Home and away actors dating costars

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home and away actors dating costars

Home and Away news and episode spoilers from the Australian soap as well as updates on the cast including Pia Miller and characters Kat, Olivia and VJ. as they go for a coffee date in Los Angeles with their five-month-old son Saynt. These actors and musicians all launched their careers on one of Australia's During his time on "Home and Away," he started dating his costar. Stewart previously dated fellow Home and Away cast member Isabella Giovinazzo and was engaged for five years to his Packed To The.

After she left the show, Wright made her way to Hollywood. Wright then moved to L. These days, Wright is focusing on her family instead of her career and can be found back in her native Australia posting pictures of her and her family on Instagram.

Tempany Deckert — then This uniquely named actress starred in Home and Away as Selina Roberts, a grungy and rebellious teenager. Before landing the role, Deckert was studying to be an actress and she even moved to New York in order to pursue more training. She earned a Logie nomination a major Australian awards show for most popular actress as a result of her portrayal of Selina. In hopes of expanding her career, Deckert moved to L.

Tempany Deckert — now Although Tempany Deckert has not found much fame as an actress, having only appeared in a few projects after Home and Away, she did find popularity as an author. Deckert continues to act but on stage, instead of the screen.

home and away actors dating costars

She has appeared in productions at a number of theater companies in Australia. Hewitt has been acting since she was just five and she appeared in a number of commercials. She landed her first television role in on the show Police Rescue. The role of Hayley Smith led her to be nominated for a number of awards and she ultimately won a Logie in in the category of most popular actress.

Bec Hewitt — now After leaving the show inHewitt married Australian tennis player, Lleyton Hewitt and they have had three children since then.

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The 34 year-old also appeared on Dancing with the Stars in Inshe appeared on an Australian television special and received mostly negative reviews. Tammin Sursok — then Wow! Australians seem to have some interesting names. Tammin played the role of the less oddly named Dani Sutherland from until Dani is another rebellious teen and she later takes on the role of manager at the Caravan Park.

Following her time on the show, she explained in an interview that she had an incredible experience on the show.

home and away actors dating costars

The fans loved her too as she won a Logie Award for most popular actress. Tammin Sursok — now Tammin Sursok is now 34 years-old and since her time on Home and Away she has been doing a lot of acting and singing. From until she released two solo albums and the single, Whatever Will Be even landed at number 13 on the ARIA singles charts. Sursok is married to actor Sean McEwen and the couple has one child.

Even though her character is rude and often confrontational, she still had a lot of fans. Nicolle began acting as a little girl in the theater company called Keane Kids. She got a degree in visual arts from Sydney College of the Arts and while still in school, she went for an audition for Home and Away and landed the role! She is one of the few actors on the show to have appeared in the pilot episode.

Nicolle Dickson Nicolle Dickson has stayed far away from the spotlight since her time on Home and Away. Today she is working at an accountancy firm in New South Wales and has two children with her husband James Bell.

Jason Smith — then Jason Smith played Robbie Hunter who had one of the most interesting and complex storylines. Robbie has a lot of drama in his life as he has an HIV scare and was also accused of murdering his grandfather. Portraying him took a lot of talent and nuance, and Smith had these in spades: He was nominated for a most popular new male talent award for his portrayal of Robbie Hunter.

InSmith came full circle after he wrote and episode of Home and Away. Inthe actor reprised his role as the red Power Ranger for one episode on the show Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Brummer played the role of Shane Parrish who falls into a dangerous group after neglecting his studies.

Brummer was on the show for five years and his role won him two Logie Awards for most popular actor.

7 real life soap couples who are dating co-stars off screen from Emmerdale to Coronation Street

When his character was killed off, hearts across Australia were broken. Brummer appeared on the hospital drama Medivac as well as on the show Shark Bay. Inhe participated in a reality show called Celebrity Circus and two years later he admitted on a radio show that he was working as a window cleaner in between acting jobs.

