Cece and gunther dating episodes

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cece and gunther dating episodes

Cy is the romantic/friendship pairing of Ty Blue and CeCe Jones (C/ece and T/y). Rocky could be disturbed that her best friend is dating her brother and would. Cece realises she needs a boyfriend so goes speed dating. Episode Information Gunther says: "He didn't deserve a girl as great as you" then kisses her. Gunther convinces CeCe to accept Deuce's dare - a dare that says that Gunther and CeCe, It happened again!the kids are trapped in a special truth or dare episode, But now Flynn and GeCe, different ages, married, dating, and so on.

Would she find some letters?

cece and gunther dating episodes

How would it be like? T - English - Romance - Chapters: Her best friend wouldn't react so good and he wouldn't like her back, or would he? And Gunther likes Cece too, but is afraid to tell her if she doesn't return the feelings.

And Tinka could be mad. What if Tinka just confessed her feelings for Ty? Read, discover and review. OneShot, Tynka and GeCe. What happens when Gunther offers Rocky a ride In more ways than one? Read and Review Shake It Up! Irresistible by EiryMartins reviews Cece and Gunther went to the dance together. They had a fun night, but then, what will Gunther's reaction and thoughts when they arrive Cece's apartment door?

Based on 'Truly,Madly,Deeply' my fav song: D Shake It Up! Wanna have sex with me? You know, just as friends. In the start,she really don't cares, but in a question of time, she starts to miss Gunther and realize she wants him back. When he realize it, will be too late? K - English - Romance - Chapters: Now they are Seniors and things are becoming alot difficult between them, thank to the help of Tinka.

Gunther and CeCe are finally together, but meet a few rivals down the line.

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But he also gets ready to do something when the priest says "Speak now or forever hold your peace. Even more when she remember the afternoon with Gunther.

If he asks her what's her wish,what'd she answer? Alternative end to 'Surprise It Up'. Inspired in Everytime We Touch by Cascada. We Hurt And Fix: But at the dance, when they fought, she regretted sending bad advices to his cousins and in the next day, all theirs thoughts came out. And Gunther is determined to show her that she is wrong. Gunther was cocky, insensitive and sexist.

But CeCe fell in love with him anyway. Now all she has to do is tell Deuce that she's in love with Gunther. Contains GeCe, language and sexual content. But Gunther will not give up on Cece that easy,and that will make Cece's dad very angry. Rated M for violence. Underestimated me, and practiced bullying,then excluded me. But when I thought I was dead And made me feel special.

Right after an accident,Cece's sad, and didn't gave up yet. Gunther and CeCe both don't understand most of what the judge says. During Gunther's flashback, CeCe went on her knees and seemed to be begging and looking at Gunther, and Gunther smiled and looked like he thought it was cute.

When Deuce played everyone the real footage, and the girls were done dancing, CeCe and Gunther stood close together. Gunther said he will protect the girls, including CeCe. When pointing at Gary, Gunther and CeCe stood very close to each other. When pointing at Gary, Gunther's arm was touching CeCe. CeCe looks the most disbelieving when Gunther runs away screaming after saying that he would protect the girls.

Date date date it up

CeCe is leaning against Gunther when they are hiding in the supply closet. When the light fell, Gunther's hands were really close to CeCe, like he was going to hold her. When the show was finished, Gunther and CeCe came out from the same side of the stage.

Gunther and CeCe help Gary up. At the end, there was a reference to Scooby Doo, when Sammy said "I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids! When Gunther picked up Tinka and ran away, CeCe stared after him. At the beginning when Tinka was finished talking, you can see CeCe staring at Gunther.

When CeCe and Rocky were checking the basement to prove that there's no phantom, and when they met Gunther and Tinka at the studio, and when they met Gary at the studio too, CeCe had a sparkly gold top on, something Gunther and Tinka would wear. In many part of this episode CeCe and Gunther are really close.

When they are in the supply closet, and the janitor told Gunther to stop putting herring in the microwave, CeCe looked at him and he sunk down of embarrassment. When Gunther was embarrassed about the herring and was sinking down, CeCe looked at him for the longest out of the three girls.

When Tinka said "There is CeCe. But we've learnt to live with you" Gunther smiled sweetly at her. CeCe is still standing in front of Gunther when confronting Gary. When the show was finished, Gunther and CeCe came out together.

When the light fell, CeCe was scared and leaned further into Gunther. After the dance, CeCe and Gunther stand really close to each other. After the dance, CeCe was standing in front of Gunther.

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After the dance, CeCe's and Gunther's arms were touching. When CeCe shouted "Gary! Gunther doesn't look like he minds at all when CeCe leans on him. After helping Gary up, Gunther and CeCe look like they were looking into each other's eyes at one point. When CeCe says that she doesn't snore, Gunther answers "Yes, you do! Even before Tinka insulted CeCe, Gunther was staring at her. When CeCe was taking Rocky in front of the camera, Gunther was looking and smiling at her.

When CeCe screams, Gunther looks at her. Both CeCe and Gunther join in the protest against the uniforms. When Tinka said her biggest nightmare was coming true; wearing the same pants as CeCe, Gunther didn't join in and start throwing insults and CeCe.

Gunther's smile wasn't as big as before when Tinka insulted CeCe. At first Gunther and CeCe didn't want to wear the uniforms. When CeCe screamed, Gunther looked over at her and his hand was on his heart. CeCe probably invited Gunther and Tinka at the protest because she didn't seem that surprised when they showed up.

cece and gunther dating episodes

Gunther and CeCe stood next to each other quite a few times during the protest.