Ukraine and canada hetalia dating

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ukraine and canada hetalia dating

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. This article is a stub. You can help Hetalia Archives by expanding it. Canada/ Ukraine is a hetero pairing involving the characters of Canada and Ukraine. Rated: Fiction K - English - Family - Canada, Ukraine - Words: "Yes, the one you told me not to date because she's Russia's sister?".

The softer side of it is seen for example in fanworks involving the beginning of the Russian rule, with Russia favoring Finland in hopes it would make him like him. KoHo, HongKo Though these two have yet to meet in the web comic, it's a popular pairing in fanarts. They could be paired due to their personalities, following the "opposites attract" comment, with Korea's hyper-active personality to Hong Kong's calmer one. However, there are no hints of relations of them and remains to be just a fanon pair.

A rare pairing; possibly based in the role that Hong Kong territory used to have in the Cross Strait dealsas a former intermediary between China and Taiwan. They still have dealings in non-government related deals trades, travel, etc.

In the character definition of Iceland, it said that Russia helped him when he caught a cold, and Iceland accept his kindness, although he felt suspicious about it. This statement means that they used to be friends. The two bonded over the similarities in their situation and became good friends. During his April Fools' hacking, he expressed joy at being able to interact with Italy who in turn enjoyed his company.

In a production note by Himaruya, it is also said that Prussia yearned for the warm Italian sun while he was under control of Russia. Historically, Prussia also helped out Italy in its unification process, so it is speculated that his affection and Italy's warmness towards him could stem from there.

In the drama CD adaptation of Prussia's blog event, Prussia invited Italy to go on a date with him to the Danube Riverthough Italy's attention was more focused on Prussia's new bird. PruNor When Prussia hacked Kitayume and made it his blog during April Fools '09, there was an entry about him taking pictures of the Nordics. Since Norway seems to be the type of person who is aware of his surroundings, there have been discussions about Norway seeing Prussia while he tried to take a picture - This could have been a canon interaction.

ukraine and canada hetalia dating

History wise, they have interacted with each other a few times during World War II and the period after that. Prussia's personality is also alike Denmark's, which makes it easier to see Prussia and Norway as pair. It stems mostly from the Kalmar Union or the the ninety-one year union Sweden initiated as a reparation over the loss of Finland to Russia. The history between the two varies with how they interact.

Fandom commonly depicts them in an intimate friendship, one-sided love, or of indifference. RusPol The two have argued with each other at least since the early s, when Poland succeeded in capturing Moscow.

ukraine and canada hetalia dating

Russia's revenge for this was taking part, together with Prussia and Austria, in the partitions of Poland. He sighed, and seemed to calm himself. I knew Mattie; I saw how he looked at Katsuyasha. He was madly in love with her. There was no way he could have done something that bad; he wouldn't run the risk of hurting her.

I was kind of jealous of him in the fact that he had someone he loved so much. I got confused when he kept silent; it seemed he really had done something. They had a few spats, mostly about not having enough time together because they lived so far apart, but just the look that seemed to come in to his eyes when he called her every night told me just how much he loved her.

ukraine and canada hetalia dating

I didn't think I had too! Nations have never gotten pregnant! I didn't think that a nation could be made that way; I didn't know that nations could get pregnant without releasing their role as a country!

I still should have done something, goddammit I am so stupid! He was really upset and had no idea what to do, I wanted to help him, but I didn't know what to do, this has never happened before, hell if I had a girlfriend I might have been in the same situation.

This has never happened before. It's all my fault! I was stupid to think that the rules didn't apply to me because I was a country! Now look what happened! She's pregnant, with my child! I wasn't like Mattie to want to want to give it up, but he seemed really freaked out… "Of course, I wouldn't force kill it, and there is no way Kat would want to!

List of Hetalia: Axis Powers Pairings

Mattie loved Kat, I knew he would never want to leave her, but did this child seemed to really freak him out, if she wanted to keep the baby, would he make a sacrifice to be with her, or would he abandon her? Call it weak if you want, but I love her too much to let her go. I want to be here for this child, but I don't deserve to be.

I could never be a good father! I didn't expect him to say that. He went from freaking out, to full on depressed in a matter of seconds. Even by the way he cared for Kumajiro, who was only a pet; you'd see just how great of a parent Matt would be. Now we were full grown nations, and he seemed to be getting exactly what he wanted, yet he ran from it.

You've seen what the world is like, the world is harsh. The one thing everyone wants is power, power to satisfy their greed, now I'm bringing some new land in to this world, and everyone is going to fight to claim it, they would be only a child, and all these strong older countries would be attacking it for their land.

I'm the child's father, I'm supposed to be the one who takes care for it, I'm the one who is suppose to keep it safe, I'm the one who kicks someone's ass, if they even think about touching my child, but how can I be that? No one sees me, no one hears me, how could anyone ever fear me? I wouldn't be able to protect me child.

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That child would be bullied and have its land stolen, I don't want that to happen! You're not in this alone; you've got a butt load of people who are here to help you. Not that you need all of us, you'd make a good dad, bro.