She made her introduction into the acting world after joining Twelfth Night Theatre Group for children. Her last acting credit was in when she made a guest appearance on Home and Away. He then landed the role of John West on Home and Away. West was a lifeguard who eventually worked his way up to become the town mayor. Collopy played the role form until and then again from to He left the show after his character was accidentally killed. Daniel Collopy — now Now 39 years old, Daniel has since left the world of acting to focus instead on his love of photography.

Collopy studied visual communication at a design school in Melbourne before he made his way to California to pursue a career in the field. And while these days, his main area of focus is still life and interior photography, it is clear from this picture that he also knows how to take a very good selfie. Jessica Tovey — then Jessica Tovey portrayed the role of the sassy and rebellious girl, Belle Taylor who came to Summer Bay in order to find her birth mother.

Belle and Aden Jefferies had a romantic relationship but when the actors who played them heard about this, they both complained to producer, as they did not get along in real life. Eventually Aden and Belle tie the knot, however, shortly after Belle dies after she is diagnosed with cancer. Inone year before she left Home and Away, Tovey was hired as the new American spokesperson for the shoe company Skechers.

Max and his father arrive in Summer Bay and he becomes a permanent resident after his father goes to Hong Kong in order to escape his gambling debts. On one occasion a new student, Eloise, shows up at Summer Bay and confides in Max that she is dying of Leukaemia. Lincoln Lewis — then Lincoln Lewis really deserved to play the role of Geoff Campbell as he had to audition for the part for two years.

home and away actors dating costars

Geoff Campbell was introduced alongside his sister Annie who were raised as religious Christians by their grandfather. Due to his upbringing, Campbell was more socially awkward than his peers and many of his storylines revolved around him being inexperienced when it came to romantic relationships.

Geoff eventually dated Claudia Hammond and it was believed that he was the father of her baby.

home and away actors dating costars

Lincoln Lewis — now Lincoln Lewis has been acting since he was 13 years old and he has appeared on H2O: It was rumored that Laura was dating the actor who played Tug, Tristan Bancks, however the actors denied it. Laura Vasquez — now Laura Vasquez left the show in in order to pursue her music career, however, her hopes of being a famous singer never materialized.

Vasquez has not acted in anything since her time on the soap opera and according to her Twitter page, she is now working as a makeup artist on the set of Home and Away.

home and away actors dating costars

She often posts throwback pictures of her in her school uniform that her character wore on the show. Norman Coburn — then Norman Coburn played the role of Donald Fisher who was one of the only characters who appeared on Home and Away since the show began. Donald Fisher is the headmaster of the high school in the Bay and the main antagonist on the show. Coburn first appeared on the show in until but he came back to do guest appearances until He only made one acting appearance following his time on the soap opera, in a comedy series called The Hollowmen.

His last public appearance was in when he appeared in a reunion photoshoot for Home and Away. Nowadays, the retired 80 year-old actor resides with his family in Tasmania. Christie Hayes — then Christie Hayes portrayed the role of the similarly named Kirsty Sutherland on Home and Away from until and again from until The character of Kirsty changed quite a bit over the course of the show as she started out as a little girl but eventually became a divorced, single mother who needed to work in the adult industry in order to pay her bills.

Hayes had a controversial relationship with Kane Philips who once abused her sister Dani Sutherland. Christie Hayes — now Christie Hayes did not have many acting credits prior to appearing on Home and Away and she has not had any since she left the show. The actress majored in drama at college and even before that, she was approached to a model when she was eight years old. After leaving the show the first time, Hayes worked as the face of Pepsi Light in Some of these include an instance where he abused Dani Sutherland and when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Kristy and Kane begin dating but Sarah Lewis eventually tells Kirsty that Kane is cheating on her, though he denies the accusations. Kristy decides to stand by Kane after he finds out he has cancer. Once he finished his studies at the age of 20 he appeared in an independent film called City Loop.

His breakout role was as Kane on Home and Away and he also appeared on another Australian soap opera called headLand. While Atwell has not appeared in anything since, he is working on his own film and theater company and he has produced his own plays alongside some of his Home and away co-stars.

