Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics online dating

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clinical pharmacy and therapeutics online dating

Clinical pharmacology & therapeutics (CPT) is an exciting and tremendously . by the specialty on Medical Care – the RCP's online guide to service design. Clinical Pharmacology provides me the security and peace of mind to know I will find the exact information I seek, in clear and concise wording, and in a timely. Access clinical pharmacy resources to help you find answers to drug and clinical pharmacy problems and keep up to date with the latest clinical guidelines. ResourceClinical is an online resource portal directory containing clinical and drug information links. We have an extensive range of web Parenteral Drug Therapy.

clinical pharmacy and therapeutics online dating

Consequently, if you are interested in CPT training and do not meet the requirements for GIM, prior to applying you are advised to contact the training programme director at the region s in which you are considering working to find out if it will be possible for a single accredited CPT programme to be offered. You will not be required to give any preferences of particular regions when completing your application; you are applying purely for the specialty at that stage.

clinical pharmacy and therapeutics online dating

Later on, you will be required to give preferences of the available posts — at that point, you can opt to be considered for as many or as few post vacancies available nationally as you wish.

This lead region will review all applications, liaise with all candidates, host interviews, verify assessments, and make offers on behalf of all regions nationally. Your application will be handled solely by the lead region throughout the entire round, up to the point where you receive and accept an offer; after which it will be transferred to the region where the post is based for pre-employment checks.

clinical pharmacy and therapeutics online dating

All interviews will be held at this lead region although the clinicians making up the interview panel will be drawn from a national background — ie not just from the host region. It is possible that there could be changes between now and the interview period.

clinical pharmacy and therapeutics online dating

Please bear this in mind when reviewing the information below, although in most cases it is not expected this will change, or any changes will be minimal. You are advised to check back in closer to the time of interview. Interview content You will spend approximately 15 minutes at each of the three interview stations, with three-to-five minutes' transfer time between each.

Click on the relevant stations below for more information on the content of the interview.

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Please note that this is subject to change, and will be confirmed by the date of interview. Evidence checking Normally your evidence folder will have been reviewed by the interviewers immediately prior to your arrival in the station. Areas for assessment The two main aspects of discussion here, on which you will be assessed, will be your suitability for and commitment to ST3 training in the specialty, and your achievements and engagement with training and learning to date.

Scoring at the station It is important to recognise that the scores awarded to you at this station will not purely be about your achievements, as this already contributes towards the scoring via your application form.

Clinical Pharmacology

Interviewers will be deciding upon scores via a combination of factors, for example: Upon arrival at the station you will be asked questions relating to this scenario. Scenario considerations The scenario will describe a hypothetical clinical situation which has arisen in which you are, or have become, involved. Some points to consider when reviewing the scenario and preparing for discussion are: This will be both an assessment of how you would communicate with patients, colleagues, etc.

Interview station 3 At station 3, you will be asked to give a presentation, which you are expected to prepare in advance on a given subject see below. This will be followed by discussion of your presentation between you and the interviewers; and then a general discussion regarding research and academic medicine.

Additionally, Clinical Pharmacology allows you to browse lists, such as Monographs A-Z or Investigational Monographs, for instant access to content.

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Benefits In today's world where patient treatment is becoming more complex and healthcare professionals must stay current with the rapid advancement of new therapies, it's more important than ever to have a strong drug information resource you can depend on.

As healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand that it's all about balancing the need for speed with accurate and comprehensive answers. That's what Clinical Pharmacology does for you exceptionally well -- delivers a complete solution designed around you and your needs.

Maximize Time Receive the information you need in a few clicks.

clinical pharmacy and therapeutics online dating

No other drug information resource works as simply and efficiently as Clinical Pharmacology. We know how valuable your time is. Increase Productivity Having one source for all drug-related answers is key. Enhance Patient Care Clinical Pharmacology will help you speed through tasks like researching drug data and screening for clinical problems, freeing you up to focus your time, attention and expertise on drug counseling for patients and prescribers.

Tools and Add-on Modules Take advantage of the ultimate integrated drug, disease and medical information solution. Build your Clinical Pharmacology subscription your way by adding these tools: With this module comes extensive information regarding drug-drug and drug-solution stability and compatibility, and expanded information for extemporaneous compounded products e.

Clinical Calculators from MedCalc Instantly subtract minutes of complicated calculations from your drug dosing and clinical evaluation routines.

Perform complex dosing calculations in just seconds to make your job easier, speed up your daily workflow, ensure accuracy to avoid dangerous drug errors, and concentrate your valuable time on patient care. Working with our development partner MedCalcClinical Pharmacology offers an extensive list of calculators many of which were developed especially for Clinical Pharmacology users.

Clinical Pharmacology

Global Drug Name Directory powered by Index Nominum Wherever people go, their medications go with them — across the country, across the street or across the world. Drug products may be recognized by different names or have different ingredients depending on the country of origin. To ensure safety and accuracy, health professionals must have the right tools for managing international medication encounters.

Add the Global Drug Name Directory to your online Clinical Pharmacology subscription and gain the ability to conveniently search for, and retrieve, international brand and generic drug product names, country of origin, and drug manufacturer information.

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FormChecker FormChecker is an easy-to-use formulary management and communication system that aids in Joint Commission compliance, ensures pharmacy guidelines are followed and reduces time spent on management of formulary conversions.

OnFormulary also reduces the time clinicians spend resolving formulary problems, cutting administrative costs. Clinical Pharmacology Toolkit This workflow integration solution is a complimentary service for our customers who access Clinical Pharmacology via IP-authentication.