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about christian mingle dating site

Christian Mingle is an online dating service that caters to Christian singles. The service is one of a number of demographically focused online match-making. According to their website, not only is ChristianMingle a dating website, but the company stands behind the Gospel, and confesses Jesus Christ as their Lord. Is Christian Mingle the best faith-based dating site for you? Our Christian Mingle reviews cover the good, the bad, & the ugly, plus tips for getting dates!.

The Verdict If you are Christian or come from a Christian family and you want to date someone who shares your faith, then Christian Mingle is an excellent place to meet high-quality women. We recommend using Christian Mingle in conjunction with other sites and apps to boost your odds of finding the perfect woman. Then the first step is uploading your photos.

You must upload at least one to continue with the process. The women on Christian Mingle are typically serious about finding a relationship, especially since responding to messages requires a subscription more on that in a minute.

Choose photos where you are taking up as much physical space as possible in the frame. Researchers have found expansive postures make you instantly more attractive to women. You can opt to use your first name, or you can go with something creative.

ChristianMingle.com Reviews

Besides your photos, this is the most important part of your Christian Mingle profile. You want to grab her attention from the very first sentence, and highlight all your most desirable traits in an attractive way.

Here are 5 online dating profiles that attract women for you in case you need some inspiration. Profile Creation Setting up a profile on Christian Mingle is relatively easy. You simply answer a series of questions just as you would expect with any dating site, with the addition of a few questions regarding which sect of Christianity to which you belong. They may also ask you if you want to opt in to believe.

about christian mingle dating site

We set up a female profile, with no photo or bio so we could browse the site further. We selected a female because it has been our experience that women get contacted far more than men on dating sites.

Christian Mingle Reviews

We found their color-coded matches based on personality types to be an interesting angle. We browsed profiles of men in our area to see who was locally available and what the typical profile looked like.

The types of men we saw varied greatly. Some men had photos of themselves flexing their muscles in the mirror, with no mention of God or faith in their profiles, while other men certainly wore their faith on their sleeves. Some of the profiles, however, were confusing. Another guy appeared to be flashing a gang sign in his profile photo.

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This is a screenshot of ChristianMingle. In the meantime, feel free to try it out by creating and saving a draft. Click here to upgrade to a Premium Membership now.

As of Januarythe prices below reflect current Christian Mingle prices: Signing Up People can sign up using their email or using their Facebook account New members have to fill up a form with personal information A total of 6 pictures can be uploaded during registration Registration process takes around minutes Email verification is necessary after the registration process Overall, the registration is simple and straight to the point. The registration process does not include a personality test, although fun gimmicks like quizzes are more appreciated by teens and young adults.

The site is in tune with the needs and preferences of its target audience.

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It does away with personality quizzes and other games, focusing instead on straightforward answers to questions about commitment, religious beliefs and family. Making Contact The website gives users suggested matches daily based on their preferences The site has a free search option where users can freely browse other member profiles regardless of whether they are good matches or not Users can filter searches according to one of their preferences, such as ethnicity, religion, etc.

about christian mingle dating site

Users can also filter the search to display only users who are currently online Free users cannot send and receive messages to and from other users There is a chatroom The site doesn't make use of fancy bells and whistles when it comes to their communication service.

They have the normal chat function, and nothing else.

Christian Mingle Reviews - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Messaging is hidden behind a pay wall, unless you're lucky enough to catch the eye of a premium user, because they can send messages which can be read and replied to by free users. You get notified when you have new messages, either via Email or browser notifications.

about christian mingle dating site

You can also message users through ChristianMingle's dating app, which will send phone notifications when you get a message. You can create a list made up of your favorite Christian Mingle users for easier communication. If a particular member is being offensive, you can add them to your blacklist.

about christian mingle dating site