Jade arrives in Summer Bay along with the rest of the Sutherland family including her twin sister Kirsty and her older sister Dani. Jade is a ballet dancer and after competing with her rival Tonya in dance class, she develops an eating disorder.

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Later in the series Jade discovers she was switched at birth, which leads her to have an identity crisis. Kate Garven — today Since her time on Home and Away, Kate Garven has been keeping a low profile and is focusing on her family life. At age 18, she met and married a director on Home and Away named Ben Field. The couple moved from Australia to England for a few years and eventually returned home where Garven gave birth to their first born son, Bailee. Since then she has given birth to two more sons, Jai and Mannix.

Danny Raco — then Danny Raco played the role of Alex Poulos on Home and Away from until and he made several guest appearances throughout Alex was a very macho character who came off as confident to everyone around him, however, in reality he was not very secure. Alex eventually starts a relationship with Hayley Smith but he gets involved in a love triangle when another girl he loved, Brodie returns.

Alex and Brodie marry but ultimately get divorced. He then landed the role of Alex on Home and Away but he left the series in in order to appear on an Australian crime drama show, Blue Heelers. He stayed on the show until it ended in and inhe returned to Home and Away and he is now a director on the series. Donna grew up on Summer Bay and she returns as an adult and reconnects with her former lover, Rob. Donna takes a job at the high school to be closer to Rob, however, he backs away from her after finding out she has cancer.

Donna eventually dates Travis and the two move to Canada together, however, Travis returns a couple months later and reveals that Donna is now dating someone else. In addition to producing, she has worked as a director, writer and casting director. The actor returned in and continued to make frequent guest appearances until Will marries Gypsy and leaves Summer Bay but he eventually returns after the marriage ends.

Will transforms from a troublemaker into a good father to his daughter Lilly. He made many guest appearances on the show after leaving full-time and he even appeared in the th episode of the soap opera. Inthe actor appeared in the Australian medical drama All Saints where he played a victim of a bus crash.

Drayson returned to Home and Away again from until The actor who is now 35, appeared in the drama series Winter in Debra Lawrence — then Debra Lawrence was the second actress to portray the role of Pippa Ross which she did from until Pippa is the resident foster mother in Summer Bay and she and her husband Tom offere a stable home to many children throughout the series. Pippa also faces many devastating issues as one of her biological children dies of sudden infant death syndrome and her husband unexpectedly passes away.

She remarries but her second husband also passes away. She was first introduced to the world of drama when she was part of the Night Theatre Group for children. She is now working as a director.

Her character is passionate about journalism. Later in the show her character is sadly diagnosed with cancer and dies not long after she marries Aden. Jessica Tovey — Now The 29 year old actress became the face of Skechers inin fact she became the firs non American to ever represent the brand. She appeared in in Underbelly: The Golden Mile and in Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo in Sebastian Elmaloglou — Then Before his stint on the long running show, Sebastian studied acting as well as singing and dancing at the Lynda Keane Studios.

He first appeared on stage with Sydney Theatre Company. The actor played the role of Max Sutherland, the nephew of Rhys and Shelley Sutherland who leaves the bay in order to attend boarding school. He left the show in Lincoln Lewis — Then Lewis played the role of Geoff Campbell and he was introduced alongside his on screen sister, Annie. Geoff and his sister were raised religiously on their family farm by their grandfather.

Lewis kicked off his acting career when he was only thirteen. In he had his film debut in the film Aquamarine. In he was cast on Home and Away which marked a breakthrough in his career. In channel Seven announced that he would be joining the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars. Laura Vasquez — Then While she was only on the show for two years, Laura Vasquez was one of the most loved characters in the Bay.

It was also a great learning experience. I feel very grateful to have been cast in such an iconic show. She married MN8 lead singer, and the couple have two girls together. Norman Coburn — Then Coburn was one of the few characters who appeared on the show from its very first day. Due to his long serving as an actor, he was featured in the Guinness World records for the longest serving performer in an Australian series.

