Are elena ilinykh and nikita katsalapov dating

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are elena ilinykh and nikita katsalapov dating

Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov (L), Elena Ilinykh with her coach Olympic bronze medalists Elena Ilyinykh and Nikita Katsalapov were widely first place in the TV show and soon announced that they were dating. Recently was announced that Elena Ilinykh and Ruslan Zhiganshin will try to vety much when we with Nikita Katsalapov trained with Alexander Zhulin. We we told that if we get to Detroit before this date, Igor can sign us in. Nikita Gennadyevich Katsalapov is a Russian ice dancer. With Victoria Sinitsina, he is the With former partner Elena Ilinykh, he is a Olympic champion in the team event, a Olympic bronze .. Date, Event, Level, SD · FD, Total.

Of course, we did not expect the fourth place at the National Championships. Even though the fall happened.

Ilinykh and Zhiganshin are moving to Shpilband

Igor immediately warned us that he will be able to give not so much time in day. But he sent us a sample lesson plan, which is planned detailed since early in the morning and includes work with a variety of specialists: Plus — choreographer, plus — specialists in lifts, ballet. We we told that if we get to Detroit before this date, Igor can sign us in the lesson plan.

Igor also said he is well aware that such a system is unusual for the Russian athletes. We have no other choice.

Superior Russian ice dance couple split, swap partners with third Russian team - Oh No They Didn't!

Either to go for broke and risk, or finish with figure skating. Now, I think we have a very big chance — there are people who are ready to invest money in our training. We have to prove that we deserve such help. Igor Shpilband is great technical coach but not a panacea, what was proven by other skaters. Will Elena and Ruslan have an additional funding for choreographer?

are elena ilinykh and nikita katsalapov dating

But Igor can give them the systematic trainings, and the competition in the group can also be a plus. Igor is also a very competent coach who know the rules very well and who can defend the athletes before the judges in contentious situations.

are elena ilinykh and nikita katsalapov dating

So, I still consider this change as positive. First of all because they realized that they need some changes in their training process.

are elena ilinykh and nikita katsalapov dating

Read also an unformal interview with Elena Ilinykh. Despite their impressive string of victories, relations between the pair became very strained, with scandals and quarrels constantly arising at their training sessions.

are elena ilinykh and nikita katsalapov dating

The reason for their conflict was another Soviet athlete, Ludmila Smirnova, with whom Ulanov desperately wanted to skate. Ulanov paired up with Smirnova, while Rodnina — who had thought about retirement — started cooperating with Alexander Zaitsev.

The newly emerged couples faced each other at the European Championship, where Rodnina outscored her former partner and won gold together with Zaitsev. Their triumphant path was extended for a long period during which the skaters claimed victories at two consecutive Olympic tournaments. Rodnina entered the Guinness Book of World Records after not losing any competition from to After the Sochi Games, the majority of figure-skating pundits were pinning their hopes on the pair, who should have set the pace in ice-dancing after the retirement of two world-leading duets from Canada and the USA.

However, this was not meant to be.

are elena ilinykh and nikita katsalapov dating

After the World Championship in Japan, where the couple unexpectedly missed the podium, Katsalapov announced a breakup with Ilyinykh. Katsalapov, who had a love affair with Ilyinykh, exited the love triangle by splitting with his partner.

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Both athletes attempted to skate with new teammates, but their results were a fry cry from the Olympic success in Sochi. However, nine months later, the love story of Yagudin and Savelyeva ended, despite rumors of an upcoming marriage. The couple confirmed the termination of their relationship, citing busy working schedules among the reasons that led to the breakup. On the brink of history: