Dating site based on music taste quiz

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dating site based on music taste quiz is a dating service with millennials in mind. itself apart by focusing on one core characteristic of its users: their music taste. From the moment you join, you are barraged with questions surrounding your affinity. We reckon we can pick out your spirit animal from just a few questions about your taste in music. Spotify can tell you which Star Wars character you're most like based on your music taste. This Spotify quiz uses your music taste to tell you which 'Star Wars' a few easy questions, can tell us our very own Star Wars music match. .. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility.

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  • What Word Best Describes Your Music Taste?
  • QUIZ: what's your spirit animal based on your musical taste?
  • Quiz: Can we guess your taste in music based on your personality?

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dating site based on music taste quiz