Freddy and lisa marie dating

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freddy and lisa marie dating

Anyhow, her husband (Freddie Light) was her whole production crew. Since Lisa-Marie has taken over, she and Sean have introduced new. Join Date: Apr I thought Lisa and Freddy were together. At least with Lisa Marie talking about her 90 day challenge sounds good right. Lisa, you're amazing. These people are jealous:) I'm impressed with everything you do. I've been following your workouts for more than 3 years already and i.

The information I post is what I inferred from what I read and searched on Google. This is an opinionated post between two fitness trainers I am currently following.

It is by far the best free fitness site I have run into next to Sixpackshortcuts but I am still looking for other fitness trainers as well I have plenty of time currently so the majority of it is spent on youtube looking for new and free fitness gurus. Tv is a high intensity interval training fitness program aka HIIT that you can do in your home.

What that means is in a set amount of time you will execute a maximum number of repetitions during a number of sections for so many sets. You have twelve minutes to do four exercises.

freddy and lisa marie dating

Each exercise will be repeated three times in any order you feel comfortable doing them in for fifty seconds execution and ten second break; capisci? Its dynamic like pylometrics.

Blatheration: My Bodyrock Breakup

Its not only an exercise site but a massive support system from a plethora of people all around the world. People are bodyrocking in every continent except Antarctica but you never know, polar bears and penguins might be pushing out a couple burpees.

The co-founders of Bodyrock.

freddy and lisa marie dating

Tv was a married couple. The trainer is a bombshell of a woman name Zuzka Light. If I were to change my sexuality, she would be my ideal partner. Zuzka is, I believe, a licensed personal trainer. Anyhow, her husband Freddie Light was her whole production crew. I give major props to this guy cause constructing one video and have it posted the same day takes a lot of work.

These two started doing their thing back in when they were living in Europe Canada, maybe and almost everyday Zuzka would prepare a grueling but fun work out. She would say a short motivating speech and go on with the exercise. You get to see her sweat, struggle, groan and sometimes collaspe from exhaustion.

This may sound a bit sadistic but its rejuvinating to see someone with that caliber of a body struggling through an exercise like plain Jane and average Joe. Zuzka and Freddie did a number of other things including exercising.

freddy and lisa marie dating

These two would share recipes, pep talks, fashion hauls, traveling adventures; in summation, they opened up their marriage life for the world to see, literally. Unfortunately, something negative happened between them and a divorce reason unknown was in progress which impacted the Bodyrock community immensely. From the comments I have read, many were heartbroken, surprised, and felt as though the co-founders were breaking up with the bodyrockers.

I admit I was a bit taken back by it.

Johnny Depp and Lisa Marie Presley ‘are a couple’

Zuzka is was the face of the organization. Tv with Zuzka, period. Since Zuzka has left, Freddie maybe Zuzka as well was looking for a new representative face.

Zuzana and Freddy and Freddy's creepy glasses in happier times. Then, just about a year ago, in November ofFreddy and Zuzana announced they would be splitting up. Freddy would be continuing to maintain Bodyrock. TV with new hosts, and Zuzana, or Zuzka as her fans affectionately call her, would be finding her own way.

The Beginning of the End Like many of Bodyrock. TV's millions of fans, I was heartbroken when I heard the news that Freddy and Zuzka would be separating. After years of following their workouts daily, listening to Zuzka's coffee talks, and learning about their lives, it truly felt like I was losing a friend. I knew in my brain that these were just people on the internet that I had never met, but it truly seemed like so much more than that.

I had become a part of the Bodyrock.

freddy and lisa marie dating

TV community, had shared my fitness journey with other followers, and had even had a brief e-mail correspondence with Freddy himself. Despite not personally knowing these internet fitness gurus, Zuzana leaving the site was going to have a direct, albeit minor, effect on my day to day life.

However, as sad as I was about Zuzka's departure, I remained steadfastly loyal the Bodyrock brand. After all, as much as I had grown to like Zuzana, I was really in it for the workouts.

