Jacob smith and alyson stoner dating

The Cast of 'Cheaper By the Dozen' 10 Years Later

jacob smith and alyson stoner dating

CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN 2 ALYSON STONER Date: . MORGAN YORK, BONNIE HUNT, ALYSON STONER, KEVIN SCHMIDT, JACOB SMITH AND. Cheaper by the Dozen was Stoner's big film debut, but she was Jacob Smith's last film was Cheaper By the Dozen's sequel, though he did. Sarah Baker, played by Alyson Stoner Jake Baker, played by Jacob Smith Bonus: Hank (Nora's boyfriend), played by Ashton Kutcher!.

Giulio Marcocchi, Amanda Edwards 3. Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher enjoyed yet another role as the beautiful dimwit, when he played Nora's self obsessed boyfriend in Cheaper by the Dozen. He's currently starring in Two and a Half Men. Giulio Marcocchi, Frazer Harrison 4. Piper Perabo Piper Perabo played the eldest Baker kid, and the first one to leave the nest though she was quickly roped back in. Giulio Marcocchi, Rob Kim 5. Tom Welling Tom Welling already had a few seasons of Smallville under his belt when he played the Baker's rebellious oldest son Charlie, and he continued to step into Clark Kent's shoes through the show's tenth season in Since then he's acted in this year's Parkland, a film about the JFK assassination, and will appear in next year's Draft Day.

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Brown, Ivan Gavan 6. Power of Belevix and Winx: If you want to feel old, according to her Twitter account, she just bought her first home. Between then and now, she's barely acted at all.

She was in a handful of episodes of Hannah Montana between and she hasn't acted since then. She studied at the University of Redlands to be a writer, with a focus in young adult fantasy. She has her own blogwhere she writes about her life, what she's reading now, and talks about being a child actor as well. After appearing in The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson, we kind of thought he'd continue playing the adorably cute, geeky kid, but unfortunately that is not the case.

jacob smith and alyson stoner dating

His last acting credit is for the film Spy School. He's not on social media though there appears to be this fan Twitter account for him and he's kept out of the limelight these last few years. We hope you're doing okay FedEx! He hasn't acted since the film Whisper.

Out of the group, he has a big number of fake Facebook and Twitter profiles that post his reactions to things like an awkward post about Hilary Duff's divorce announcement.

jacob smith and alyson stoner dating

Shane's cheeks look less pinchable now and we can't believe how grown up he and his twin brother Brent have gotten. Christian Baker, beat by Forrest Landis.

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See What The Kids From ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Look Like Now

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jacob smith and alyson stoner dating

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jacob smith and alyson stoner dating

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