Soul eater not blackstar and maka dating

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soul eater not blackstar and maka dating

Soul Eater decides that Maka needs to do something with her life and tries English - Humor/Romance - Black Star, Maka A., Soul Eater, Tsubaki N. I am not getting a boyfriend, much less one that you suggest. And I mean it when I say that no guy in his right mind would ever want to date Maka Albarn!. I like it | See more ideas about Soul eater not, Anime soul and Anime characters. Tsugumi & Maka | Soul Eater NOT! Soul And Maka, Soul Eater Not. The Japanese anime television series Soul Eater is directed by Takuya Igarashi, and produced The plot of the episodes follows Maka Albarn, a "meister" of the Death Weapon Meister Academy The episodes also aired at later dates on TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting.

I'm too awesome not to show up for your party. Everyone just did their own think at party like us guys played video games, the girls did girly stuff, and then everyone sat down for some cake and presents.

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Next she opened Liz's present which was a black shirt and white jeans. Patty's present was a stuffed giraffe. Tsubaki's present was a Japanese painting.

Kim's present was another shirt except it was red. Ox's got Maka a dictionary? Harvar teamed up with Ox on the dictionary. Jackie got Maka some headbands and other stuff.

soul eater not blackstar and maka dating

Kilik and the twins got Maka a Santigold CD. Soul gave Maka a necklace with a piano on it. She finally got to my present it was wrapped up sorta of neatly, not as good as Kid's. Her present was a picture of us when we were little kids. I got a picture frame for it that I had customized so it said: Maka Albarn A True Treasure.

I picked it out! Tsubaki and Liz have been dating for a while now and really happy for them. Some people might not approve, but screw them as long as their happy then everyone else should just shut up. We sang the birthday song and she blew out the candles. She cut the first slice and put it on a plate, cutting the rest of us slices she ate her cake happily. We walked out the kitchen and into the hallway that showed a grand stair case.

I would never like a flat chested girl like her. Even if I did like her we couldn't get together she's with my best friend. He just walked out the door slamming it. I looked back at Kid who was on the ground talking about being asymmetrical trash, Patty was comforting him. Soul walked towards Kid, he stopped crying and asked what had just happened. This was a bad idea I ran into the worst gang there was.

Gangs, smh I was trapped against a wall I would have kicked their butts, but they were holding my arms and legs. You bastards better let me go!

soul eater not blackstar and maka dating

I like my girls feisty. I spat on his face. I clamed my mouth shut trying to hold back a moan. Now for the second and last time I suggest that you let her go.

Or I'll have to hurt you. Finally he got to the guy that was trying to rape me. I on the other hand crumpled to my knees crying.

Mottomo Biggu na Otoko, Koko ni Arawaru? Black Star fights Mifune, but is easily beaten due to his lack of skill as an assassin. When Mifune insults him, however, Black Star accuses him of trying to upstage him and successfully utilizes a surprise attack that defeats him. However, Black Star decides not to kill him or Angela once he discovers the witch to be a helpless young girl.

In addition, he declines collecting the mobsters' souls since he himself did not defeat them. Desu za Kiddo no Karei naru Misshon? However, Kid becomes easily distracted due to his obsession with symmetry, forcing his weapons, Liz and Patty Thompsonto collect the mummies' souls on their own.

Upon encountering the pharaoh, Kid is unable to kill him as he attacks from his perfectly symmetrical sarcophagus. But when the pharaoh emerges and reveals his true, unaligned self, Kid relentlessly destroys him. Unfortunately, the pyramid is wrecked in the attack, and Kid is forced to surrender the souls he collected as punishment. A Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard? They are sent to a graveyard to fight Sid Barretttheir former teacher and a powerful meister who had been turned into a zombie.

Stein, who quickly proves his skill in battle and nearly kills Black Star.

soul eater not blackstar and maka dating

Following Black Star's defeat, Maka catches a sight of Stein's immense soul with her soul perception ability, and despairs over how his power vastly surpasses her own. Soul convinces her to keep fighting, and the two perform their Soul Resonance perfectly, but it isn't enough to defeat Stein. Afterward, Stein reveals that the entire fight had been set up by Lord Death for the remedial class, which they pass. Stein later becomes a new teacher at the DWMA, much to the dismay of the students.

The fight proves to be very one-sided, as Kid's extraordinary battle abilities are more than a match for Soul and Black Star, who are unable to synchronize their soul wavelengths with each other.

soul eater not blackstar and maka dating

Just when it appears Soul and Black Star are left utterly defeated by Kid's destructive Soul Resonance "Death Cannon", Kid passes out from an earlier attack Soul made that ended up clipping Kid's hair, ruining its symmetry and earning Soul and Black Star a come-from-behind victory. Kurona no Naka ni Buki ga Iru? Once they finish their mission, Maka senses strong soul activity coming from a church and decides to investigate. She and Soul encounter Cronameister of the Demon Sword Ragnarokwho resides within Crona's body in the form of black blood.

