Puck and rachel dating fanfic

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puck and rachel dating fanfic

"Look Rachel, getting back together with Sam has made realise that sometimes you don't I trusted you, Puck and you just go and kiss Quinn!. Basically Rachel & Puck have a baby girl and live together without anyone else knowing. But not for long, I don't own glee or any of the songs I'll be using. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Puck, Rachel B. - Chapters: 39 . " Your actually asking what I want to do on our first date?.

He turns his truck off, taking his seatbelt off and gets out closing the door and walks into the cafe ordering his stuff.

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He looked around for a spot to sit at when he spotted a girl he has never seen before, but she was the most stunning girl he has ever seen. This girl looked short to him by the way she was sitting in chair. She was very slim yet petite and he saw the curves of her hips and they were very inviting. She had on faded wash skinny jeans that hugged her frame very well and he couldn't believe that a short girl like herself had the longest legs he has ever seen!

She had on black high heeled boots that went to her knees. They weren't so big but they weren't so small. Puck licked his lips at the sight of this girl's lips which were full and he wouldn't mind finding out how soft they felt against his. Her was brunette, it shiny yet wavy. Her brunette hair was straighted and neat as it cascaded past her shoulders.

She hand bangs that weren't too much in her face.

puck and rachel dating fanfic

Her makeup looked good to him and he noticed that her nose was slightly big but he didn't mind. Her skintone was tan and that made him see that she had this unique beauty to her. She was writing things down in a notebook and he loved the reading glasses on her. He thought it made her smart looking! Next to her was a drink and a muffin on a plate. He wanted to get to know this girl before some other guy took her off the market.

He turns back when his order is ready and he pays the girl working before taking his breakfast before making his way over to the girl sitting down and he cleared his throat.

He took a sip of his drink and smirked. He stared at her surprised. She closed her notebook finally finished and put it in her bag. Puck grins loving her laugh it was different and loud and he liked that. He needed to get Rachel's number. Puck couldn't believe a smokin hot girl like Rachel didn't give him her number right away. He needed to get with this girl fast before she leaves. He gets his stuff and rushed out before she left and knocked on her window.

Why don't we have ourselves a little fun this weekend while your dads aren't around? Rachel thought the idea over. It was a pretty good idea and no one could distract them. Oh crap, she thought about it a second time. What do we do? He mentally high-five himself for that amazing idea.

Rachel smiled and kissed Puck. Just a few weeks ago Finn told Puck to stay away from Rachel, being complete oblivious to the fact that the two were dating. Rachel, annoyed at this point, rolled her eyes at her ex-boyfriend. And if Noah and I are intimate, why is it any of your concern. You're the one that broke up with me, remember? Finn was speechless until a few words came out of his mouth. Rachel was now angry. Puck just shook his head at Finn and then stood up.

Rachel doesn't need you or even want you.

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Finn continued to stare at Rachel. Screw Juvie, Puck thought. No one talks about Rachel that way! He charged Finn and tackled him to the ground. Taking numerous punches to the face, Finn stated to bruise and bleed. Bitch was one of his best friends but she was a fucking shit disturber.

He contemplated lying for all of ten seconds until he noticed the look on Rachel's face; she looked amused as well and fuck if he was going to disappoint the people he counted as his two best friends again, much to Hudson's displeasure. He did have a brief thought that he should possibly apologize to his nose first. But instead, with a tired sigh and a roll of his shoulders, he simply answered, "Rachel.

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He couldn't help but to think that these people really needed to get out more. You'd have thought he had just told them that Kurt was his first kiss or something. It became slightly less funny and a whole lot more lame when seconds later Finn's indignant squawk filled the room, "What? How was he your first kiss? I was your first kiss! Quinn started bitching at Finn. Mercedes, Kurt and Blaine were cracking up which only told him that those three might actually know the story thanks to their weirdly close friendship with Rachel.

Santana was looking at Rachel with a proud expression like she hadn't been there when that shit happened. Rachel was rolling her eyes at Finn's tirade thank fuck. Everyone else just looked lost. Puck smirked and kept talking, which quickly quieted the room down gossip mongers the whole lot of them"Yea, it was Rachel.

It was after my seventh birthday party Anyway, Rachel and Santana hadn't been picked up yet and San dared Rachel to give me a kiss for my birthday. Not a big deal in the slightest.

You said I was your first kiss! How could you forget the rest of it? Oh yes, his eyes could melt me even then.

Puck ignored the hopeful twinge he felt in his gut at Kurt's further explanation and instead just shot her a blatant wink before snapping at her boyfriend, "Oh sit the fuck down Finn and untwist your panties. That shit dated back to kindergarten and Cindy Teller; though, that's another story for another day.

Once Finn had sat down grabbing Rachel's hand possessively and forcing another eye roll out of half the room Santana continued, "Anyway, so I dare her to kiss Puck 'cause I knew her little pigtailed self had a massive crush on him and the little midget proceeds to take a running leap, knocks them both back onto the couch and sticks her tongue down his throat.

puck and rachel dating fanfic

Looking back on it now, I'd give her a five for execution but a ten for endurance. And who could really blame them, seven year old girls are supposed to have cooties. Finn was probably wondering why Puck hadn't shoved Rachel off of him and run away. It was Puck so, I mean, do I need to explain that?

And Rachel watched way too many romantic and musical movies growing up. So, they sort of, did the seven year old version of making out until Puck's Mom came in and proceeded to ground them for life.

First she started thanking God in Hebrew. Then she promised to call the Rabbi. Then she grounded us; and even then, it was only until the wedding. It had nothing to do with the fact that Rachel had agreed to marry him when she was eight. Even if he knows every time she asks about a nice Jewish girl she means, "Why aren't you dating Rachel? I'm not even sure why you assumed it being that you've never asked me said question and I've never volunteered the information.

puck and rachel dating fanfic

She did that shit on purpose. One more hour was too much to ask?