365 days of dating

My Alone-iversary: The Perks Of Being Single For Days

365 days of dating

Photographer to date women in days; the secret behind these Sundar Ramu is on a weird quest of dating ladies before the year. My ex-boyfriend and I broke up days ago. It is a date I wasn't sure I would even reach; if had I started dating someone new within 12 months, this date. Welcome back stranger. – says me to myself, my inner writer self. Funny how we can become accustomed to doing something that gives us joy and then one day.

The youngest women who took him out on a date was a year-old, whereas his oldest date till now was a year-old woman in a village near Pondicherry.

He's gone out on a date with the woman who collects garbage in his building and the two ate a simple meal, that she had cooked, sitting on top a sewage tank where she eats her meals regularly.

A woman took him jogging once and both gorged on idli-vada from a local eatery, whereas another taught him sailing.

Photographer to date 365 women in 365 days; the secret behind these dates will surprise you!

Chandra is a sweeper and garbage collector Celebs and actresses too have taken him out on a date. He had a meal with Shreya Sharan and the experience was a wonderful one, he says.

A date however is not just limited to going out for a meal. They can go for walks, shopping or any other activity they want to before or after the meal. Rukmini Vijayakumar is a Bengaluru based dancer and choreographer "I do not have any agenda behind going out on these dates.

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  • My Alone-iversary: The Perks Of Being Single For 365 Days
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I am not looking for a romantic relationship. It is not a playboy thing. She shared a home cooked meal in her new flat, with her adorable adopted dogs in tow. She invited me after seeing my new year resolution on Facebook and it was a great way to start the year for me. I just finished my th date, which also ended up being covered by a popular English news channel.

What if you fell for a date? Would you reconsider this whole business? The idea of these meals or dates are not romantic, so regardless of whether I fall for someone or not I will continue the journey. I want to see where this goes. How would you define these dates?

This is not a PR exercise in trying to bloat up my ego. This is just so much fun; meeting beautiful women from all walks of life, varied age groups, and growing through new experiences. The food aspect of it is mindblowing too.

365 days of dating

I get to be surprised everyday because they plan the meals. So I get to to try new cuisines and dishes everyday in different places.

Meet Sunder Ramu --365 days, 365 dates with women--

It is not only a welfare initiative. I like women and like meeting them. I play football everyday with men, work with male assistants, and honestly being a man, it is not really that difficult to access or understand my gender.

365 days of dating

With all the violence against women in recent times, relationships becoming more difficult to hold on to, misconceptions about dating and misunderstanding of Indian men itself, I thought this would be a lot more relevant and exciting. They appear to be regular phone pictures. It will also be a lot more intrusive in the conversation. I want people to know that all these ladies, food and locations were actually beautiful. So, to keep it more honest and less intrusive, I do simple point and shoot shots with phone cameras.

How did your last date go? We have largely moved away from the arranged marriage culture but seem to be unsure of what dating is. We are struggling to connect.

365 days of dating

And the environment has not been conducive or safe for getting to know people face-to-face. The opposite gender does not need to be met with an agenda.

365 days of dating

So this is my journey to see if I can crack the code. For myself first and, in the process of sharing the experience on social media, maybe people will move away from having a relationship with their phones and learn to reconnect with friends, family, strangers, etc. You let the women decide the venue, activity, menu, etc.

Days of Dating Myself – A journey of self love & happiness

If you were to take someone out, how would you spend the day? I would ideally love a long drive to a water body with good music. A long uncluttered drive always connects you because there is no one else around and it is very relaxing.

It normally ends up being awkward if you are facing each other in a restaurant and have nothing to say. Then I would love to eat by a sea, river, stream or a cliff overlooking the ocean. And the drive back is always a great time to recap or connect before you drop her back.