Katorse erich and enchong dating

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katorse erich and enchong dating

best actress of her generation erich gonzales in maria la del barrio Sumubsob talaga si #Enchong sa katorse ni #Erich --Maria la del barrio. Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee were in 5 on-screen matchups, notably Tanging yaman(), Magkaribal(), I Do(), Katorse() and Paano ko. It's been eight months since model-actor Daniel Matsunaga called it quits with actress Erich Gonzales. Is he now ready for a new relationship?.

He was speeding with all his might to get to the hospital. But then Nene tells him, she cannot take it any longer. She was going to have the baby in his car. Jojo was so scared as he helped Nene, she was loudly crying in pain.

She was weak during this time and needed Jojo. Jojo toughened up and faced Nene. There in front of his eyes, Nene gave birth to her child.

katorse erich and enchong dating

He held on to the baby, Nene looked at him and smiled. Gabby, feeling guilty, was looking for Nene. It was too late for him to catch up to her. As Nene was giving birth, Gabby was struck by a vehicle leaving him unconscious in the street.

When Nene reached the hospital, once more, everyone thought that Jojo was the father. Nene looked at Jojo with such gratitude, she never thought someone can be so kindhearted to her. Instead of attending to Nene, he talked animatedly about his experience. He was run over by Jojo's nemesis, Dilbert. He said he cannot believe his fate. Gabby gladly looked at Jojo and assigned him to be baby Tommy's godfather.

Gabby finds out later on that his medical check up had disturbing results: His leukemia was coming back. Upon learning this, Gabby wanted to live his life. He wants to be with Marissa, and he wants Nene to be happy. He tells Jojo to pursue Nene, while he will purposely break Nene's heart to be with Marissa.

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He promises Jojo he will be a good father, but since his leukemia is coming back he would like to live his life and he chooses Marissa over Nene. Marissa upon learning that Gabby was sick, took pity on him and decided to be his girlfriend. Albert, Gabby's brother was in Stanford, studying and the couple have since broken up. The next day, Nene found Gabby in bed with Marissa. Furious, Nene went to Marissa's house and they got into a catfight, causing Marissa a head injury.

Nene was even more confused on why Gabby keeps pushing her away and why he actively pursued Marissa even with Baby Tommy already there. Gabby admitted that he is in love with Marissa. Nene packed her belongings and asked Jojo to drive her back to the province.

Madam Margarita was at Nene's house talking to her mother, Nena. Margarita and Nena asked her why she was back in the province all of a sudden, and when Nene started to talk about what she saw Gabby and Marissa in bedshe was interrupted by Jojo. He convinced Nene not to involve their families into this misunderstanding. Meanwhile, after the catfight, Marissa is brought to the hospital, in the ICU and was unconscious for a few days.

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Her parents are worried and somehow they had the information that Nene was involved in Marissa's injury. Police were sent to the province, to Nene's house, to bring her back to Manila for questioning. After the initial round of questions, she was free to go but she realized the gravity of the situation and she could possibly go to jail since Marissa's parents are so keen on having her punished for what she did to Marissa.

She ran away from home with her baby. Upon reaching Manila, Nene realized that she had left her cellphone and she has no way of contacting Jojo.

She walked on the streets and settled on the pavement when Jojo's car suddenly pulled over. Jojo started to scream at Nene, telling her how stupid her decision was. After cooling down, Jojo took Nene to a diner and had something to eat. Jojo still remained Nene's friend, he was too scared to break the boundary.

He helped Nene through her problems but he did not confess his feelings. Besides, he knew Nene only loved Gabby. She will never see him. But when he saw Nene crying her heart out and shouting her sorrows to the sea, he cannot help but fall in love with her even more. He held Nene tightly as he felt her tears drop to his skin, Nene collapsed into his embrace.

Soon, they both fell asleep in the seashore. The morning comes and Nene wakes up in his arms. She started tearing up again just remembering how pathetic her life is. Jojo told her not to cry anymore as he dragged her to the waters. He wanted her to forget her problems, and just once to feel like she was a carefree teenager again. The two played in the sea, swimming along as he lifted her freely. For once, she felt free again. Nene confides in Jojo that she does not blame Gabby for choosing Marissa over her.

She's richer, smarter, and more beautiful than her. Who would fall in love with a stupid, provincial lass like her? Jojo tells her never to believe that. She was a hardworking girl who was the greatest in her class. She knew what to do, she sold rice cakes in order to support her child. She was mature beyond her years and to him, she was the most beautiful.

Second Brush with Love Jojo and Nene were inseparable, they were best friends, they went to the same public high school, took care of Tommy together, and often studied together. One night the two decided to sneak in some beer and drink together just for Nene to prove that she will not do stupid things when she's drunk.

