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We can get only the product of the 2 numbers from their LCM & HCF. Let me illustrate How do I find one number when the other number, HCF and LCM is given? k Views · View 18 Upvoters Is this answer still relevant and up to date? .. a and b can be (1,12) and (3,4) so corresponding pairs are (2,24) and ( 6,8). Hcf and lcm of 18 and 24 dating - Are emily osment and jimmy tatro dating. Originally posted by Butch The only Glocks that came with. Example: You have two numbers x=8 and y= LCM of x,y = GCF of x,y = 4 ( LCM of x and y) X (GCF of x and y) = XY 24 X 4 = 8 X

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