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Maanvi Ahuja, Paris, France. Maanvi Ahuja is the bestselling author of " Ofcourse I love You! Till I find Durjoy Datta is with Kinaraa Muthamma and 2 others. Author Durjoy Datta recently got married to his long-time girlfriend, Avantika Mohan in an intimate ceremony. Here are all the details and some. Durjoy says his female co-writers have turned out to be his lucky charms! his first book, which was co-written with his friend Maanvi Ahuja.

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This is the drab text i sent her this morning. You like my parents more than you like me," Let's be honest. You like me parents more than you like me. He has now tweeted a photo of him and his "one love" saying he was supposed to ask her out during 'that' trip, but didn't since people were watching. He exclaims "Twitter was made for people like me," Ws suppsd to ask her out in this trip but ppl were watching.

Twitter ws made for me.

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This is how he reacted. Durjoy Datta durjoydatta February 23, An important test for your partner is impressing your friends. Avantika has clearly done that. My friends love her. Often more than me. That's why I'm always holding the camera. Keeping the Bengali in him alive, Durjoy tweeted that one line we all have used, and probably the only sentence in Bengali we know. Aami tomake really bhalo bhashi! Just land already Avantika. People are looking at me strange. Thank you for everyone who joined in!

She's about to land! Since we began our live blog here, various media houses have started covering this, and amid those, Chetan Bhagat got burnt.

  • Durjoy Datta proposed to his girlfriend on Twitter. Will she say yes was the question, and she did.
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Durjoy Datta durjoydatta February 23, The author has tweeted saying Avantika called from a number that has no internet. So she has not seen all that happened yet. He also shared a photo on Twitter. Is this the placard? She just called from a number that has no internet. Have this tho to catch her attention. Guess, we should end our live blog here.

Durjoy has tweeted thanking all who wished him luck and pushed Avantika to say yes. I'm still waiting but thank you! I will remember this when we have dozen kids. If she's okay with it. Durjoy Datta durjoydatta February 23, Don't you worry! I have had a very colourful life: Durjoy Datta I have had a very colourful life: Durjoy Datta Among the league of young writers today, Durjoy Datta is a name that youngsters connect with the most. TNN Nov 19, This engineer by profession has left his 9 to 5 job to pursue his passion for writing and is now writing for movies and serials.

How did writing books happen? I have been reading and writing for a long time since childhood. Since I am a Bengali, I wasn't allowed to go to bed without reading a book. My parents always forced me to read books. I had a blog for good three-four years, and it was then when people around me told me that why don't I plan to write a book.

ohh yes i'm single n so's my girlfirend

So, I gave it a thought, as at that time publishers had just started publishing young authors, especially the ones who were in commercial fiction.

So, I wrote my firs book Of course I Love you, gave it to the publishers and then forgot. But frankly speaking, I never thought it would actually work. But to my surprise, after two-three months, my book started appearing in the best sellers list. And seeing this, I gave my publishers a call to ask if it was a publicity gimmick or something.

But he told me, it was legitimately a bestseller. And I was like 'Wow'' But didn't you face any objections from you parents, being so good in academics? I was an engineer and was already working somewhere, when I first received my royalty cheque. Then, I wrote my second book and slowly writing books became my obsession and I quit my job. Quitting my job was easier for me, because I was very good in academics.