Evan rachel wood and jamie bell dating

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evan rachel wood and jamie bell dating

Evan Rachel Wood (born September 7, ) is an American actress, model, and musician. .. Wood began dating English actor Jamie Bell for a year in after they co-starred in the music video for Green Day's song "Wake Me Up When . Actress Evan Rachel Wood and British boyfriend Jamie Bell headed down to Wood then dated Marilyn Manson (remember?!) and the two were engaged in. Ides of March actress Evan Rachel Wood is spotted on a possible date with ex- boyfriend Jamie Bell.

That poster In Wood happened to play with Edward Norton in a much talked about romance Down in the Valley, and in Evan got the main role of a school wrongdoer in a black comedy Pretty Persuasion. It is a film series about vampires blended among common people when scientists invented blood alternative that had been popular during all seasons.

During series realization the actress had chained her heart to her character and later she many times said that would play a strong, self-confident woman again. Working as a world star blown Evan's mind so that after the shoots she claimed herself to be bisexual and complained of impossibility to marry Kate, who by the way played a role of her mother, a housewife, deciding to start with a clean sheet.

Jamie Bell and ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood and Their son

She transformed into an android named Dolores, who can hardly be differed from a common girl. Every her day is like a previous one, because she is a worker of a theme entertainment park, whose memory is being deleted every night until once the program fails.

For Evan the project participation became not only a great deal, but also a way to get world popularity, because even the first part was viewed by a 2 million audience. A year old Evan met with Edward Norton at the shoots of Down in the Valley and soon the tabloids discussed the details of the passionate affair between actors not stopped by a solid age gap. Edward Norton and Rachel Wood were dating in real life Evan Rachel also had relationships with an outrageous artist Marilyn Manson — they were dating for a long time, separated, and even were betrothed.

Although their engagement was dissolved, as Rachel put it, the time spent with a rock singer was the brightest and wildest period of her life.

evan rachel wood and jamie bell dating

She adored his provocative image, felt very comfortable next to him, and took as a compliment if someone called her as cranky as Manson. By the way at that time Wood really changed: And the next year she married cinema actor Jamie Bell. In their son was born, but less than in a year the couple divorced. Evan Rachel Wood married Jamie Bell When Wood became free, she constantly gave the tabloids rise to ascribe another boy- or girlfriend to her.

Evan Rachel Wood age, son, husband and engagements as Westworld returns | Metro News

You can't hold back. We all knew that the only way we would pull this [movie] off was for everyone to give everything they had. I could not hold back. Whenever something bad happens, I just always have to tell myself that this is happening for a reason, and I have to be learning something from this and taking something away from this. And you just have to think about the big picture, and you have to remember just how small you are in the grand scheme of things, and that in the long run, you're probably going to be okay.

So that's all I kept thinking about Oh God, I worry about everything, such as I'm gonna say something stupid.

I'm not good at communicating what's going on in my head. I just hate all that [show-business mingling]. I just have to come back to reality for a little bit, have a real life. I hang out with my friends, read, go to concerts and try and travel as much as I can. It's pretty easy to stay out of that if you want to. There are other places. I really like being able to go out anywhere and nobody really cares. I'm usually pretty shy around people and pretty private.

So yeah, it is a little weird all of a sudden to see yourself everywhere with your tongue hanging out! And a pierced tongue! I used to not even be able to order pizza on the phone because I was just so shy. I think that's why so much comes out on-screen, because that's my time to let go in a safe place.

When you're doing that, it's all written down on paper and it's total fiction. These are my first plates! What am I going to get? What do I do?! And crazy, by the way, is the highest compliment I pay. Hopefully I am, too. I've never been more comfortable in my own skin.

You get a script that's not very good, and they're offering you millions of dollars, but you think, "Okay, this script is so bad, I won't even do it for a million dollars". And then it gets to 1 at the box office, and people ask, "Don't you regret not doing that? It has to be the right circumstances. I couldn't have thought of a better way to do it because it wasn't a sex scene.

It's a sleeping woman and somebody is singing something, which is one of the most beautiful songs written about a woman, period. And he's singing about you. I like to do movies that I don't expect everyone to like.

evan rachel wood and jamie bell dating

If someone comes up to me and says, "I hated that movie you did", I think, "At least you felt passionate about it. It stuck with you and you had some feeling about it". I'd love to [make an album], but I've just never met people who didn't want to turn me into some pop diva.

Evan Rachel Wood age, son and relationships including Marilyn Manson as Westworld returns

I've always hung out with guys, but it's hard to find really good guy relationships that don't get weird. And it never has with us, once. He can say something, or I can say something, and we automatically get it. And that's really nice when you can find somebody who needs no explanation. Falling in love is one of the scariest and hardest things that someone can do, but it's also the most amazing thing that can happen to you. I've always had a real fascination with Alice in Wonderland and really related to it in some way.

And since I was little, people always nicknamed me Alice, even total strangers. I do know I'm always in Wonderland. And I'm definitely just as curious. I don't mind being amongst the mad people, I enjoy it. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl.

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