Consejero amor online dating

consejero amor online dating

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She doesn't do it anymore now though but thinks because they're there that means she'll never be able to live 'normally'. So, I don't know what to say or do, but really I'd just like to know if anyone would date or even marry a person with self-harm Self injury scars dating games Follow 2 I would, but maybe that's because I have self harm scars on my arm myself.

All these things are therefore attractive to me. I won't judge them for their past but instead see strength in it, and appreciate it's made them the person they are today. Physically, it won't be a turn off either - they'll still be beautiful to me. And to be honest, a person should love you for who you are and if they don't then they're not the one for you. There are many understanding, compassionate and non-judgmental people out there, so tell her there is lots of hope.

Her scars are Self injury scars dating games a small part of who she is - there is so Self injury scars dating games more about her to fall Self injury scars dating games love with. I don't know, to me it'll be really sad to miss out on an amazing and beautiful person just because of their self harm scars. Besides, we all have scars. Follow 3 Yes I would, I have them myself so would be double standards if I didnt! What would put me off is if they Self injury scars dating games still self harming, its just too difficult to deal with for me.

Follow 4 When you date someone you are dating the whole person - not just their scars. To me it's not a deciding factor at all. Scars can just represent past - Self injury scars dating games got history so who are we to judge someone just because their history is more obvious than others?

If someone has actually managed to overcome self harm I think that says more about the individual than anything. It shows their strength, determination and motivation to improve their own lives and move forward with recovery which are amazing characteristics and show true will-power. Follow 5 Original post by ViceVersa I would, but maybe that's because I have self harm scars on my arm myself. Follow 6 I did date somone Self injury scars dating games scares for a long time who was still self harming partly into our relationship.

Self injury scars dating games

I dont Self injury scars dating games anything negative about it; they have had a rough patch in their life and are working through it. Instead of staying clear of them you could just offer a sholder to cry on and try to help them not forceivly get better. Slowbro93 Follow followers 20 badges Self injury scars dating games a private message to Slowbro Follow 7 I would Although I don't have self harm scars, but Self injury Self injury scars dating games dating games have other scars some me not liking the looks of.

consejero amor online dating

But I judge the person more to their personality and I honestly see things such as scars as a really minor thing. At the end of the day, you love a person no matter what.

My ex-girlfriend had serious eczema on one hand, which most people thought was weird but I was like "so what" and she was a brilliant person to be around.

Life Self injury scars dating games too short to not want to date someone due to "cosmetic Self injury scars dating games. Rachle Follow 5 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Rachle. Self injury scars dating games 8 I would have no issue with dating someone with self harm scars as I do have them myself so I know where she's coming from Follow 9 It would give me some pause for thought.

The scars are reflective of someone's mental state, at least at a point in the past, even if not now. I'm not sure that it's necessarily a problem, but I'd want to be fairly convinced that they'd moved on.

Millie Follow 2 followers 9 badges Send a private message to Millie Follow 10 I am aware that Self injury scars dating games have had issues and recovered and become a new person, but in general, I would prefer someone who's not likely to struggle mentally. Those who have had issues themselves will probably think differently, but as long as I can choose, I would prefer for my partner not to have that kind Self injury scars dating games problems.

I think that's natural. There are always negs from people who think other people are not allowed to have preferences if it excludes them.

consejero amor online dating

I am obviously not saying people who have been cutting themselves are worth less than others. But of all the positives and negatives you bring to a relationships, there is no doubt it falls on Self injury scars dating games negative side. To believe otherwise is naive and delusional.

That doesn't mean you won't find love - someone in the same situation will understand where you're coming from better.

Online Dating: A Woman's Perspective

For the 'love is blind' arguments - I Self injury scars dating games doubt the aesthetics is a problem, I obviously don't mind to look at the scars. It's the reason they are there which is the problem.

Self injury scars dating games - Online Hookup!

If I can choose, I would prefer to date someone who does Self injury scars dating games have mental problems. I would not date someone with a Self injury scars dating games problems either, so it's not the method of dealing with things in particular that is the problem.

To experience some kind of minor depression at some point in your life is normal, but I don't think Self injury Self injury scars dating games dating games person would categorized as "mentally ill".

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consejero amor online dating

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