Natural hair and dating

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natural hair and dating

It's unmanageable: They say you won't manage to comb natural hair without pain. Men tend to dislike weaves and wigs and they love women with natural hair. What to know before you say yes to a man over The checklist for dating. It's gotten so bad that I now straighten my hair for first dates. I feel bad about that, but on the other hand, time is ticking away, I'm quickly. Black Men who Love Black Women with Natural Hair. likes · 11 talking about this. Black Men Love Natural Hair!.

Honestly, she had become obsessed with natural hair.

Dating While Natural: “You would really be badd if you flat ironed your hair.” | My hair crush

She knew this was going to be a drastic change for her and Patrick, but she had made up her mind. She started to tell him immediately, but ultimately decided to sleep on her decision and wait until the time was right.

natural hair and dating

The Next Morning The alarm clock went off for the fourth time — buzz! Keisha woke-up, rushing to take a shower and get ready for work.

She was notorious for hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock. She woke Patrick prior to jumping in the shower.

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After showering and getting ready, she jumped in the car heading to work. Ripping through traffic and speeding her way to the office, Keisha made it to work on time, but she knew that a long day was ahead. After dealing with the stressful activities of her nursing job, she was planning to tell Patrick about her decision to go natural and big chop during dinner that night. Nevertheless, Keisha felt as free as a bird.

She had been reading interviews of other women who had made the decision to go natural — some who transitioned from relaxed to natural hair, others who decided to big chop. She immediately jumped in the car, ordered Chinese food for dinner and headed home.

natural hair and dating

After picking up the Chinese food, she pulled in her driveway and noticed that Patrick had already made it home. Patrick, who is a crime scene detective, was doing some work around the house when Keisha got home.

The 3 Types of Men All Black Women With Naturals Will Meet | HuffPost

Keisha set the table and the couple sat down to eat dinner. After a few moments of pleasantries and general chit-chat, Keisha told Patrick of her decision to join the natural hair community.

And not in a 'Wow, you look awesome' kind of way, more like a 'Somebody call ' kind of way. It was one of those situations where you think of a witty retort in the middle of the night but at the time I just mumbled something lame about the new natural me. I can understand her reaction though, because I was the last person I would have expected to go natural.

Yes, I thought naturalistas was artsy and quirky and cool but Vanilla rarely offends the sensibilities. Unlike like breast milk icecream. That's human breastmilk, incase you missed my incredulous, slightly nauseous tone.

What Men Really Think About Natural Hair – Part 1

One of the reasons I never considered going natural was because I didn't know how to date with natural hair. I thought the only men who liked natural hair were artsy, quirky, cool types.

natural hair and dating

The kind with a bull ring through the nose who's idea of a first date is attending a march to save the habitat of the longhorn beetle, who eats hummus for breakfast and has an ironic tattoo in Sanskrit that should read 'God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh' but actually reads 'Dog is a comedy play; laugh'.

So I dated wearing my hair straight, got married in a weave and honeymooned in braids, but once my husband was lulled into a sense of blissful predictability, kablam!

natural hair and dating

Ok, it wasn't exactly kablam. It was more like that sneeze that builds up in the back of your nose for ages only to come out as a loud fart, surprising everyone, including the sneezer.

natural hair and dating

And boy, weren't we all surprised. Then the questions and comments came rolling in. Oh, that explains it! Mungiki members taking an oath image courtesy of KurlyKichana Yeah, really.

But then I started meeting men who like natural hair. Straight laced, clean cut, vanilla men not a reference to race. And I don't mean one or two; whole hoardes of them. Recently, a friend's Facebook status surprised me when he talked about how chuffed he was to attend a wedding in Uganda to find they all had natural hair.