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The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 for PlayStation 2 ( PS2). What letter does Captain America traditionally wear on his forehead? A. What price did Invisible . In which town did Sue and Johnny Storm grow up? Glenville. A woman, so damaged from vaginal mesh her husband was advised to wear two condoms to prevent being cut during sex, cannot sue the. You are differently daring to superhero with a man until you gloat up thy head, albeit sue dating dress up cheats for ps2 sue dating dress up cheats for ps2.

Eat as much as you want from the vending machine in the lobby, or floor 1. After you're done talk to Kris for your next mission. Help Kris Thistle -Move the bed to the suite Go to level 2 and put the green bed in your pocket. Go to level 4 and move it Out of your pocket and into the room using the "X" button and your stylus. Once you repair the television, an image of Mr. King, the building's former owner, will appear.

Talk to him, and the first steps of Mission S will be revealed. Fix those and you're done with this mission! Get the Key -Earn one mechanical skill point Go to the little bench next to the television that you just fixed. You can use that to get a mechanical skill point! Go up to it and select "Pick the Lock" to complete this goal. Go over there and press "A" until you find the key. Once you get the key, Daddy Bigbucks and Lily Gates will confront you.

You have a new home now Just talk to him, good luck!

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For the first question, any of the answers will work. For the second question, you must use the second option: He is finding legal ways to make people miserable.

Just go to your right and up the stairs. This is a fun, basic game that will get you a nice sum of money. You can also collect recyclables like cans and trash piles off the ground and sell them in the jail. If you want to complete the Artsies' rep mission you should hold on to all your trash piles, though.

There's not much difference between the two houses, so buy whichever one you like better.

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Once you're done, talk to Detective Dan. You're moving on to Mission 2! Mission 2 misn2 The goals for this mission can be unlocked in any order, with the exception of the last one. He's the guy in the lab coat, frequently found in the hospital 2 doors down from the Large Brownstone house. If you can't find it, just use your map the icon on the farthest left side of the bottom screen.

There you'll see a dumpster with blue paint on it. The plant is in the grassy area in front of that. Walk around there until you see the yellow arrow, and then pick up the plant. Run back to the hospital and give it to him, and you're done with this goal! Talk to Berkeley Clodd, and he'll sell you a bootleg thesis.

The doctor will not accept this. I think you have to buy it to advance in the game, but you can always try to avoid it. Once you have or haven't done that, go to the newspaper office the farthest left you can go in this area, right next to the orange barriers. Use one of the computers to write your thesis.

If he's on the same screen as you you'll be able to hear him so he's pretty easy to find. Just talk to him like you talked to Kris and Dan earlier. Go over to that and "Critique Graffiti" until you get a skill point. If you've opened the university, you can go there too. I don't know if it matters which one you choose, but it's not very hard to rhyme the words.

There's no easy way around this one. He'll have a little exclamation mark bubble above his head, which should make him easy to find. You can buy him a corndog or soda from the pizza place for a very low price. Note that you do not have to bring him lunch for three days in a row, just three days total. Once you finish this mission, you'll get the Gravboard.

This makes it MUCH easier to get around the city. She can usually be found near the jail. If someone is standing in front of the pizza counter, you may have to redo the mission! Once you have the pizza, just give it to her. Go dance on that and she'll join you. Be sure to stop once she stops, or she'll get bored!

The Sims 2: Castaway :: PS2 Cheat Codes

Be sure to get to this part before 9 PM, when it closes! You need to get her something from the vendor outside the pizza place.

Do not buy her something from the thrift shop! If you do you will have to redo this scenario! Once you're done, you can finally get into Club Xizzle! The password is can be found after the xizzles section of this walkthrough. It's a good idea to use the people you already talked to for other missions.

Any combination will work. Once you've done this, you'll be able to get into Sim Quarter, the next area! Mission 3 misn3 Mission for the Mann talk to Dan D.

Mann -Play Moogoo Monkey This is the minigame found in the riverboat. You can reach the boat by following the dock near the entrance to Sim Quarter. Go inside and you will see the mingame sign. Obey the instructions, and go to the shrubbery outside the museum next to where Luthor usually stands. You will find another note, and your next clue. The next part cannot be completed until you have finished and opened up the next part of the graveyard. Once you have done so, look behind the gravestone farthest to the left.

Now go find Berkeley Clodd and give him the note. He will give you a briefcase. Dan Take the briefcase and give it to your favorite and only sim detective. You're all done with this one! Daddy BigBucks and the Xizzle Factory talk to Lily Gates -Earn Creativity 5 If you haven't already, you can get two creativity points from the graffiti in Urbania the area you started in.

After those, you're going to have to go to the university and pay for your skill points. You just need to save money, upgrade your bike, and practice, practice, practice!

Once you beat him you'll get a motorcycle, which will make getting around Sim City much easier! She can be found at the university in the mornings and in Sim Quarter later in the day. Once you beat this mission, you'll have access to more xizzles at Club Xizzle.

Southend Hospital

Some of these are very useful! None Shall Pass talk to Gramma Hattie -Earn Body 5 or Charisma 5 There's a weight in the jail to give you body points, and a mirror in the thrift shop for charisma. Just go down the stairs on the right side of Sim Quarter, and you're there! Here is a list of people that show up and your responses to them.

