Michael cera and charlyne dating

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michael cera and charlyne dating

She was last dating a man named Michael Cera, her on-screen boyfriend in the movie Paper Planes. Though there were man rumors in some. Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi co-star in the upcoming mockumentary "We weren't dating at the time [laughs] or ever," Yi told Moviefone.

At Premiere of Her Love Doc, Charlyne Yi Shoots Down Those Michael Cera Rumors

Same might be the case of comedian actress Charlyne Yi who grabbed the attention of the media through her dating news. But, the question arise was she dating her co-actor or was it some scandal to remain in headlines. So, today we shall learn about the real reason behind her dating scenario. Was she Dating her co-worker? While investigating on the topic, she conducts plenty of interviews and carries out communication with loads of strangers, bikers, novelist and students.

After meeting the man, she starts to develop feelings towards him, and since then she starts to see a different version of love with an utter new meaning.

Like the story, the rumor of the lady dating her co-star swept the media.

Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

As posted by whosdatedwho. Despite working together, the lady had not revealed anything about her relationship status with the man, while the audience assumed the duo were sincerely in the relationship as they were spotted together in plenty of events. People were curious to know about the breakup along with their fans who had loved the on-screen pair. Taking the buzz caused by the news, the lady broke her silence and spoke about the real reason for the breakup.

Charlyne Yi Talks About Michael Cera and their "Break-Up" - Oh No They Didn't!

As posted on mydailynews. Someone sent me an article that said I was really sad. It says that I'm sad that we're touring together. Someone sent me an article that I was really sad. It says that I'm sad that we're touring together.

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But he's actually in Toronto right now filming a movie called 'Scott Pilgrim. But it was hard to cast it, at least for me. Nick knew that he wanted Michael. I wasn't aware of his work. I knew him, but not his work. I figured everyone's an actor, everyone's done commercials and stuff. So when people said he was an actor, I didn't really think anything of it. But then we were making a list of all the young actors that were talented and we're like, "Who's going to want to play a character named their own name and not get paid a lot of money [laughs] and also be able to, like, play it realistic?

What if it was Jonah Hill? How would Charlyne and Jonah Hill interact? It would have been a completely different movie.

michael cera and charlyne dating

He's great, too, but then Nick was like, "Oh, Michael's really good. I mean, essentially there's a part of you in the character, but I was like, Wow, he was really good. I pitched to him and did a horrible job [laughs], and I don't think it made any sense. And then Nick re-pitched, and Michael agreed.

Michael Cera In 'Playboy': Talks Virginity Loss, Picking Up Women

Has your attitude toward love, which was pretty cynical at the outset of the movie, changed at all since? What's strange is that when we were writing the narrative we were like, "Oh, Charlyne's character won't change through other people's stories" But the real me learned a lot from these people.

And just the uncertainty of knowing what love is I think uncertainty was where all the questioning was coming from.

michael cera and charlyne dating

And I think I was overreacting. I was like, "Oh my God! I'll never find anyone, will I?! Through talking to people and seeing these really long relationships Your job is uncertain.

Your relationships with your friends are uncertain. You may think they're going to last forever, but they may not, or they may. And it's really not up to you sometimes [laughs]. Once accepted that, I realized [I should just] chill out. Go with the flow.

michael cera and charlyne dating

And I think every time I interviewed someone I'd get chills and go, "Oh my God, that's a really good story. These strangers really let us into their lives You can't help but feel more affected than watching a fictional film because these people are real.

There's this one couple who said, "Love is really worth fighting for, and you can never replace that person in the history, in the memories. What inspired you to make that, and how'd you get Channing on board?

michael cera and charlyne dating