After two beers, Nene found herself drunk in Jojo's arms. He carried her to his bed and watched her sleep. Nene woke up without Jojo in his room but an angry face greeting her. It was Jojo's mother who was going hysterical that her son brought some cheap girl home. She apologized to his mother, little does she know this will not be the last time she will encounter Dr. One day, Nene told Jojo that she does not believe she would ever find love again.

Society has judged her already as a single mom, and in such a conservative place having a baby at fifteen, no one would want her. Jojo started becoming fuming mad Nene was shocked and confused with his confession. She confided with her big sister, Nenita about his confession. She says a part of her really wants to be in a relationship with him. Nenita warns Nene that she should learn from her first brush with love. And she should be more responsible and think for Tommy's sake.

She cannot jump to a relationship again. Nene listens to her sister, and told Jojo that she cannot love him that way. It was the first time Jojo ever got any sort of rejection. He tells her he'd rather have her as a friend than not have her in his life at all. Six months later, Gabby and Marissa were in a relationship. Gabby cannot believe that Jojo was not with Nene. Jojo and Nene remained friends, but Gabby had something else in mind. Gabby sets up a light house date for Nene and Jojo.

The two were stuck together in the light house, though Nene promised her big sister she will not go into a relationship with Jojo. She confessed to Jojo that she has loved him too for quite some time now, she wants to be in a relationship with Jojo but they should be careful and keep it from her family.

But when Jojo's mother, Yvonne discovered her son has fallen in love with the cheap, single mom, she was angered. She told Nene to stay away from her son, yet, the two fought for their love for each other. Jojo even brought Nene as his date in an exclusive function. Yvonne was not having any of it. She brought scandal in Nene's hometown by announcing that the young, teenage mother has seduced her son.

Leaving the townspeople shocked and once again Nene was the center of harsh judgement. Nena, Nene's mother was very disappointed with Nene. She believed she has not learned a thing. She tells Nene to break up with Jojo. Nene pleads, but her mother did not want to listen. Nene promised her mother she will break up with Jojo.

But little did she know, another test will come to her. One day, when Gabby got sick, Nene was the one who took care of him. He suddenly feels that he deserves her, at least she always loved him. Gabby also learned that the results the hospital took were not his that it was a mistake orchestrated by Jojo's nemesis Dilbert, whose family owned the hospital.

He takes his chance and now with a chance for a second life, he wants Nene back. When he saw Jojo and Nene meeting up in the sugar cane farm, the young lad grew jealous and mad. He grabbed Nene and dragged her away from Jojo. Soon, he had the farm men beat Jojo up. Saying he is interfering in their affair as a common law husband and wife. Nene was demanding Gabby to leave her alone. Gabby confessed to her that he just told Jojo to pursue her that it was all his plan.

But Nene was not that clueless, she knew that it was all Gabby's plans. Yet, she grew to love Jojo through the times they spent together.

She pushes Gabby away to look for Jojo. Yvonne, found her son, Jojo almost lifeless on the road. She sent him to the hospital. Nene tearfully visits Jojo in the hospital and, with her heart breaking, she told him they cannot be together.

Jojo pleads for Nene but she cannot do anything but walk away from him, following her mother's orders to leave the young lad. Nena agreed with the Arcanghels that it would be good for Nene and Gabby to be together.

katorse erich and enchong dating

She believes Nene should accept her fate and be with the father of her child. They asked Nene to live in the Arcanghel house with Gabby. Though, Nene was reluctant she agreed. But when Gabby tried to rape her one night, she could not take it any more. She decides to move out with her sister and her son, in the slums of Manila. The place was dangerous, but she had someone to guard her during the night.

Jojo was there, and though they have broken up, he cannot see her live there all by herself. So he decided to rent out the shack next to her. Here, Nene experienced being a real single mother while studying. She would have to bring baby Tommy to school with her.

Jojo would help her as they took turns taking care of him. Sometimes they would skip school.

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Being young, they did not have enough money to even buy her child some milk. The teenage parents really struggled. Nene advised Jojo to leave her, for them to commit to their promise. They should be more responsible because taking care of Tommy is not child's play. She told him that they should go back to their parents.

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When Nena and Margarita found Nene and Jojo in an intimate embrace in Nene's shack, they were in for a shock. They took Tommy away from Nene; forbidding Nene to see her child. Nene kept her priorities straight, she did not even want to talk to Jojo, and soon she was pleading with Margarita for Tommy. Proving to her she's responsible enough to take care of Tommy. At least let her be a mother. But living in the slums proved to be dangerous for Tommy.