Christie Hayes — Then Hayes began her acting career at the age of eight. Although she was approached to and offered to become a model, the actress preferred to turn to acting and as a child she was part of many plays. She was cast on Home and Away as Kirsty Phillips Sutherland in and she was an inseparable part of the cast for nine years. Already as little boy, Atwell was passionate about acting and he took many drama courses while still in school.

The aspiring actor founded a school-sponsored theatre company while still in high school. The company produced plays including Property of the Clan and more.

The cast of Home and Away in real life

Sam Atwell — Now After Atwell left the show, he continued to be in the industry and he starred in Wonderland. He also continues to work behind the scenes as a writer and producer. Furze also appeared in the film Jessica. In Furze played Trent in Underbelly: He also had a stint in the American film, Strays. One of her storylines involved a revelation of being switched at birth. Kate Garven — Now Kate became a house-hold name. When she left the show at a fairly young age and she married director, Ben Field when she was Three years later he was cast as Alex Poulos on the primetime soap opera.

Danny Raco — Now These days, Raco works as a director on Home and Away, the show he was part of as an actor for a few years. The part almost went to actress Kimberley Joseph who auditioned for the same role. Perhaps that is the reason she only stayed for nine months. She eventually changed her phone number and that was the end of it.

He was part of the show from to Zac Drayson — Now Drayon had a couple of guest appearances between and When he returned to the show, it was for many different occasions. One of them was after his relationship with his wife was going downhill. Since his a final departure inDrayson landed a couple of television roles including ones in All Saints, Always Greener and more. She first appeared on the show in when she replaced actress Vanessa Downing, who played the role of Pippa before. She serves as a host of a communication skills workshop where she helps women all over the country to be better heard and noticed at their work environments.

Before his time on the show he appeared in many commercial and has done some modeling. Chris Egan — Now When Egan left the show it was in order to pursue a career in Hollywood, as it turned out it was a smart move on his part because he ended up landing several roles on television and in film. Alex Papps — Then Papps is the first actor who appeared on the very first episode of the show when it aired in The television host, singer and actress played the role of Frank Morgan, the original foster child.

Alex Papps — Now Alex played his part from to and after he left the show, he continued to appear in a few series including Blue Heelers, The Saddle Club and Stingers. He was cast as one of the lead roles on the popular soap opera, Noah Lawson. He stayed on the show for four years. His death on the show broke the hearts of fans as well as his wife on the show, Hayley Smith, played by actress Bec Hewiit. Brady and Hewitt were also engaged in real life but they are no longer together.

Isla Fisher — Then The sassy redhead actress made her first acting steps on the popular soap opera when she was cast as Shannon Reed in Fisher earned a Logie Award nomination in the category of Most Popular actress for her performance. She is married to actor Sasha Baron Cohen and they have two children. His first appearance was in November, where he played the photography teacher. He left in February He was married to actress Michelle Williams from to For this accomplishment, he holds the Guinness Book of World Record for the longest-serving actor in an Australian series role.

Throughout the past 3 decades, Ray has also become a veteran screen actor. She first made her Home and Away debut in and made her first departure in Then, she reprised her role as Marilyn inonly to leave again in Her final apearance as the character was inas she moved from Australia to star in another popular soap drama, Emmerdale. For a brief period of time she dated her Emmerdale co-star, Matt Healy, but the on-screen turned off-screen pair split up sometime in She has been playing the same character, Leah Patterson-Baker, for 16 years now.

Ada was also known for hosting the reality television show, Please Marry My Boy, and inwas the emerging champion on season 3 of Dancing with the Stars.

Inthe couple separated briefly and reconciled a month later. InAda and her husband announced that they were pregnant with their second child. Sadly, Ada gave birth to a stillborn later that year and subsequently, she and Chrys separated in Ada also works as an ambassador for Save Our Sons, an organization that researches Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

She is the second original cast member to still remain on the Australian soap, after Ray Meagher. She also competed in the 14th season of Dancing with the Stars.

Lynne hs been in a partnership for more than 30 years with Paul McWater and together they share one daughter.