Taylor schilling and zac efron dating 2012

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taylor schilling and zac efron dating 2012

The Lucky One is a romantic drama film directed by Scott Hicks and released in April It is an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel of the same name. The film stars Zac Efron as Logan Thibault, a US Marine who finds a Logan finds the woman, Beth Green (Taylor Schilling), but has difficulty explaining why. The co-stars Zac Efron has reportedly dated, including Rebecca Ferguson, Alexandra Daddario, Taylor Schilling and Halston Sage. was best known for being the lucky girl who starred opposite Zac in 's The Lucky One. Zac Efron is really into Taylor Schilling. May 2, PM EST. Hollywood Life Both of their reps are denying that they're dating.

In my eyes at least, I was looking at real life heroes. And how do you keep from laughing when you get hosed down for the playful sex scene? When I first met Zac, we got along from the very first moment I auditioned for the movie with him. I think that that sort of experience of working together and feeling really comfortable on set ended up carrying through working together. It was just fun.

taylor schilling and zac efron dating 2012

But during that entire time of shooting, we were developing a friendship. Did you feel the same way, Zac? I looked forward to those scenes in this one.

Was the love scene scripted or did you just go for it? It was a little of both.

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I mean, parts of it, you have to be in the right spot for the camera. Were you familiar with the book before you were involved in this project? What did it feel like to sign on to that Nicholas Sparks universe?

I was totally thrilled.

Did Taylor Schilling Date Zac Efron

It was such an exciting opportunity for me to get a chance to play this part and work with Scott and Zac and this whole team so I was thrilled. Nick creates such grounded characters. Everything is set completely and totally in reality. Taylor, how seriously did you take the dishwashing scene? Was an important part of this character to show women they can stand up to bullies like her ex-husband? Well, I think what I so connected to in Beth was that she had all these obstacles to overcome and there was so much baggage and she had lived so much life.

She had been resigned to not finding it and she did, despite everything that was going on in her life. Yeah, and I would be honored. I would be really honored if it did, if it inspired someone to stand up for themselves and honor their worth. Zac, can you talk about your progression to serious roles?

I set out very early on. Have you put musicals behind you? And not doing it every time? Who wants to see that? Would you like to do action movies? Have you thought about that or gone out for them? I really liked Chronicle. I thought that was a very, very cool movie. Once again it just comes down to great material and a great director at the helm. Anything with that combo is interesting to me. Did you ever feel like you wanted your character to punch the ex-husband? Logan is very controlling.

I thought that was kind of cool.

taylor schilling and zac efron dating 2012

I thought of Jason Bourne when you disarmed Logan and all that training suddenly came into play. How many takes did that scene take? I made sure I knew that before I showed up on set. I had that down pretty much by the time we got there, but there was a lot of rehearsal beforehand with the master sergeant and everybody. Was the river rescue shot on set or on location and was it freezing?

Well, that was a really intense day. But I have to say, all I had to do was stand on the river bank and scream. They actually had to be in wetsuits and with scuba divers. So it was a real river? It was a real river and I had never experienced anything like that.

There were rain machines and things churning to make the water churn. They have pulleys attached to them and things like that so I feel like I actually had it kind of easy in that scene. I just had to run and stay on the river bank but it was very cold. We were there for so long.

We were there for a really long, long time. She assumes he wants to apply for a job, and her grandmother, Ellie Blythe Danner hires him.

taylor schilling and zac efron dating 2012

At first, Beth is irritated by Logan's presence, but she begins to warm to him as his calm demeanor, willingness to work, and competence in repairing machinery are demonstrated. Logan develops a supportive relationship with Beth's son, Ben, who is without positive male influence since the death of Beth's brother, Drake.

Beth's former husband, Sheriff's Deputy Keith Clayton—the son of the town's judge—is immediately suspicious of Logan.

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He is brusque and overbearing with the former Marine. He discourages Ben from playing the violin around him, leading to Ben practising in his tree house.

When Ben returns bloodied from a charity baseball game, Beth and Keith have an argument, and Keith threatens to use his connections to take full custody of Ben. Beth is anxious over Keith's short temper, and is fearful of losing her son to him. On the anniversary of Drake's death, Beth becomes distraught and Logan comforts her.

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Keith tries to stop the budding relationship between Beth and Logan, but Beth stands up to Keith, showing that she is not intimidated by him any more. Keith learns that Logan was asking about her when he first arrived in town and steals the photo, telling Beth that Logan has been stalking her. Her trust destroyed, Beth is distraught and sends Logan away.

Ellie tries to soften Beth, explaining to her that it isn't Logan's fault he survived and Drake did not. An intoxicated Keith sees Logan walking with his dog and angrily confronts him, drawing his gun while people on the street begin to panic and run.

Logan disarms Keith, turning the weapon over to another officer. He then heads home to pack and finds a photo of Beth's brother, Drake, inside a book that Ben had given him. The tattoo on Drake's forearm says "Aces" and realizes that Drake was the sergeant from the night raid.

He returns to Beth's house to tell her what he knows of how Drake died.