Brian hallisay and joanna garcia dating

Interview With Privileged Stars JoAnna Garcia & Brian Hallisay |

brian hallisay and joanna garcia dating

Actress Joanna Garcia attends the ''Street Sexy'' fashion show a hot dude ( Brian Hallisay) next door who happens to be dating her estranged. The pregnant actress and her Client List costar started dating in early , and Privileged, Brian Hallisay, JoAnna Garcia, Kristina Apgar. JoAnna Garcia Swisher. Leo. Brian Hallisay · View Profile Brian Hallisay. Scorpio . brought to you by. Brian Hallisay and JoAnna Garcia dating history powered.

We tell these real stories with a lot of heart and humor.

brian hallisay and joanna garcia dating

I think a lot of people out there know of the s or the Gossip Girls and the soap operatic melodrama. The writing is so smart, the characters are so well crafted and everybody really hits their mark. I think as the series goes on and we start to hit our stride. I guess this is more of a question for JoAnna. Who do you think Megan should end up with? And he clearly is um, he clearly cares a lot about her and sort of knows about her, where she comes from and all that stuff.

As for now, Will is someone that has a potential to be a huge love story.

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Are you wanting to know who I would choose in real life? I kind of like a little bit of both of them. This is more for JoAnna.

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How different is it working on a half hour show as opposed to an hour show? And, it definitely breaks down a lot of walls that you build up as a young actress in our town and the opportunities that are given to us.

And, because of that, the one thing that I always loved about the sitcom world, was the live audience and the energy that it gave you. But, always as an actor I responded more to be the opportunities that I had to find the subtleties and in the comedy and in the drama.

But, as an actor, I sort of relate and appreciate the subtleties of the single camera work. I guess this is a question more for Brian, kind of following up on who do you think Megan should end up with.

I was wondering how do you think Will really feels about Megan. I think Megan is unlike any girl Will has ever met in his life. I think that he has been raised in such a way, with that wealth and social life that he had. I would imagine that everything has come fairly easy to him, socially and with the co-eds.

And, I think that this girl came in a bit of a whirlwind and made a real impression on him. I was wondering, for both of you, what is your favorite aspect of the show, like the comedy, drama, romance? I think that, I sort of love the whole kit and kaboodle, if you will. I think that we have, we are sort of a total package in that regard.

I enjoy on any given day to be able to, you know, fall flat on my face or whatever duty calls. And, then you know, have a really touching moment with, you know, one of the characters. I think a lot does comes down to the writing staff, and they way that they write these situations, these characters. I think the comedic aspect as well as the dramatic aspect, I mean, you can sit there and revel in all the quirkiness with these characters are based on.

Was there, what was something specific about each of your characters that made you, when you saw it, really wanna play these roles? Everything about the script and the way Rina brought the tale of the book to a screenplay, or a teleplay, if you will, made me from the moment I read it, I knew that I had to play Megan Smith.

So, for me it was really the whole package and understanding Megan in a very real way, from the moment I met her. And, to be honest with you, it really came down to the fact that I had a few auditions and they offered me the job and I was happy to take it.

In terms of the immediate decision to take the job, it was just as simple as that. I was wondering if there was gonna be any guest stars in the show that you can talk about?

They just hired Sharon Lawrence to be my mother. I just got Micheal Norrie playing a love interest for Ann Archer. Sarah Drew, yah, Sarah Drew from Everwood plays my bestfriend. I had not read it beforehand. I read portions of it since and I had someone else finish it for me. And, the reason that I stopped reading it I saw it was really very different.

Interview: JoAnna Garcia & Brian Hallisay from PRIVILEGED

It was very different, so I chose, I chose not finish it. I have not read the book either. Mostly because when I was approaching this role and realizing the undertaking that I was gonna be in, the whole expositionary process of developing characters and the relationships and stuff like that, what my role in particular, how that would play into it all.

I was a little concerned that I would get confused. Because, I was having a hard time remembering my name when we first started filming. I was wondering if you knew anything about the future of the show? Do we know about the future of the show? I think I meant as far as the show being picked up. We have been picked up the four more scripts. Not the full season yet? Not the full season yet.

Privileged has since been given five additional episodes, which brings the season so far up to 18 episodes.

brian hallisay and joanna garcia dating

Yah, I think things sort of happened a little bit quicker with Megan than we thought that they would. I think the chemistry was sort of undeniable between those two characters and the connection and all that kind of stuff. Something like that, fuller. I think that we definitely are always a little surprised when you start the show, to see where you kind of lay out an arc and where it inevitably ends up. Cause, in reality you have real people playing these characters.

And, all the nuances they bring to it. I would agree with everything that she just said. Do you guys have any other projects coming up that you can talk about? For me right now its just Privileged. As of right now, solely focused on this.

brian hallisay and joanna garcia dating

A week later, he was in front of the studio testing. He was of course thrilled to get the job. On their favorite part about playing character: JoAnna Garcia — She connects with Megan on many level. Megan is a strong young independent woman and a really strong female voice on TV. Megan represents the woman JoAnna is proud to play. Brian Hallisay — He has enjoyed the mellow cool common collective aspect of Will. His past work was more intense, heavier, and turns out he has become a lot more relaxed in the past few months, because his job when he shows up to work is just to be cool and really good with everything.

JoAnna Garcia — Privileged is a young show, they deal with a lot of current issues, as well as offer a little bit of escapism. The show has a lot of heart and humor.

Brian Hallisay — People should watch Privileged because they would be surprised at what they would find. There is a really sharp biting comedic aspect to the show that is not really present in other shows like Gossip Girl. If people tuned in now they would really get a sense of what the show is about. On who Megan should end up with: JoAnna Garcia — There is a nice chemistry between Megan and Charlie, especially because the two of them having known each other for so long.

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He clearly cares a lot about her, and knows about her and all that. Megan is coming into her own. She tries to fall in love and open herself to that. On how different it is working on an hour show from a half hour show: JoAnna Garcia — She calls it the difference between night and day, the difference between a 4 hour day and a 16 hour day. The training and foundation that Reba gave her is somethign that she will always treasure. On how Will really feels about Megan: Brian Hallisay — Megan is unlike any girl that Will has ever met.

Everything has come fairly easy to him, and then Megan came and made a real impression on him. There is a real synergy there. On their favorite aspect of the show: JoAnna Garcia — She loves that the writing staff is talented and allows actor to bring all the tools they have in their toolbelt.

She enjoys being able to fall on her face or whatever duty calls, and also have a tender moment with another character. To her, being able to utilize all these tools as an actor is a blessing. Brian Hallisay — a lot does come down to writing staff. On what is coming up for their characters: We will see how she relies on the drama in her life to avoid dealing with other things.

On what made them want to play these roles: JoAnna Garcia — Everything about the script. From the moment she read it, she knew she had to play Megan. It was the whole package.

Brian Hallisay — The sides that Brian Hallisay got for the audition were very limited, and he had a limited knowledge base of the full character. And Brian Hallisay even admitted that it came down to the fact that they offered him the job, and of course he was happy to take it.