As a dancer and performer, daily exercise is as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth and I wasn't about to give up on the free, high-quality workouts I had come to expect from Bodyrock just because the face behind the camera was different. This is when things started to get weird.

New Hosts, New Attitudes Almost immediately after the sudden and kind of off-putting departure of Zuzana, Freddy moved back to Canada to live with his brother Sean and started bringing in new hosts.

Along with Sean, a bevy of beautiful girls with admittedly lackluster camera presence began rotating through the workouts. Finally, after many failed attempts, Freddy and Co.

TV began to change. One of the things I really liked about Zuzana was that she genuinely seemed to exude the message that anyone, with hard work and dedication, could change their life for the better. Zuzana made no effort to conceal her past life as a porn star, and while she made it clear that her life had moved in a completely new direction, she was very honest about her experiences and how they had shaped her as a person.

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Zuzka stated that those years "led to years of darkness and abuse". Mere months after Lisa Marie moved in with Freddy and stepped in as host, big changes started happening.

Lisa Marie started working out in only her underwear. The promotional pictures that seemed harmlessly sexy with Zuzana, began to take on the edge of softcore porn. We found out that Lisa Marie and Freddy were dating.

The camera techniques that seemed flirty with Zuzana - the camera scanning over her boobs and butt while she worked out, began to seem downright dirty. Lisa Marie bent over chairs in overtly sexual positions, Freddy letting the camera linger in decidedly inappropriate places so long that you couldn't even see the exercises or easily follow the workout.

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Example of the now-typical attire and camera angles. Then came the body modification. We were given the "privilege" of following Lisa Marie behind the scenes as she got a boob job. Video updates with Lisa Marie in a hospital gown and Freddy in his ever present indoor sunglasses Seriously, Freddy?

What is up with that? Soon after, before she even had the chance to recover properly from the boob job, Lisa Marie had undergone a nose job, lip injections, hair extensions, and what appears to be forehead filler. The focus of Bodyrock shifted noticeably from health and fitness to body modification and sex appeal. One might wonder what the difference between Lisa Marie and Zuzana really is, since after all Zuzana had surgically enhanced breasts as well.

On this topic I can only say this: With Zuzana I never got the feeling that she was promoting surgery. She rarely discussed it, it was a personal decision that she made before starting Bodyrock and she left it at that.

Her focus was always fitness and health first, and that was something I could respect. With Lisa Marie, her enhancements are featured front and center. Her surgeries are the hot topic at Bodyrock now,and the real reasons for the site - nutrition and exercise - have fallen by the wayside. Backlash and the Emergence of the "Haters" Almost instantaneously, and with good reason, objections, confusion, and opposition took over the comments section of Bodyrock.

TV and the host's Facebook pages. People decried the hypocrisy of Lisa Marie's decision to get cosmetic surgery.

Lisa Marie Presley Dating Johnny Depp? Dating Rumors Surface - Hollywood News Daily

You can't tout a message of "love yourself for who you are" and then turn around and change every single distinguishable aspect about your body without people sitting up and taking notice. And although Lisa Marie's decision was a personal one, as the face of movement with millions of followers an explanation regarding her decision to alter her body probably would could have saved Bodyrock a lot of frustration.

Instead, the hosts of Bodyrock reacted with astounding immaturity. They posted increasingly provocative photos. They posted polls regarding touchy issues, like whether Lisa Marie working out in a bra was too provocative.

freddy and lisa marie dating

They continued to feature Lisa Marie's surgeries, while writing blog posts decrying the "haters" and encouraging followers to post "positive" comments. In laymen's terms, they stirred the pot. And they seemed to delight in doing so. Lisa Marie before and after. Freddy currently maintains the site with almost a Big Brother-like attitude.

A quick glance down any particular page will yield comments like: You guys are the best, don't let the trolls get you down! Get rid of the negative energy! Because there is some extreme censoring going on.