Mike he and hebe dating

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mike he and hebe dating

I was so moved by the drama and I really love Mike He's character there. . Lin and Hebe Tian (a little with Rainie Yang), I still felt so happy. Fans of Mike He were in for a double surprise on June 3 when the They first met and started dating in high school, but they broke up after he. Who's better for Mike He? Rainie Yang. Hebe Tien. Ariel Lin. Poll created by Helleey are they dating in real life? if someone knows, will u plz.

I just wish her character had been consistent, but then…. Seeing such a tiny girl shouting at the likes of bad boy Ruo He was amusing as heck. I say that because back then, I was young and attracted to the intense way his characters seem to love and of course his intense, smouldering stares.

I feel like his characters are usually so flat and dull and suited more for the year old audience, rather than adults Ironic, because I was around that age range when I watched him dramas originally! This time, let me be your liberator saviour … May I? When the girl becomes the saviour… Sometimes the male lead gets a little emasculated no?

I could really feel his love for Shen Xui without him really having to voice it, Lee Wei showed his characters feelings through his expressions and body language, something which I respect him for as an actor.

As for his character itself… It will be hard pressed to find a more whipped love interest.

mike he and hebe dating

A drama called Boys Over Flowers started airing in our country and I got addicted so much with Korean stuffs. Because of that, my love for Mike has been set aside. But I was totally infatuated with these Korean people to the point that they have surpassed my love for Mike for some time. I missed his birthday celebration!

mike he and hebe dating

I did visit his blog and I even made my weibo account just to follow all his tweets. I felt so much happy having weibo because finally, I could be even closer with Mike as the updates was straight from him. My craze for Mike came back and my love for him stayed the same. Just to note, I made the account because a Singaporean Mike He fan asked me to start one. And there was it. I was the owner and I added two other Mike fans to help me maintain the page.

I have watched his 27th birthday on the internet and it was surprising that Rainie Yang made a VCR for him again. The year was a turning point. I have experienced to fall deeply to someone. It just made my love for Mike to falter again. There was a sort of going back to reality. I know for a fact that Mike He is just part of my dreams for it is very impossible for me to meet him and be together with him. So, I loved a person who was just right there. But it was never reciprocated.

In the end, I felt so hurt. Honestly, even if Mike is just part of my dream, I felt so much bliss whenever my heart and mind is focused on him only. The heartbreak I felt with someone has never been felt with Mike.

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I just realized that loving Mike He is very blissful yet the possibility of getting the dream is very low. Up to this day, which some say the year when the world would endI decided to be a full time Mike He fan. For four years, I have been loving and supporting him in the best way I can do. I downloaded most of his dramas and movies. I always go online to find updates about him. I always edit pictures of him and shared it with weibo. Most of my status in weibo are dedicated for him. I really love him.

He is my one true love. He is already 28 years old. I am just 18 years old. He is single and so do I. My imagination is just too playful that I even dreamt of myself chasing for Mike He and we will end up together.

Because if not Mike, I would really find someone like him. Mike is my one true love. I wish he can stay in showbiz for forever. Sometimes I am thinking, 10 years from now, will I still be continuously supporting him? But my answer for this time is yes. To those who could read this entry, I think you would say that I was crazy and so hopeless about Mike.

Well, it is given.

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I am only like this when it comes to Mike. His physical appearance is not what I like. As I said before, love is a person. But I admire his being filial with his family. He still stays at their house with his family.

He is like the breadwinner and his mom handles all his money. He is a very good son. Moreover, when he loves, he loves truly. Up until now, he is single and his past relationship was when he was in high school. But I believe what he says. With his personality, I could say that a girl like me would be so lucky to be with him for the rest of his life. What a Mike He needs is understanding and loyalty.

Is Mike He and Hebe dating?

To be honest, I am really crazy about him so please do not misunderstand me. I'm also crazy about them. I can never ever get enough of them together.

I really hope that BF will have as much eps as it could take! I don't mind having MeBe in BF for the whole as well! I love the producer and script writer for making the whole drama so special! Spoiler About the tatoo, I'm so sure about getting it.

Pocky Kisu

And it's going to be permanent, which means that once I do it, there's no turning back. I've already made up my mind that I want this tatoo. But if I get it, it's going to represent me.

And it's going to be a very VERY meaningful tatoo for me. I'll make sure to take a picture for you and Ai baby, once I get the tatoo done. That's if you two would want to see my tatoo. You ARE serious about that tattoo!