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Kochi News. TOI brings the latest Kochi news headlines about Kochi crime, Kochi education news, Kochi real estate news, Kochi politics and Live Updates on. Sea TV Network offers Cable TV services in Agra, India. Sea TV Network Ltd. is sincerely working for the valued citizens of Agra, a city of heritage, with an object . As headlines go, this one hardly comes as a surprise. This glorious Agra landmark is, of course, a totem of grief and love - commissioned in.

Yet time in its company can feel anything but serene, whatever the image conveyed by that iconic picture of a solitary Princess Diana, seated on a bench in front of the structure, in February If ever there were a tourist attraction where numbers need to be limited, this might be it. This is not just a matter of overcrowding. It is one of preservation. The Taj Mahal has been suffering for some time.

The pale marble from which it was so carefully crafted is being yellowed by air pollution. The River Yamuna which runs alongside it is dank and contaminated. It is assaulted by monkeys, who clamber up its facade. It plays host to eight million souls per year, when the blueprint envisaged it as the home of just one. However, talk of, on some level, curtailing access to it, raises a number of questions. Imagine if Stonehenge adopted the same policy Credit: Last Refuge The first is: How will this cap work?

Plans are still vague, but under proposals submitted to the country's tourism ministry by the Archaeological Survey of India ASIthe most probable course of action is that domestic tourists will be limited to a total of 40, per day, with individual visits being restricted to three hours per person. Machu Picchu has already capped visitor numbers The second question is: The key phrase in the paragraph above is not "40, per day", but "domestic tourists" - the Indian travellers who are currently allowed to pay 40 Rupees 46p for entry to the site.

There was total bedlam. I hired a rubber tube, and slowly swam to my house. Having grown up in the village, I knew a bit of swimming. My wife, children and mother were sitting huddled on the roof. In the panic, all I could think of was saving my wife and children. Taking both the children on my shoulders, I tied one end of my wife's sari to my wrist.

We swam back slowly and painfully. It took two hours to negotiate a distance of yards. You could see the water markings on her body. Our house is about 10 feet high, and at its peak the water level had risen to 14 feet. My mother was like a mad woman. She could neither speak nor react nor cry. We hit her on the face to make her respond.

Few could have imagined the intensity of the havoc when they were settled in Jehangirpuri two years ago, after their jhuggis in Timarpur were bulldozed during the Emergency.

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It was not the first time they had faced the Jamuna waters. As the water recedes, the scourge of diseasecholera, malaria, and skin ailments-is imminent. A few stray medical relief vans stood parked in the sun. But there was no proper arrangement for innoculations. There were instead, stories of foreign vaccines being stolen and surplus food rotting, and in some cases food being dried by affected victims as fodder for their cattle.

From second-page features, the story of the fatal waters jumped to front-page headlines overnight. One newspaper compared the exodus of people to the scenes witnessed after partition in Another newspaper predicted that the flood would reach New Delhi's Rashtrapati Bhawan.

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For four days, the relentless outpourings of the media numbed the country. According to the Central Water Commission, the "Wazirabad and Jamuna barrages at Delhi are designed to allow for two to three lakh cusecs of flooding water only".

At its peak, on September 4, at Jamuna bridge, the discharge of water was seven lakh cusecs an hour. The record level of water at the same bridge was unprecedented: The danger level is In the face of such volatile intensity, human inhabitants were reduced to the size of crumpled cut-outs in paper. Together with catastrophe, came relief.

Official and unofficial refugee camps sprung up all over the city. Most of the refugees from Jehangirpuri were moved to a camp on Ludlow Castle Road near the lieutenant-governor's residence. There was no dearth of either food or medical attention. But the major worry facing them was the thought of returning to their ravaged colony. Not worth for pigs to live in. The chief problem that faces the administration of flooded cities is one of long-term rehabilitation. After scores of local charities and instant relief organizations have had a heyday posing before television cameras, and food grossly surplus in the more publicized of relief camps, come the actual problems of farmers returning to sterile fields caked with silt, and the underprivileged residents of Delhi rebuilding homes that are more stricken with disease and decay than before.

The impact of the flood will be felt only marginally amongst the affluent; but it could leave the impression of a lifetime on the residents of settlements such as Jehangirpuri, long after feats of RSS heroism have received their daily plug on All India Radio.

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On September 7, the Union Government said persons had died. The people affected by the floods were Standing crops in an area of 5. Four persons were killed and 98, affected over an area of 27, hectares, hectares with crops. In Uttar Pradesh, both the Jamuna and the Ganga and their tributaries simultaneously began their systematic work of destruction. And 2, km away, flash floods from the Kangsabati struck at the beginning of the month.

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