuzuki's partner, so he got to know him well, although their partnership didn't last long. Tatsumi broke it off suddenly, without giving much of a reason, which hurt Tsuzuki greatly. Tatsumi seems to still feel bad about that to this day, although he doesn't show it.

Although their partnership didn't end on the best of terms, they both still care for another, although Tsuzuki often annoys Tatsumi. Because Tsuzuki has costly expenses that are typically devoted to food, Tatsumi often gives him an allotted budget whenever he's assigned to an mission. He's shown to have a soft side for Tsuzuki's puppy eyes.

manga yami no matsuei online dating