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bakalie online dating

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At present, work is almost completed on the TNP visual communication system. This comprehensive project covers a brand repositioning strategy, designs of all corporate materials, information and direction boards, as well as the layout of the new internet website of the park. The Tatry National Park, covering an area of 21 ha, is one of the largest national parks in Poland. It was created inalthough attempts had been made to grant the Tatry mountains protection since the 19th century.

The TNP protects the only in Poland mounting range of alpine characteristics. The richness of the landscape is complemented with the richness of the animal and floral worlds.

The Tatry National Park is open to tourism, mounting climbing, speleology and skiing.

bakalie online dating

There is a network of properly marked tourist trails, nearly km in total length. It is also included in the Natura network. Its main aim is to establish contacts between designers, architects and entrepreneurs of the two countries and to create lasting cooperation networks between them.

To participate in this event, 10 designers from Poland and Germany were invited, who represent such artistic fields, as industrial design, visual identification, architecture, new media, brand development, packaging design, editing, graphics in public space, typography and photography.

bakalie online dating

Our Studio prepared a uniform visual identification system and has been creating designs for the needs of this event since its first edition in We are designing for the Rossmann drugstore - We have prepared graphic designs of posters, as well as press, outdoor and indoor advertisements for different carriers.

All works were based on a uniform visual communication strategy. The design uses many photographs of women, as well as uniform flower motifs, inspired by the shape of the rose. The event will be held in eight largest Polish cities, from April until May. At the exhibition one will have the opportunity to see many works of STGU members, and of course those of our agency, Bakalie Branding Studio.

bakalie online dating

The report deals with actions undertaken by our client in We are presenting the effects of our work here, as well as on the portfolio tab. We would like to invite all interested to the coming STGU exhibition, where apart form this report we will be presenting may other projects. Bakalie breathed new energy into Silesia - The Silesian Province can show for new promotional materials!

It has at its disposal an informational folder designed by Studio Bakalie. Modern content emphasises the flagship value of the brand — positive energy and a rich tourist offer of the province. Photos are the essence of the innovative form — the main energy comes from them. Figures of young people having fun are displayed.

It is to encourage receivers to spend their time actively and to open up for new experiences. Soon, in all of Poland there will be posters and image flyers, and at the province boundaries attractive gates will be erected. Studio Bakalie has also designed the layout for a multimedia presentation, new graphic design for the promotion CD packaging, conference wall, etc.

While designing promotional materials for the Silesian Province, we looked at four sub-brands of the province, represented by the motif of four coloured waves logotype element. A different colour, characteristic wave colour and pictogram is ascribed to each of the sub-brands. In this manner we alluded to the division into active, sacral, industrial and cultural tourism defined by the client. We are convinced that the new face of the Silesian Province will draw even more tourists and investors to the region.

The Silesian Brand project is another project which Bakalie Branding Studio is realising for a territorial self-government unit.

Bakalie online dating

Found in archives - While recently looking though our PR archives, I have found some materials which you my find interesting. We are preparing a strategy for communication - Our branding agency, Bakalie Branding Studio, has been asked to prepare a visual communication strategy for the Silesian district. The designs presented in the framework of the initial presentation, communicate such characteristics and values of the Silesian brand, as dynamism, inclination towards development and potential of people connected with the brand.

An important motif presented in the image posters is the combination of the slogan with silhouettes of people who are encouraging others to visit the Silesian region. The visual communication strategy for the Silesian district is a comprehensive project connecting many fields with which the brand is at present connected.

Here, tourism is divided into 4 general groups: The new visual communication will cover all of these 4 elements. We have developed options of using the logo on various carriers, not just promotional materials, but also various living space elements. Brands in starring role - Let us once again come back to events of and ask ourselves, which brand was seen most often in American movie productions. According to the brandchannel. New branding for ZTM - In the framework of its operations for the popularization of visual culture and branding in Poland, Bakalie Branding Studio has prepared two visual identification proposals for the ZTM brand.

bakalie online dating

A presentation with design proposals was relayed as a holyday gift. The first proposal shows how through minor redesigning procedures it is possible to make a more user friendly brand out of ZTM, as well have it represent such values as: As a result of integrating of all elements of the system into one whole, the visual communication of ZTM becomes clear and coherent.

At the same time, changes in the graphic layout contribute to the clarity of boards, maps and printed materials. Modifications implemented in the logo make it more dynamic, rejuvenate it and grant it a warmer reception. New ticket designs make it easier to ready necessary information and thanks to directional arrows it is easier to properly validate them. Symbols informing about tram and bus stops, as well as subway stations are stylistically uniform, which facilitates their identification.

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Time tables and line diagrams make it easier for travellers to chose their means of transportation. The authors have designed the system in such a way as to have the passengers identify themselves with ZTM and be proud to use the public transportation system. The second project deals with how far in the scope of effective and bold branding can the ZTM brand go.

bakalie online dating

It is a modernistic presentation of a composition of graphic and typographic elements in a clear manner. In the project, three basic printing colours were used: This coherent visual information system will make it easier and more pleasurable to commute around Warsaw using public transportation. The new logo has been designed from scratch and is the key to new visual communication of the brand.

Connection diagrams and timetables have been designed in such a way, so that no one would have problems with their interpretation. New ticket and monthly passes designs were prepared. Their layout and available information are clearer, as in the case of connection diagrams and timetables.

As in the case of the first system, a uniform set of signs was prepared. Additionally, a humorous slogan was prepared: No decision concerning the implementation of either of the presented system was yet reached. The designs will be analysed in detail by the ZTM marketing division.

Bakalie Branding Studio was chosen for this purpose following a contest. Totalizator Sportowy is the largest company dealing with games of chance and lotteries in the Polish market. It is a company of the State Treasury. The lottery is held on occasion, a few times a year.

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