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How Skyy John "Tipsy Bartender" got M Views for Cocktails

skyy john dating site

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Any info on the Tipsy Bartender "Skyy John" and his model friends? | Lipstick Alley

I want liquor products or products that are tangential to our brand, something related to what we do. But you have to relate it every time to alcohol, to really make that connection. I look for partners that are a match with what we do, regardless of money. What makes for an excellent bartender?

To be an excellent bartender you need a lot of different traits. First off, you need to be knowledgeable about a variety of different drinks, and to have this database of drinks in your head that you can pull from. Number two is you need personality because a bartender is all about the personality. You know what I mean? I need you to cheer me up and make me forget that I had a bad day.

skyy john dating site

When the customer walks in the door and they see you, that should be like, already better before they have a drink in their hand. And thirdly, you need to be fast. He needs to be able to get that up quickly because the more people you serve, the more money you make, and the more tips you get. So you need to be fast, you need to have a great personality, and you need to be knowledgeable about booze. I think that combination right there is the best bartender in the world.

What does a drink order say about someone? Depending on what they mix it with or the kind of drink they get it tells you a lot. What are some tips you have for aspiring influencers? The market space is packed with influencers. Everybody wants to be an influencer. I would say, just understand what it takes. You have to have a lot of dedication.

Exclusive Interview With Skyy John, The Cocktail Mastermind Behind Tipsy Bartender

It can take a lot of time, and you have to be able to separate yourself from the pack. It just means that you have to understand what makes you different from everyone else. Like I said, I came to Hollywood to get into acting and I was a successful actor, not necessarily in movies.

So that was paying my bills. But like I said, my voice was a problem. But then coming online I realized that my voice separated me from everybody else. So I just talk the way I naturally talk, and get people to accept me for who I am.

I know your voice. Are you the dude from Tipsy Bartender? You gotta understand that. You have figure out what your strength is. I was trying to be more like everybody else when in truth I should have just been me. What direction do you hope to take Tipsy Bartender to, and is there anything your fans should get geared up for?

Thousands and thousands of videos and thousands and thousands of recipes. Even as we speak there are dudes writing code right now for this site because of how complex and how intense it is. This website is all that we talk about and all that we work on every day. Lightning round Favorite drinking holiday? Cinco de Mayo, St. But you know, Cinco de Mayo, St.

Best way to get over a hangover? The best way to get over a hangover? Probably not to get one. Drink a lot, a lot of water because a hangover, a lot of that is your body being dehydrated because alcohol dries you out.

I always try to remind myself that, before I pass out or go to sleep.

skyy john dating site

I went to Iceland and my girlfriend and I, we met up with this girl who was a fan of the show and she took us to this bar where the bartenders knew our show and that night was intense. So just, please add water to your drinking. I then decided to focus on entertainment and doing stand up. I had an aunt who lived in California, so I moved to the States and took it from there. How and why did you start Tipsy Bartender?

What got you interested in Mixology? I was doing standup and acting in the US and got an idea for a talk show. I started interviewing all sorts of people with interesting backgrounds and exciting stories. They wanted more family-oriented videos, not interviews with bad-boys and bad-girls. I needed new material and was working a bar job and decided to shoot and upload a bartending video.

It was so successful that with time I got rid of the old channel and focused on Tipsy Bartender. A lot of work has gone into Tipsy Bartender. I think the most important thing is taking risks, doing new things and doing what you want to do. Tipsy Bartender is more than just a drinking show. That interaction is what fuels the show. Your YouTube channel has almost a million followers.

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Through what means have you promoted Tipsy Bartender to such a wide audience? I got most of my support through Facebook as they are beginning to tap into the video-market. I began promoting and uploading Tipsy Bartender videos on Facebook and managed to get some real organic growth through shares, which then translated into YouTube subscribers.

The Facebook page has over 4 million followers now. In an age where nearly everyone has Internet access, YouTube offers many artists the chance to promote their work.

However, this also means that there is much more competition. Do you see this as a positive or a negative thing? I see it as somewhere in between. If you are one of those that got onto YouTube early, then yes, you had a major advantage. Now the bar has been set so high that there are some serious challenges. It can be done if you have the right content, formatting and style. But if you look at the top videos on YouTube there are so many famous shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres.

These shows have become more popular online than they are on TV.

Its official, meet my new girlfriend! - Tipsy Vlogs

It certainly is harder nowadays but it can still be done if you have the right angle. What do you think? You need to put in a lot of hard work to make the videos stand out. Tipsy Bartender really combines youthful, YouTube-style comedy with real mixing lessons. How do you see the future of mixology? First off, I have to admit that mixologists do not like me.