I wrote down the ones that I used, but there are some occasions where another one will work. I must admit I'm rather surprised to find you running around here. After I had you arrested I assumed you'd be living out the rest of your days behind bars.

For the time being a suppose. I have come to eavesdrop on a little meeting I hear is taking place down here. I suspect Gramma Hattie is up to no good. Only one option here. Just do the default options and he's gone.

The next one is where it gets tricky. I was wondering if I could have a few words with you? How many is a few? Just a handful, I promise. You don't mind answering a few questions? Ask whatever you like. Something about Gramma Hattie. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! Unfortunately if that's true, you are breaking the law. Do you have such a license? But I am wearing a uniform. This is the new style.

Keep in mind that if you do 5 charisma points, Lily comes, and if you do 5 body points, Darius comes. I find Lily much harder to argue with, so I put her conversation here. The conversation with Darius is much shorter. Once you beat this mission, you can complete Once you beat this mission, the remained of the graveyard will be unlocked, allowing you to complete mission Get on the "List" talk to Cannonball -Earn REP 2 with your Group You can do this by talking to your rep group leader, or getting relationship 50 with someone in your group.

The leaders and people in the groups are: It has a big saxophone on the front, so it's pretty hard to miss. You will have to keep Sims from one rep group out of the club, depending on which group you belong to.

Here is a list of each group: You want this item, so be very careful! Start saving your money. She'll tell you to look on the rack of coats on the left side of the store.

He'll give you one Buy it by going shopping online. Before you do the next step, I recommend putting the Gold Fiddle in your pockets if you still have it! She's usually in her store next to the museumor in the Red Lobster restaurant, which is next to her store. You've just aged about 30 years and, if your sim is female, gotten a sex change!

A scene will unfold. Mission 4 misn4 But if you make a mistake, you'll have to wait several days until he'll talk to you again. Here are the correct answers to the questions: What's your favorite food? Garlic Ice Cream 2. What do you like to do on a nice sunny day? Sun Bathe on the beach 3. If you could have one eccentric pet, what would it be? A gnat After you talk to Clem, I recommend exploring the Bayou yourself.

It is difficult to give accurate instructions for navigating it, and it's a fun place to explore. You should try and avoid these, but if one catches you, press B repeatedly to get away. Continue to go to the right, until you can go no further. Then go down and continue right. After you reach the edge of the screen, you should be near a large stump.

Remember this place for later. Go up, and into the cave entrance that you see. This is the Dark Tree. Do not go further than the entrance of Dark Tree, as there is a giant Daddy Bigbucks that will knock you out. Go almost back to the house, but not all the way.

Don't cross the last bridge to the house, and you should be on a screen with a rock wall at the top. Go up to that and around to the right. There should be a light stick guarded by a plant-monster. Get caught by the monster, then press B to get away. Take the light and you're ready to confront the big Daddy Bigbucks! When the big Daddy Bigbucks appears, you will automatically use the light to deflect him.

Proceed to the back of the cave and talk to the alligator. You will get a piece of the trinket that belonged to Bayou Boo and Crawdad Clem's mother. You will see the red man sitting on the stump. This one is fairly straight forward: If you have the Golden Fiddle with you, you'll get extra simleons with each right button. Another piece of the trinket He's usually at the house, or right outside it.

But there's some new laws in effect. Running from the Law talk to Gramma Hattie Running is now outlawed. Thank goodness for the gravboard while you try to beat this mission Go directly to jail. Do not pass hoopz.

Do not collect simleons. Sits in a desk, asleep, never says anything? Go talk to him. But of course there's a catch. You didn't think this would be easy, did you? Gordie won't deliver the letter unless you're popular. So go talk to people. The easiest way to do this mission is to get relationship with as many people as possible. There will be a blue thing that looks like a bag of potato chips in the right corner of the room. To get to the boat, go down and to the right from King Tower until you see a stairway.

Go down it and you'll see the boat. It's very hard to control, so it might take some time for you to get good at it. From the dock, go right, and then down until you see some trees. Stick next to those trees and go more down. Go right to another island, and keep going down. You will find yourself sandwiched between two islands. The left one is the one with the dancing nutrias. They're the little rodents hopping around.

What was his name? Julien What is Penance's real name? Robbie Baldwin What fear does Storm suffer from? Claustrophobia What is the name of Peter Parker's Uncle? Ben After Jean Grey's death, Cyclops signs onto a fishing boat. Who was the captain of this boat? Lee Forrester What street gang did Blade join as a young man? August When Doctor Doom was deposed as leader of Latveria, who took control? Zorba What was Ms. Marvel's Air Force call sign? Cheeseburger Mister Fantastic's 40th century descendant, Nathaniel Richards, is also known by what name?

Kang the Conqueror Ms. Marvel battled the Brood single-handedly in what Georgia town? Spaulding What is the name of Peter Parker's Aunt? Acrobat Which of these government agencies has Wolverine not worked with? Pym Particles Why did Sue Storm's father go to prison? Accidentally killed a man Whom did Gambit help a de-aged Storm defeat?

Amahl Farouk Songbird controls her powers with technology developed by what villain? Klaw What member of the X-Men was Iceman? Second Where did Jean Grey go to college after leaving Xavier's school?