Crona's blood hardens to defend against all of Maka's attacks, while Maka is unable to guard Crona's attacks as Ragnarok can harm Soul in his weapon form. Afraid of hurting her partner, Maka attempts to flee, but Soul receives a severe blow to protect his meister.

The two have some trouble against Ragnarok's ability to transform every bit of Crona's blood into a weapon, but the two combine their strength and defeat Crona, who is then retrieved by the witch MedusaCrona's master who had been observing the fight.

Soul receives surgery for his injury and Stein tells Maka he will recover, but secretly confesses to Death Scythe that his body has been infected by Ragnarok's blood. Maka vows to become stronger and is comforted by the school nurse, unaware that she is in fact the witch who had attacked them.

The two decide to search for Excalibur, but when they find him, they cannot stand his unbearable personality and end up abandoning him. Meanwhile, Death Scythe tries to cheer up Maka, who is still worried about Soul, and explains to her the origin of the Demon Sword, describing it as a weapon that has been devouring human souls and threatens to transform into a kishin, which is the reason the DWMA was founded to prevent from happening.

A Heart Sings in the Rain? When they come to the village where the Enchanted Sword was last spotted, they are met with hostility from the villagers due to Black Star's heritage from the murderous Star Clan. Masamune later appears and possesses the body of a young boy, but Black Star breaks the boy free from the Enchanted Sword's control.

At her own insistence, Tsubaki sends her soul into the Enchanted Sword to confront the soul of Masamune, who is in fact her older brother.

Kanashimi o Koeta Saki ni Aru Mono? Masamune claims that Tsubaki's inheritance of their family's weapon forms led him to become evil, and is agonized by her pity of him.

Just when Tsubaki's soul is about to be absorbed by Masamune, Black Star's voice reaches her, and she gains the will to defeat her brother, absorbing her very first soul in the process. Masamune's soul also grants Tsubaki the power to transform into the Enchanted Sword, though its power is too much for Black Star to handle.

Maka, who remains troubled by Soul's injury, becomes determined to grow stronger and overcome the need to always be protected by Soul, but realizes that she must first face her fear of Soul being injured again.

Meanwhile, Medusa's plans have raised the ire of two other witches, Eruka Frog and Mizunewho ambush and attempt to kill her.

However, they realize that Medusa had placed magical snakes in their bodies when she had threatened them earlier, which kill Mizune. Eruka escapes with her life, but is tracked down by Medusa, who forces her to break into Witch Prison and release a prisoner who had stolen the eye of the witches' leader, whom Medusa intends to use for an experiment on Soul. The two later take a supplementary class in London with Black Star and Tsubaki where they encounter Freethe immortal werewolf with the magic eye who Eruka had released from Witch Prison on Medusa's behalf.

During their battle with Free on a suspension bridge, Black Star quickly passes out after using Tsubaki's Enchanted Sword mode, leaving Maka and Soul to fight alone.

However, their soul wavelengths have already diverged to the point where Soul burns Maka's hands in his weapon form, making him unwieldy. The two begin to bicker again until Tsubaki persuades them to set their differences aside and accept each other, allowing their souls to resonate stronger than ever, though it causes the madness of Soul's black blood to intensify and risk consuming Maka's soul.

Nevertheless, Maka is able to use her Witch Hunter against Free and, with aid from the newly revived Black Star, force him off the bridge. After the battle, Maka coughs up black blood into her hand. Maka feels she has to be the best in class like her mother was, aiming to surpass her class rival Ox Ford.

soul eater not blackstar and maka dating

Death the Kid believes that he knows all the answers on the test, spending the time sketching a symmetrical face. Liz uses her time worrying about her appearance, while Patty happily dozes off. Black Star, after hopelessly trying to study, attempts to steal the answers to the test, being caught and punished by Stein in the process. Soul stocks his clothing with cheat sheets, but is quickly caught by Sid. Kid spends the entire exam writing his name, while Patty makes her test into an origami giraffe.

Ultimately, it is Maka that receives the top score of her class. The investigation leads them to a ship called Nidhogg, and an evil soul controlling it. As they find the evil soul, he sends Liz to the hull of the ship. There, she encounters human spirits who guide her to the deck of ship, meeting up with Kid and Patty. Liz and Patty transform into handguns to assist Kid in defeating the evil spirit. However, Crona arrives, slices off the head of the evil spirit, and summons Ragnarok, in preparation in for the upcoming battle.

Boku no Atama no Naka no Jigoku? Kid commences to attack recklessly at Crona, however Crona manages to survive. It is then that Crona uses Screaming Resonance, causing the ship to split in half. Kid begins to chase Crona across the sea, but he allows Crona to escape due to his obsession with symmetry. Meanwhile, Maka visits Medusa and explains to her about having coughed up black blood.