Young ji and jackson wang dating nake

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young ji and jackson wang dating nake

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Jackson Wang knew better than to have trusted the one girl that ignored his Ever since he and Nana had announced that they were dating plus his debut as a admit that to himself and he stopped before he thought about Youngji naked. +. Jackson Wang knew better than to have trusted the one girl that ignored his Ever since he and Nana had announced that they were dating plus his debut as a admit that to himself and he stopped before he thought about Youngji naked. +.

He huffs and Mark grabs the pillow, tossing it at him. It bounces off Jackson's nose and lands on the floor and Jackson stares at it. Do werewolves even need pillows? He nudges it with his snout and whines a little. He tucks the pillow under his arm as Mark climbs into his bed, pulling off his shirt. Show off, Jackson thinks. Is he even going to be able to sleep through the night? He whines a little, ears flopping down as he tucks his nose under his paws.

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It could be worse, really. He feels almost as good as after a good work out, a good dance practice, or a good lay. His muscles are sore in that well-used way, and he feels relaxed and refreshed.

Which is strange, because when comeback approaches, he mostly ends up feeling exhausted and drained. And like, put clothes on. And be not here.

young ji and jackson wang dating nake

His sleep shirt is old and worn, the collar stretching too low and exposing his sharp collarbones. Jackson feels a flush creeping up his cheeks.

Why is this his life? He feels around on the floor with one bare foot for something, anything, to put on. With a bit of trouble, he manages to dig out a couple of shirts and pulls one over his head.

Is this gonna be a thing now? The whole smelling thing? At least Jaebum smells good. There are worse people to smell. Smells like him, too. Jackson is a bit annoyed with himself for knowing that. He probably does owe Jaebum for the whole not-freaking-out-when-Jackson-grew-a-tail thing. Especially since it was pretty much the only thing that kept Jackson from doing the same. The rest of the members are either asleep or have their headphones in, but he keeps his voice low anyway.

The next full moon goes okay. Jackson clamps his mouth shut and lets Jinyoung wind an arm around his waist, steering him inside. It turns out the next full moon lands right on their first night. Right now all it means is that he can smell every person in this room, their excitement and their happiness and their nerves, all rolling at him like a wave.

Camera flashes are blinding, and he clenches his hands against the tabletop, grin tight as he tries not to flinch with every one. Next to him, Bambam looks at him funny. The mall looks packed to the brim.

He can put up with this for a little longer. Jackson tosses his marker onto the table and pulls off his snapback, running a hand through his hair. He feels so on edge right now. He hopes the whole language barrier thing is enough to cover for the way that he drastically misspells the next fans name.

They think that kind of thing is cute, right? A hand falls onto his knee, thumb rubbing up against the seam on the inside of his thigh. That feels pretty dangerous. He curls up in the corner of his bedroom and tucks his nose under his tail, trying to block it all out. Mark crouches down by his head. He smells like body spray and fresh cotton. Jackson lashes his tail. Mark jerks his hand away, looking hurt.

Jackson only raises his nose when he hears the door open. A really off day. Jackson is yawning into his bowl, scrubbing at the back of his neck.

At least he was starting to get used to Jaebum getting a great view of his morning boner. What if someone overhears? Like, a fan or something? He looks around the table for support. Which is encouraging but also not, because Yugyeom agrees with almost everything he says. What a great kid. Jackson shifts uncomfortably, then he puffs out his chest and grins. He steals another choice bit of meat, this time from Jinyoung.

Jackson hunches over his phone, squinting at the tiny map that the PD had sent them. Jackson would be pretty sad if they beat him and Mark this time around. That stings a little. The guy with the camera is right there, and Jackson had thought that Mark had gotten used to the whole skinship thing by now. He was reading the signs wrong. After a while down the street, their camera guy lowers his camera, waving them forward.

Mark looks at him. It takes a whole lot of self-restraint for Jackson to stay quiet with him and wait. He wants an answer now. What the fuck is that? At least, too much. He glances at Mark. I can always swap rooms or something. Mark peels his hand off. I know all your dirty secrets. They round a corner, his phone GPS announces another turn, and the camera man flicks on his camera again. That shit is rank. He feels a tiny bit bad when Youngjae shrinks, trying to be discreet when he breathes into his hand and smells it to check.

Jinyoung and Bambam, sitting on either side of Youngjae in the back, exchange a look. In the front, their manager is nearly shouting at them, not nearly as entertained as Jinyoung is, and it takes a couple of minutes before Jinyoung finally retreats and puts his shoes back on. The damage is done, though. I will work harder. A stylist is fixing his hair when he hears Jinyoung speak again.

It could mess with the group. Who would believe it, anyway? Safe for now, at least. The PD dismisses him and Jackson nods, thanking everyone for their time as he slips away. He wants to get out of this stupid neon orange jacket, anyway. Jaebum just grins, rubbing his hand over the spot. He shakes out his hands, flexing his fingers, and then he stretches them out again.

Like the job at hand. He stares at the back of his hands, and as he focuses, his skin starts to itch. The tingling starts at his nails and works back, bone deep and almost intolerable. Still the best thighs, though. Mark throws back his head and laughs. My dick is great. Motion of your ocean and shit. Mark shrugs and stands. He pulls at his slacks. When he turns and peeks at the four of them, he gets a little jolt of excitement when he finds that Hyeri is kind of staring him down, eyes wide and intense.

So this is really weird and also super cool. What he is interested in is the scent he just caught. It takes him a moment before he gets it. Sojin is looking at him like he pissed on her shoes. Up close, Jackson realizes that she smells like someone he should know.

His leader smile is on a little too tightly. He rubs absently at his scar. Messaging Hyeri was kind of a mistake. Jaebum throws him a tired look and Jackson pulls a face, vaguely apologetic.

He raises his eyebrows at Jaebum who shrugs, getting unsteadily to his feet and starting to herd everyone to the door. Who uses the phone anymore? He grabs a towel and throws it over the puddle he made, sliding it around with a toe. Like the moment she scented him, she adopted him. He rubs at one eye and yawns. Jaebum taps his elbow and gestures towards the door with his chin. When were you bitten? My sister can wear whatever she wants but every time I put on anything I get all itchy.

Bambam blinks at him sleepily, face mask hanging off one ear. Jackson flaps a hand at him. Mark pushes him into the van ahead of him. With the fur and stuff.

GOT7’s Jackson Reveals Real Score with KARA’s Heo Youngji and Lee Gook Joo

Plus we heal faster, and can work for longer. How is that not super cool? In the van, Jinyoung is leaning way too close to Jackson, trying to listen in. He loves that kid.

When Jackson whips around to glare at him, Mark raises his hand to rub his fingers together. My group is a whole bunch of dickbags.

Every time he looks at Bambam, all he does is wiggle his eyebrows suggestively. He kicks Mark out of their room and throws himself down on his bed. This whole werewolf thing is for life, huh? This is all still so new and raw to him. I already debuted, what could be harder than that? Being an idol has ruined his dating life. It turns out that the movies have most of it right. Full moon, howling, transmitted by bites, the whole nine yards. A thought hits Jackson suddenly.

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Heo Young Ji And Ha Hyun Woo Confirmed To Be Dating

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young ji and jackson wang dating nake

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young ji and jackson wang dating nake

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young ji and jackson wang dating nake

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