Is elena and damon dating in real life 2012

The Vampire Diaries Cast: Who's Dated Who?

is elena and damon dating in real life 2012

Here is a round-up of the TVD real-life romances that have sparked since production started on our favorite supernatural romance drama. It's too bad that whole "sire bond" thing doesn't work in real life. lovers newbie vampire Elena Gilbert and bad-boy vamp Damon Salvatore, called it quits after three years of dating, Dobrev has also appeared in Canadian teen drama " Degrassi" and costarred with Emma Watson in 's "The Perks of. Blood suckers: Ian and Nina star in The Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert, with Paul Wesley Dobrev added: 'I didn't want to be dating one of my co-stars - my goal on the show was to be professional.' .. Keri Russell stuns in sequins as she poses with her real-life lover and The.

That sex scene had a lot of built-up passion, but also a more tender side. Damon's finally got Elena, and he's so happy, but he can't be sure that [her feelings] are real, and not just a result of him having sired her.

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Does Elena want this love to be real as much as Damon does? To Elena, it is real. But, again, is that the sire bond making her think that she loves him?

is elena and damon dating in real life 2012

Stefan still doesn't know about Elena sleeping with Damon. What can we expect when he finds out? Stefan is really hurt by them. It's a jagged pill for him to swallow.

The Vampire Diaries Cast: Who’s Dated Who?

Will it be good for the show if Elena and Damon stay together for a while? I think it's good for the story: If Elena is with Damon, this sire bond is always an issue; plus, his brother's really angry.

is elena and damon dating in real life 2012

So until both of them know if it's true love, they've decided they're not going to sleep together again. There will be more romance and less sex. Damon wants to do the right thing, but losing Elena is not an option.

The Vampire Diaries Cast: Who’s Dated Whom? - ⭐OSSA

It's a tough predicament for him. Speaking of tough predicaments, Damon had agreed to help search for the vampire cure for Elena. Isn't he afraid that, if she reverts to being human, he will lose her? They were two of the main characters and worked closely together. As with many leading men and women who are significant others on a TV show, feelings can sometimes grow between them.

is elena and damon dating in real life 2012

Often, relationships outside the show become just as official. W ith a Hollywood lifestyle, the truth eventually surfaced.

15 Secrets Behind Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder’s Relationship

While they had secrets during their relationship, not all of them were bad. Some were downright fun, some were friendly, and some involved people and animals!

is elena and damon dating in real life 2012

This list lets you know some of those secrets back when they were dating, soon after their breakup, and up until today. Call them requirements or criteria, but consciously or subconsciously, men and women pay attention to them. In the November issue of Self magazine, Nina Dobrev told readers and her fans what she required of Ian Somerhalder before they officially became a couple. Did he make her happy?

Does Dobrev have other ways?

is elena and damon dating in real life 2012

In a previous interview for Seventeen magazine she had more detail in what she meant. She was on the cover the first time in with the main blurb reading "Nina: Although she has no problem being single, she would devote her time and love to the person who she became extremely crazy about. In Aprilthe couple had to rush Moke to the animal hospital because the cat became suddenly ill.

Eventually, Moke became better. With the tweets about Moke in the suitcase, she never revealed where she was going, so she may have been returning Moke to Somerhalder. On one of the bonus features for the DVD set, Dobrev said it was a long process, but she ultimately received the role of Elena Gilbert, despite not having blonde hair.