Who was julia roberts dating in 2001

Who is Julia Roberts dating? Julia Roberts boyfriend, husband

who was julia roberts dating in 2001

Who is Julia Roberts dating? Who Julia Roberts Since , Julia Roberts has been married to husband Daniel Moder with whom she has three children. We take a look at who has stolen Julia Roberts' heart over the years. Between and , Roberts dated actor Benjamin Bratt. Julia Roberts is married to Daniel Moder; Julia Roberts dated Benjamin Bratt; Julia Roberts dated Matthew Perry; Julia Roberts was married to Lyle Lovett; Julia.

The film's script was originally intended to be filmed as an independent production without major motion picture stars, but Roberts and Pitt, who had for some time been looking for a project they could do together, learned about it and decided to sign on.

Directed by Joe Roththe Hollywood farce centers on a supercoupleGwen and Eddie, who separate when she dumps him for another man.

Julia Roberts Loves; Boyfriends Julia Roberts is dating/dated

Roberts portrayed Gwen's once-overweight sister and assistant who has been secretly in love with Eddie Cusack for years. Reviews of the film were generally unfavorable: In preparation for her role, Roberts studied Dickinson's performance by watching the original film at least seven times in order to get her part right.

who was julia roberts dating in 2001

The film was deliberately much more unconventional than the first, epitomized by a sequence in which Roberts' character impersonates the real-life Julia Roberts, due to what the film's characters believe is their strong resemblance.

Ben Brantley of The New York Times described Roberts as being fraught with "self-consciousness especially in the first act [and] only glancingly acquainted with the two characters she plays. To be sadly honest, even hated her.

Celebrity Dating History: Julia Roberts

At least I liked the rain—even if three days of it can seem an eternity. It was released on December 21,[76] to critical acclaim, [77] with Roberts eventually earning her sixth Golden Globe nomination.

who was julia roberts dating in 2001

Army captain on a one-day leave, as part of a large ensemble cast, in the romantic comedy Valentine's Dayand starred as an author finding herself following a divorce in the film adaptation of Eat Pray Love.

Osage Countyabout a dysfunctional family that re-unites into the familial house when their patriarch suddenly disappears.

who was julia roberts dating in 2001

Emma Brookner, a character based on Dr. Between this and August: Osage County, she's carving out a nice new niche for herself, playing brittle women who show their love and concern through explosive temper".

Julia Roberts talks fashion,dating and more in this 90's interview

Women Who Make Americain Presently, Julia Roberts is not dating anyone but she is not single either. She has been living in marital bliss with her husband — cameraman Daniel Moder for the past 15 years which is like a lifetime as far as Hollywood relationships go. Regardless of her current relationship status, the pretty woman has had her fair share of the hurdles that may come with falling in love in the past.

Below is a complete list of all the men she dated before finding her safe haven. Regardless, she chose a few out of the pack and we rounded them up for you.

who was julia roberts dating in 2001

Notably, most of her past boyfriends were co-stars. The 16 years age difference between them was not a turn-off for the actress who was reportedly putting up with Liam at his Venice, California, home.

Dylan McDermott Julia and Dylan Roberts and Dylan took their Steel Magnolias characters a bit too seriously and continued their on-set romance in the real world.

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They even got engaged before ending the relationship which was rather brief. Kiefer Sutherland — Actor Kiefer Sutherland and actress Julia Roberts Still keeping it in the family by dating actors, Roberts and her Flatliners co-star Kiefer Sutherland dated briefly before getting engaged in James is presumably single and has never been married even though he is now in his 60s.

who was julia roberts dating in 2001

Jason Patric — Julia and Jason in He was one of her short flings and also served as her knight in shining armor who rescued her from marrying Kiefer Sutherland. Roberts ran off with actor Jason on the day she was supposed to tie the knot with Kiefer; just like in the movies.

Well, unlike in the movies, the romance faded away in no time with no happily ever after in view.

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They are still married.