He developed Dengue Fever and the baby was in serious condition. He needed blood transfusion. Gabby is not capable of giving his son blood. No one else matched his son's blood but Jojo.

Though, Gabby really did not want his rival, Jojo to help his son. He agreed to it. With what happened to Tommy, Nene became very obedient to everyone's wishes and sacrificed every thing for Tommy. Putting her own wants aside. Putting her love for Jojo aside. On her 16th birthday, the two spent a carefree night in an amusement park. As Jojo gave her a heartfelt letter and a necklace for remembering that day.

There in the park, they acted like a real couple. Something they yearned for but they cannot seem to do. Jojo puts on a golden necklace around her neck, saying goodbye.

Saying their time will come when they will both have the strength to be together. Nene silently cries in the corner as she watches her love walk away from her.

Who Should She Choose? As the show nears its end, the season focused on Nene's struggle between being a mother and also having her own desires. The show reflected on society's expectations and also the strength of a young mother to keep striving for her son.

In this season, they also introduced other sub-plots such as Marissa and Albert's love, Dilbert and Nenita's relationship, and Jojo's short-lived fake girlfriend Mayumi.

After KATORSE: Ejay, Enchong & Erich, May Renunion Teleserye

The season started with Nene and Gabby going to school together, Gabby is slowly changing his ways as he tries to win Nene back. But the lad did not know that Nene was still in love with Jojo, though she has not seen him for two years. Jojo on the other hand, makes a deal with his parents that if he graduates with honors in college he should have a chance with Nene.

During the time when Nene did not get to go to her prom, she gets a surprise call from Jojo. When she tells him she cannot go to prom because Tommy has a fever.

Jojo promised her, "the prom will come to you. They close their eyes and they transport themselves in a different time, a different world where they can attend the prom together. Nene was striking in red, beautiful and in love with her escort. She faced him, and there was Jojo dashing in black. Nene snaps out of her dream as tears fell, promising Jojo, "some day The same university that Jojo goes to.

When the two of them bumped into each other for the first time in three years, everything started coming back to Nene. He told the scholarship handlers that she was a single mom. They denied Nene the scholarship. Nene cries to Jojo near the fountain, confiding in him that she did not get the scholarship.

Jojo tells her that there are other schools there that will give her a scholarship. Nene explains to him, it is not just the school that keeps her there, it is him. The lass confesses her love for the young man that after all these years she still wanted to be with him.

They rekindled their love for each other after that. But Nene faces more struggles as she faces responsibility as a mother. She cannot freely love Jojo because she had to live through people's expectations and she prioritizes Tommy.

Part of the expectation is for her to support Gabby, Tommy's father. Jojo feels left out and does not understand this, because every time, he feels that she chooses Gabby over him. Jojo decides to stay away from Nene once again. When Nene celebrated her 18th birthday in a grand party, Gabby proposes to her. Nene refuses his proposal, telling him that there is a right time for every thing. After being shot down, Gabby is fuming mad, and he blames Jojo for this.

Jojo was shot three times in his left chest and killed by Gabby in front of the guests and Jojo's father was suffered a heart attack. Gabby feels the world is against him, he feels even more hurt that Nene refuses to be with him.

katorse erich and enchong dating

One day, Jojo cannot take all of Nene's sacrifices. His only way out is to escape it all. He wants her for himself. He asks Nene to run away with him, and they will take Tommy. Nene refuses telling him, they both have to keep their promise. When Gabby caught the two of them together again, he gets mad with jealousy and almost hits Nene. Their young son, Tommy interferes pleading for his dad not to hurt his mother. This was Nene's constant struggle. People expected her to try to be with Gabby for the sake of her son.

But Nene stood firm, she juggled being a good mother and a good student. She also waited for Jojo. Waiting for their promise that as soon as they finish their studies, they will be together.

The film became an official entry to the Cinema One Originals Film Festival and was a recipient of several awards in the festival. While the series was still airing, Erich had begun working for her third series project, Magkaribal.

The show was highly acclaimed and is now regarded as Philippines' First Fashionserye first fashion TV series. It was also extended twice as its ratings remained consistently high. The said film was also invited to Beijing and Hawaiian film festivals for its "strength of word of mouth buzz and its hip hop elements.

SPOTTED: Enchong Dee Kissing Erich Gonzales (Viral Video)

She starred in a horror movie alongside Derek Ramsaytitled Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang and opened to a very warm audience reception. Earning seven million pesos on its first day, the movie becomes the Highest Grossing Digital Film. With the collaboration of Filipino and Thai production teams, actors, and actresses, the film is the first Filipino-Thai movie created between the two countries. The official movie was released on October 31, in the Philippines, March 14, in Thailand,[18] and March 28, in Cambodia.