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Best CS coaching in Bangalore and Hyderabad CS is a certified course which is Act. Thus we are providing best company secretary course in Bangalore. up to date that includes complete syllabus, Mock series, Practice set chapter wise. Part time secretarial courses in bangalore dating. They quoted me for this course for three months duration. In this environment, our expert. to aid the students in preparing for the Company Secretarial Practice paper of the CS Company Secretaryship being a professional course, the examination (5) Dating of Memorandum and Articles of Association offices at Agra, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Calcutta, Chandigarh.

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If you love both, go for them both. How do I manage studying for both college and CS simultaneously? If you want time, you must make it. If you really want to do it, it will happen. Opportunity cost- does that ring a bell? Its all about your priorities. Is the company secretary course difficult for law students already trouble with 5 subjects?

No sayings and quotes here. Practically speaking, one does need to study for CS. A corporate bent of mind will certainly help. You may be able to clear the first stage without giving your books a second look but after that you definitely have to turn the pages.

Being a law student is actually an added advantage as certain portions of the syllabi are similar. So if you really want to do it, it is easy enough and if you have taken it just for adding another degree to your CV, well its gonna make you earn it. See the update below. Prohibition to register for two regular courses of study: And hence, the debate is settled.

Are you kidding me? I know some of the smartest law students among the toppers in their respective batches undergoing a CS course and it is a choice that they have made despite being assured of more than brilliant placements. Yes, CS improves your prospects of getting placed but more than that it widens them. It improves your prospects in terms of you having an additional qualification. It widens your prospects as most companies are statutorily obliged to employ a company secretary and which company will not want to lay its hands on a CS as well as a lawyer for the price of one!

I am from the science stream. Visited Pace and got the right advice.

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I joined Pace and now learning Statutory n compliance as well Payroll processing part through practical trainings and case studies. Moreover I love the Presentation part which is helping specially a fresher to improve the meeting skills, overall personality development, and interview skills.

Will recommend PACE to people who are looking such career growth. After counselling and Attending their free demo class from Pace Career Academy, even i didn't wanna to ask anything like that, because they are keeping some standard of Transparency Me too going to join Pace Family Thank You Pace Career Academy The coaching was based on Human Resource Management.

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Their response was good and acceptable. They quoted me for this course for three months duration. The institute atmosphere was good. So I joined this institute. The faculty is very good and they clearly explained the course details a. They quoted a for the course fee and till now I paid The training duration was three month with a weekend class.