Spelman and morehouse dating

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spelman and morehouse dating

Here to give us the inside scoop on dating at HBCUs is Kevin Cox. The only thing that separates Spelman from Morehouse is a parking lot. marriages that have come from Spelman College and Morehouse College. After dating throughout undergrad, the couple married in and attended law . We met at church and began dating while Shaun was in his senior year Throughout our time at Morehouse and Spelman, we became good.

So, to be paired the first week at Spelman with a man from Morehouse was not comfortable for me. To say the least, these social practices help to define appropriate behavior for Spelman women. Of course, many people have been throwing the phrase the politics of respectability around as if it was a Frisbee and self-explanatory. But I do not think the term is completely transparent and easily understood. Many school endowments including Spelman and Morehouse took drastic hits when the economy tumbled last year.

Once again this is not to say that homophobia and classism is not deeply wedded to the tailoring of this policy because it is.

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I am just offering how the politics of funding by foundations and corporate America shape the announcement and enactment of this discriminatory policy. And of course there are small liberal arts schools like Smith, Amherst, Mount Holyoke, who get tons of funding from foundations, but who have really robust policies for and in support of LGBTQ students, so why is it different at HBCUs?

Yes, I’m a Spelman Woman, but do I have to wear a white dress every damn day?

Fast forwarding 16 years later, we are still married and have two beautiful children, daughter age 6 and a son age 1. We currently live in Silicon Valley, California. My girlfriend was visiting her boyfriend over there, and I tagged along. We didn't start dating until after I returned from studying abroad in Paris. We dated from Once I left Atlanta in to attend graduate school we broke up.

I now lived in Washington, D. Maarten where he is fromAmsterdam and then London. We stopped communicating for what we thought was for good in Then came the SpelHouse website! In earlywe reconnected on the famous Spelhouse website and started talking online again. We saw each other for the first time in when I met him in St. Maarten while he was visiting his family for the summer, and I was there on a cruise. Later that year I moved from D.

spelman and morehouse dating

Finally inwe got engaged and we got married in Aruba. Inwe finally moved to the same location, and he followed me to Liberia while I was there for work. Inwe moved back to the U. We later officially met at an impromptu dinner party. Stanley was working on a project for his MBA program during the party, and I came up to him to inquire why anyone would deliberately not partake in a social gathering.

He seemed annoyed at first, but then I smiled, and it clicked, and I knew he would be my husband. We encountered a lot of challenges, but eventually he asked me to be his wife in the middle of Times Square. I couldn't imagine anything better in the whole universe.

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We were married at my family's home and beach in South Hampton, NY on August 27, by my uncle, Bishop Herbert Thompson who also married my grandparents and my parents. It was the most magical day, and we are so blessed to love and be loved. Love story from Calvin's perspective: From the first Lower Manley party, we knew of each other and had many mutual friends. We had several encounters between and while in school that reminded us of each other, but the fast life and current relationships at that time would prevent us from getting to know each other better.

Always being curious about Nicole, I jumped at a chance to make her a part of my life in when I randomly saw her out on July 15th yeah, I remember the date while she was visiting her sister on break from her second year of law school.

From that day to the present, she has been the most important part of me. Spelhouse Love is like no other! I saw the album on Facebook and knew my parents would never submit their story, so I wanted to do so on behalf of what is undoubtedly my favorite SpelHouse marriage.

My mom met my dad at a cookout where he gave her what I believe was an extra hamburger or hot dog to encourage her to "put some more meat on her bones.

spelman and morehouse dating

A year after my mom's graduation from Spelman, they were married on July 10,and 33 years and a set of twins later still have a love that shines and explodes like that of college kids!

We dated our entire college career. After graduation we both joined Teach For America but were assigned different cities. I moved to Philadelphia, and he moved to Chicago. For two years we visited each other during breaks and I spent the summers in Chicago. InI continued my graduate studies at the University of Chicago, and Dominique was accepted to the University of Michigan.

Before school began we were engaged.

spelman and morehouse dating

In the fall ofwe were married in Annapolis, Maryland. We grew up less than five miles apart in Columbia, Maryland and attended Spelman and Morehouse around the same time; however, our first encounter was abroad in The only thing that separates Spelman from Morehouse is a parking lot, so it's very easy to walk over there. And Spelman, being an all-female school, I mean, they're just as available as we are at Morehouse.

Sex and the Single Guy at Historically Black Colleges

And Clark being probably about 60 percent all-female, most of the male dominancy in that area comes from Morehouse, so it's definitely available if they need to. Does that instill a player mentality where it's like, well, you've got all these women available to you? There are, I mean, there are a couple of, I'm sure, of Morehouse men and as well as Clark men - college students as a whole who have those tendencies to - you see a numerous amount of women and you can't decide on which one, and I'm sure there are some who try to have more than one at one time.

spelman and morehouse dating

What messages do you get from the leadership? Do they teach you about being a responsible man in the personal sense as well as a professional? Being at a historically black college, you definitely have both aspects of the world, where you have your educational side as well as upcoming as a black man in the world and the challenges that you face, and coming together as a black community and knowing about your brotherhood as well as a sisterhood.

Like I said, we have Spelman right there. And just working together and knowing that you're going to have networking as the key, and not only that but you need to just understand the history of the African-American community. Mainly our ethnicity - being at a historically black college, you focus more on the African descent. And you have a respectful understanding of what your ancestors have been through, and it's almost your duty to be a leader today and stand up and keep the legacy going.

So when you think about the different influences on how Morehouse men view sex - you've got music videos, celebrities, your academic leaders, your parents and family, and of course the women themselves who send messages to you.

What's most important in that mix? I think it would be that though they probably do listen to it, they need to just be aware and understand that most of the songs today are just degrading, especially towards women. And as strong, black men in the community, they need to be aware that they are the ones that the youth look up to.

And they need to be a voice for the community and be aware that they need - in order for there to be a change, it has to start with them.

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And Morehouse men especially are the ones to definitely take that role and start it. When you think about safe sex, I mean this - I'm asking you to really guesstimate here. And if you don't feel comfortable, then just let me know.