Nepal dating and marriage

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nepal dating and marriage

In Nepal, no dating, no sex before marriage, no divorce. My Nepali business did not believe that marriages out of love are realistic because he thinks that love . Many Nepalese are married to Indians. India is a foreign nation Some Nepalese wed Europeans, Americans, Is this answer still relevant and up to date?. Choosing a wedding date in Nepal—the small mountainous country nestled in between China and India—has always been a big deal. Across.

This group, also called bhatkhaure, is required to inform those in charge of the preparations the number of people in the procession and to take the stock of the situation by tasting the hospitality before others. For fun sake the bhatkhaures are served tea laced with hot spices and offered a seat on the floor that either has mustard seed or throny bushes underneath covered by a thin sheet of cloth.

Nowdays the majority of marriages, however, are a blend of love marriage and arranged marriage. After falling in love, the couple confess to their parents later, and ask them to arrange it all.

The swayamvar ceremony begins with the bride circling the groom thrice while letting the water tip down from omkhara traditional water vessel as she goes around. The priest applies red tika, a mixture of red vermilion, yoghurt and rice, to the forehead of the bride and the groom. Then, the bride, wearing a red sari and bedecked in jewlery, and the groom in his finery, exchange garlands and rings as the crowd from both sides bursts into cheers. Later the bride and groom are led to a mandap or canopy for lengthy rituals that through the Vedic hymns and prayers invoke the blessings of all Hindu gods and the support of every element under the sun that will have a role in the conjugal life of the couple.

The five basic elements of earth, air, fire, water and sky are highlighted time and again.

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At the mandap a series of ritual are performed one after another. After a while, the priests start performing puja worship.

nepal dating and marriage

As per the directions, the couple take their wedding vows. The bride and groom are tied by a white cloth called lagangantho before they take rounds of the holy fire seven times. Fire is considered as a witness to holy matrimony.

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It purifies their union and protects them from harm in the future. By circling the holy fire seven times the couple pay due respect to the seven great sages who, in mythology, are thought to be the progenitors of human beings on earth. Another significant ritual is Kanyadaan where the bride is formally handed over to the groom by her father. Under the Hindu tradition the sindoor and tilhari are the sign of a married woman.

Finally, the priests pronounce them husband and wife. They then bless them. In the villages, a groom would be carried in a basket or would ride a horse and the bride would be carried on a doli or wooden palanquin carried aloft by four bearers.

In the city they go by car. His family, usually sisters and cousins, welcome the couple doing arati where wicks soaked in camphor or oil are lighted and revolved around them. This is to keep away evil spirits and usher in good fortune. The bride also steps in seven piles of paddy or rice which is believed to bring positive energies inside the house.

Thus the ceremony ends in a positive note amongst celebrations. And, it is time to leave the newly weds alone. They have been for quite some time now.

Someone once said that people know if they are going to get along with each other in the first few minutes of the first meeting. All the signs are there, but people fail to see them and realize anything of importance. In retrospect however, all the signs glare back at people, causing immense joy for some people and inconsolable sorrow for others. For a Newar family, marriages are also occasions to bring out the jewelry and the clothes and show off a little.

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There are celebrations on credit, money borrowed to invest in people. People cry, people laugh, people drink, people argue, people are weighed down by kilos of gold and, in the midst of all this, two people start a new chapter in their lives. But anyone who knows me would slap me across my face if I acted as if all of this was not appallingly enjoyable. The food at Newar marriage parties is often times very good—prepared by local chefs who cook the same local delicacies every year. Home brewed and very hard liquor flows freely.

There are traditional rites and rituals that actually make sense, besides looking and making the whole occasions feel somehow pure. And even though the sometimes-pompous nature of the whole thing might turn some people off, it actually is—and there is no other way to say this—fun. Although marriage season is now at its end for this Nepali year, allow me to guide you through what all the fuss is about.

There is no boy meeting girl and sparks flying. The lamhis have very important role to play in a Newari, Brahmin and Chettri weddings, as the families of prospective bride and groom depend, entirely in most cases, on the information provided by them. Mha Swegu translates directly as looking at bodies but with a little less creativity, you get the idea.

Traditional Newar marriages usually would not even deem necessary the meeting of the girl and boy before marriage but with time, things have changed a little. One can only imagine how freely two to be married people would talk in the company of a third wheel! This can sometimes be accompanied by the exchange of rings, the rough equivalent of the Western engagement. The family of the groom-to-be also presents a set of clothes along with jewelry for the bride as a sort of first gift to the soon to be daughter-in-law.

In most cases, this supari-taking ceremony occurs four days before the actual wedding ceremony, but it can be shifted to suit the families. A clay pot called a naa-cha is also taken along for the Kallya presenting event. Besides the traditional dozen chaku laddoos, sweets made out of a rich, dark concentrate of sugarcane juice, the naa-cha can also contain items such as male as well as female dolls, balls, toys and the like.

A puja ceremony takes place alongside this at the end of which the bride breaks into the paper cover of the clay pot. The bride is then made to fish inside the clay pot and without looking in come up with whatever she finds first.

The clay pot event is something that is introduced into the otherwise formal ceremony to infuse some humor to lighten up the mood.

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The engagement and the Kallya can also happen on the same day. Accompanied by friends and family trailing the decorated vehicle, this procession known as Janta Janey is usually led by a band of colorfully dressed musicians, with drums and trumpets, in most cases performing very loud and mostly basic covers of Hindi and Nepali film music.

The procession moves along slowly around the area, a way of letting the community know that the person is getting married. The end of the Swayambhar signifies the entering of the bride and groom into married life.

Nepal dating culture

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nepal dating and marriage

The walls are made of banana fibres, or papyrus. It is thus easy to make a hole in such a make-shift wall. I once heard of a married women who was bathing in the night, or her husband thought she was bathing. But she had to bend over to pour bathe — the water being in a basin — well, when she did that, she put her punnynanny on the hole in the wall.

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